June/Early July Server Saturday

Hello MyFallenites! Today we will be searching through the depths of the servers to find information to give you about what’s been happening lately. First off, I’ll start with FallenLight since Heather who is our Senior In-Game Manager for FL is helping me get back on track with server saturday. She has informed us that the regions will be finished next weekend since she was taking a short break from the servers but is back and better than ever now. Also, she has told me that more prophecies will be fulfilled in the next coming weeks so they will be getting much more attention. Also, there will be something new coming to the map and a couple things being removed so get hyped for that, since heather is choosing to be very secretive about it…

Now, moving on to Phoenix. As you may have known from one of my previous server Saturdays, Tiff and Queen, two of our wonderful Community Managers, have been working on a staff castle. And, I am proud to announce that the staff castle has been completed! Tiff and Queen did such a great job on building it and has a gorgeous silhouette and beautiful purple accents representing the MFGC community. As you can see in the screenshots Tiff and Queen worked so hard on this and really payed attention to detail, and if you want to see the inside completely finished you can go visit it yourself on phoenix, and while you’re there, please thank them for all their effort.

Also, speaking of staff, we recently got a lot of new staff changes recently, both good and bad. And on the good note first  I’d just like to thank all the new staff for being such a great part of our community and expanding greatly whether you think you’re only a small part of it. To start off, Ash and Kat are our new co-SIGMs and are sharing the responsibility of being a Senior In-Game manager equally using team work. Also, Krispy has joined the Toxic Mod Team AND has become our new Senior Forum Moderator! I can personally say that so far Krispy has done a great job and I am so proud of her so if you see Krispy on toxic go tell her she’s amazing. Finally for In-Game we would like to welcome AmberCandy to the FallenLight staff!

Relating to non-In-Game staff, sapphire has joined our forums administration so please give her a warm welcome on the forums if you see her online or in the shoutbox. However, unfortunately when we have good news there is always bad news as well. To start off, wynter will no longer be part of our forums staff and she has resigned. We wish her the best in life and we hope she does great things. Also, Jimmy is currently on sabbatical leave and we wish luck as he continues on with his career.


New and Improved Server Saturday!

Hello MyFallenites! Before I begin bombarding you with information about all of the servers, I am going to explain what happened. So, to be honest, I saw a lot of you weren’t really getting excited about server Saturday anymore, mainly because it was every single week and even I felt it was getting a bit boring sometimes. So, Tiff (Jeho) and I started thinking of ways we could make it easier on me and make it more interesting for all of you, and we came up with this idea of doing a collection of information from the Staff & Senior meetings and give it all to you in one big post every single month. That way, it’s much more convenient for all our curious readers!

So, I am going to start off with Fallenlight. Heather has informed me that she and the Fallenlight staff have heard all the complaints about the protections still being wonky despite our best efforts to fix them, therefore, this weekend staff and trusted players will be fixing up all the protections for every single den in all of the clans. This will take tons and tons of work so please thank your fellow Fallenlight mods and Heather for doing this! And, you can find out more information on this project and the protection issues on Fallenlight’s forums.

Secondly, I am going to move onto the new updates with Corvus. Pickles, our Senior In-Game Manager for Corvus has informed me that there have been a couple glitches with some of the NPC’s on Corvus but they should be worked out soon, also, they have mentioned that AllanLionChild has been a great mod lately, so thank you Allan for all the hard work you do on Corvus and we hope you are enjoying your position as moderator on this wonderful faction server!

And, a quick update for Phoenix is that Halli is doing very well and Tiff and Queen are working really hard on the new staff castle that according to tiff is about 50% done and the inside is looking beautiful. It should be opening up soon on Phoenix, so look out for that, as well as we might be doing some member build features either in these monthly updates or on the forums, so look out for those and tell us which ones you think should be featured in the future.

Also, for Toxic, I have been getting plenty of confusing complaints about the fact that if you die from something like a creeper, it’s not fair that you have to make a new character because you didn’t die in RP, etc. This has been an ongoing issue especially for leaders and I am happy to announce that it has finally been solved. Kris has come up with a solution to make sure that the DeathLoss plugin only wipes people out if they die in PVP, so now you will only die if someone else kills you in RP. Everybody should go thank Kris for fixing this plugin issue quickly even though he has been very busy lately.

Finally, let me know on the servers or on the forums what you think of this new style of server saturday, or if you like the weekly one better, because I’d love to know! And, till next month where I will hopefully have more news about what has been happening with the forums and Corvus.


Server Saturday: Fallenlight’s Action Roleplays & Protection Updates

Hello and welcome to once again another Server Saturday on Fallen Light! This week Heather has informed me there’s a lot going on with protections, as well as new perks for doing action role plays, which I will get into detail with in a moment. But first off I would like to give a big thank you to Heather for everything that she has been doing for FL lately; I could not come up with any better ideas for the server and we all are looking forward to all of these new perks for the Fallen Light community.

Me failing at fixing the current protections

So, first off, I am going to talk about all of the new protections that are being implemented into Fallen Light. Heather has told me that the protections are finally going to get a permanent fix; this will be happening sometime between May and June, and while staff members are going around and putting hard work into fixing every single protection for all of the clans, players will be confined to spawn to prevent anything from getting ruined or broken while the protections are still under construction. This will only be going on for a few days though so once everything is all set up, players will be able to return to their clans without any worries about who can place signs in the camps and who can’t! Yay!

Second of all, action role plays will now be encouraged more. If you don’t know what an action role play is, it’s when several players are role playing in a group; instead of just wandering around aimlessly while RPing in chat, they

players action roleplaying
Players action role playing

all have met up somewhere and whatever their cat is doing in the RP, they are doing with their Minecraft character; for example, if 3 Meadow Clan cats are sitting in the clearing, that’s what all three players will be doing as well. Anyways, this will now be encouraged more by having rewards such as food, items, and more being given out to action role players if they are consistently coming to the clan camps, dens, or Fallen City to RP.

Finally, please check out FL’s forum page for updates on all of the things mentioned in today’s Server Saturday, including new staff members, plugins being added, and more.

Server Saturday: Phoenix Market Fixes & New Packages

Queen & Jeho insert new items

Welcome back to another Server Saturday! This week Phoenix has been busy with several staff members including Jeho, Queen, Sammy, Heather, and Jimmy fixing bugs at the premium and main marketplaces. This bug fixing, according to Jeho, took 10+ hours of work for everyone who helped and was just recently finished. However, not all the work has been completed yet as the Community Managers Jeho and Queen are planning on adding brand new items into both markets, now that all of the glitches have been resolved. This means more expanding & moving things around will be taking place in both markets in the near future, so look out for all these new improvements!

an aerial view of the market

Also, Jeho has told me that the Phoenix staff is going to be adding resources into some of the packages you can purchase, but unfortunately they will also be removing some, for example; the horsies and spawners packages are going to be removed from Buycraft as the demand for these have been less popular. BUT! To make up for some of the removed items, they are going to be adding new packages and updating current ones. These new items will be implemented based off of recommendations from players and  ones that Phoenix staff believe players will enjoy. Also a total of 50 new items will be added to both markets on the server because of the latest Minecraft update! That means 25 items in the premium market and 25 in the main.

Finally, next Server Saturday Phoenix will be a player build special where I will show off and give details on builds made in survival mode on Phoenix. I have already planned on featuring some that I’ve seen around the towns, but if you see a build/if you built something that you would like seen in the upcoming server Saturday Phoenix post, submit a ticket via MySupport to Jeho. If possible, please include an image of this build and why you think it should be featured in Server Saturday. Also, check in next week where I’ll be talking all about Fallenlight!