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2017 has been jam packed with all kinds of surprises and the latest is the need for a new reindeer to help with future deliveries.

Because schools have dismissed for the holiday at very different times of the week or even different weeks. We wanted to be sure to allow each member the same access to winning the 2017 Reindeer naming contest.

Starting now until Christmas Day nominate your suggestion for Reindeer Name of the Year 2017. Nominees will then be posted for members to vote and the winner will be selected and notified on Boxing Day. (day after Christmas for those who are in America and don't have this holiday.)

Remember this is a family friendly server, Names that are viewed as questionable by staff, those that are rude, vulgar, or insensitive will NOT BE ALLOWED FOR FINAL VOTE

As always, best of luck to all members who enter

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Hi Everyone,

Hope you're all well.

I'm here to announce an exciting new feature for MyFallen. We have a discord server. The Discord server is loaded with tonnes of great stuff Like:

Chat with all your favourite staff! (Yay!)
Play Pokemon and beat Cockatoo123 (Boo!)
Play RPG games
Listen to Music (Your voice is automatically disabled and you cannot talk in there.)
Talk about Anime in our Anime Channel

All in the comfortable home that you know and love of MyFallen Gaming Community.

You can also join our:

General Voice Chat and Chat
Minecraft Voice chat and Chat
Overwatch Voice chat and Chat
Fortnite Voice chat and yeah well.. you get the drift....

Please Note: This is a test server and we're not sure if we're going live with it. Please help us test it out.

To download Discord:

Please Note: I know some of you will say "But mum wont let me use Discord because it's like facebook." it's nothing like facebook. It's a chat...
Hi All,

I'm writing to inform everyone of a pending forum move.

The servers are currently hosted in Provo, Utah, U.S.A, due to the costs rising due to my stupid government and the stupid exchange rate, We cannot fathom having MFGC on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) any longer. As such we are moving it to Sydney, Australia (Where the kangaroo's are).

You may not notice it at first, or you may, who knows.. dun-dun-dun... but several changes will be made:

1. HTTPS - All MyFallen content will be served via HTTPS (it will auto redirect you), This is HTTP secure, or for you more nerdy people out that that may ever read this, it is short for Hyper Text Transport Protocol Secure (HTTPS).

2. Cloudflare - We will be utilizing Cloudflare's Cache system to provide faster access to our forums including if they go down for any reason you can still see my lovely avatar.

3. Minor Down time - Yes. There may be minor down time, this will not effect the game servers just you using...
The Community Managers have some hard news to share with you all. MFGC is in danger of closing down. Currently, we receive no donations from any members to help pay for the servers and it has become impossible for us to continue to pay for everything ourselves. Truth be told, Kris pays for everything. It costs about $300 a month to keep MyFallen open to you all. We love this community and we don't want to see it disappear, but we need your help if it is going to continue to remain operational. We are looking at how we can save on costs while still providing a quality experience for you all. But the bottom line is without donations, we can not continue. We are not now and never have been in this to make money. We started MyFallen because we love gaming and wanted to provide a unique experience and safe place for all to enjoy gaming with us. Now we need to hear from you. Are you willing to help? What perks could we offer that would encourage you to donate? Do you want to see... Read More...
Please join us in welcoming @Reeselizz back to the staff!
Thank you to @JustKrispy for her time on staff. You will be missed. May your future be bright!
Please join me in welcoming @UnMuteYaBoy to the staff!!!! Be kind to him for the first week at least. :p
Please join me in saying farewell to @ThatOneDolphin. She will be missed and we thank her for her service to MFGC.
Please welcome @Mythic Gaming to the MFGC staff as our newest forum mod!!!!