Welcome back to another Server Saturday! This week Phoenix has been busy with several staff members including Jeho, Queen, Sammy, Heather, and Jimmy fixing bugs at the premium and main marketplaces. This bug fixing, according to Jeho, took 10+ hours of work for everyone who helped and was just recently finished. However, not all the work […]


Ever since JimmyG_2053 became the new Senior In-Game Manager for Mercury, he’s been improving it significantly by adding new games, new arenas, new plugins, and more! Today I’m going to give you all the details on these improvements that Jimmy has brought to Mercury. First of all, new plugins! For SkyWars, a minigame in which […]


Hello again MyFallenites! Today Kris had the wonderful idea of me interviewing him about what’s been going on on our lobby server. He has informed me he has worked very hard lately to improve it and I’m hoping everyone is as excited as I am for the new and improved lobby. So, Kris states that […]

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