Minecraft Igloo Mania Contest Winners!

Igloo Mania Winners 5

On December 23, 2011, we had out first ever building contest on our Minecraft server. We had 5 people sign up for the contest, but only two showed up to participate. We know this time of year is hectic for everyone, and we hope to see more people participate future contests. It was good news for the two participants though, as it guaranteed both would walk away with prizes. We were pleased that both Inces_Velus and msohns were not happy with mere winning, but both gave a full effort on the competition.

The rules were simple. Build an igloo in 45 minutes using only the materials we provided. Those materials were one large chest filled with stacks of snow and one small chest filled with stacks of ice, a stack of torches, an iron shovel and of course one chicken.

Velus and msohns met us at /warp snowbiome 15 minutes before the start of the contest to pick their spots for building, so we could place their chests. Everyone was in good spirits and as soon as time began both parties dove into the task of constructing their igloos. While they made igloos a couple of mods constructed the winners’ stand.

NoMansLand_MFGC, smitty_wits, Queen_of_Scots, xAlwaysxBoredx and me (Jehosophat_MFGC) were on hand and judged the final products. Judging took place immediately following the end of building time.

Inces_Velus walked away the winner and received $1000 MFC! He made use of the torches’ ice melting capabilities to create waterfalls.

Winner: Inces_Velus SelectShow

msohns came in second and received $750 MFC! Unfortunately he was unable to finish his igloo in the allotted time or the contest would have been much closer. He did make the bold move of building his igloo on the ice instead of on solid ground.

2nd Place: msohns SelectShow

We had a nosy creeper who made things interesting and we all agreed to give him honorary 3rd place for his part in the contest.

NoMansLand_MFGC recorded all that happened and interviewed those participating throughout the competition. The full video can be seen on our youtube channel.

The winners celebrated by starting a snowball fight with the mods.

Thank you to Inces_Velus and msohns for participating with gusto and making Igloo Mania a success! We already have other contests planned for the future, so be sure to check the forums daily for your chance to get involved, have some fun and win some prizes!

Get blocky!

~ Jeho