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Your friendly forum mod/In-game moderator, Owen, also writes on occasion, and he has been nice enough to share it with us! It’s a minecraft story centered around a character named Steve, and how he intends on taking down the Enderdragon. Owen started it and thought that it wasn’t so great and he just wanted to erase it all and start over, but we made a deal with him that if enough people like it he will have to continue writing. So come on guys! Let’s make Owen write some more!

The following is a work of fiction, a parody of Minecraft. I do not own any Minecraft characters, or the names in here, however I do own the writing, and any distribution of it without my (Owen) permission is prohibited.


Chapter 1

As Steve stared at his parent’s netherrack grave he felt sorrow wash over him. Even though netherrack was used as a grave to symbolize eternal life, (since netherrack burned forever) Steve didn’t feel like they were with him. He felt alone, cold, tired, and hunger was starting to wash over him. He looked in his pack and all he had to eat was rotten flesh. Steve sighed as he pulled out two pieces and bit into the rubbery meat, feeling his hunger evaporate only to feel it come back, albeit at a lesser scale. Steve looked around and sat on a piece of stone as he dug into the second piece, eating it as quickly as he could.

Steve looked up at the setting sun as he chewed on the slimy meat. The sun was starting to set and he figured he had about two minutes to get back to his village before the Enders would enclose the village for the night. If Steve didn’t make it back in time he might has well have just stayed out in the wilderness; although there would be mobs roaming around, anyone who got caught being out after curfew got sent to the nether. Steve had already been to the nether twice in the past year, when the Enders took over, and he barely made it out both times.

Luckily for Steve he had thought ahead and brought a potion of swiftness with him. He downed it in one swig and closed his eyes as he felt its effects wash over him. Steve started to run back to the village, quickly and gracefully, and he made the 10 minute trip in a single minute, just beating curfew. The Endermen that were closing up the village looked at each other and clicked in their weird language, the let out a weird sound that Steve had always assumed was their laugh.

Steve kept his head down as he walked by them, not wanting to light their short fuses. Steve trudged along in the mud to where his home was and slid in the door just as his housemates were turning on the lamps.

“Steve!” said his first roommate. Nether of his roommates were given names at birth; their parents had been simple villagers, unlike Steve’s parents who were the head of the village. Steve, being the kind person he was, gave them names when they got assigned to live together.

“Hey Clint,” Steve said as he put down his bag. “How’s it going?”

Clint smiled at the use of his name, something no one else never called him. “It was going pretty good until your blocky face popped in,” he said with a grin.

Steve chuckled as he sat down in his chair. “Where’s Cory at?”

“Downstairs trying to craft a piston I think. He’s been at it most of the day, he’s having a hard time.”

Steve let out a sigh. He never understood why people had such a hard time crafting; granted, Steve was one of the best at crafting, he knew all the recipes and could craft it all at great speed. Nevertheless he wondered how Cory had such a hard time with something as simple as a piston. He considered going down to help Cory with it but decided against it because he had been out gathering materials all day and his chair was incredibly comfortable. Plus he hated it when Cory helped him with his potion brewing.

“Did you find anything good today?” Clint asked.

Steve let out a frustrated breath, “No, as usual. I got some more iron but only enough to keep the Enders happy, nothing for us besides a bit of coal.”

Clint let out a chuckle and started to fiddle with his watch. Sam shot a glare at Clint and his amusement. It was frustrating enough for Steve to never mine anything good, but to have Clint, the best miner in the village, in the house with him made it worse. Clint never rubbed it in that Steve was a poor miner but Steve was still rather defensive about it. If he could just be an average miner he would be promoted and able to leave the village. As it was the Enders only had use for multi-talented people, not ones like Steve who were one dimensional.

Steve wanted badly to be promoted, but not because he wanted to help the Ender’s cause. Quite the opposite in fact, he wanted to destroy them. His parents had been head of the revolt against the Ender Dragon’s rule, and Steve had every intention of carrying on their work, assuming he could ever get out of this place.


If you like this we will post the other chapter that Owen has written, then we will hold a poll to convince him that he needs to keep writing.



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