Minecraft: Egg Hunt!



Minecraft Egg Hunt

MFGC is sponsoring its first ever Minecraft Egg Hunt. Your dedicated staff has been busy setting out hundreds of chests. We have placed one spawn egg in almost every chest. There are a few empty ones just for kicks. On Friday, April 20, at 7 PM EST (-5 GMT) we will begin the egg hunt.

This is HUGE! So be sure you read carefully.

This is a very special egg hunt. Inside one of the chests is a very special spawn egg, the golden egg: a blaze egg. There is only one of these in all the chests. The member who finds this golden egg will win ONE WEEK OF PREMIUM!!!!!! Told you it was very special! 😛

Also, there will be some special secret prizes, so no one should leave the area before we declare the end of the contest. All prizes will be given at the end. If you leave early for any reason, you forfeit any prize you might have received.

At 6:55 PM EST (-5GMT) I will be at the contest area and you may /tpa to me. You should come with an empty inventory. You will need the room for eggs. The contest will begin promptly at 7.

You MUST open the chests and take the eggs out. World Guard will prevent you from breaking the chests. Once the Gold Egg is found, we will remove the region protection and you can break and keep all the chests as well. The contest will end when all chests have been collected. We will then award prizes.

BONUS! You get to keep all the spawn eggs and chests you collect.

One Warning! If you are found to use any of your spawn eggs in an inappropriate manner, such as to kill another player or fill someone’s house with chickens (cough cough), you will lose all of your remaining spawn eggs and will face a 6 hour jail sentence.


Be there or be a rhombus!

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