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This was originally posted to the blog by JojoRainicorn on May 29, 2016.

Hello MyFallenites! Before I begin bombarding you with information about all of the servers, I am going to explain what happened. So, to be honest, I saw a lot of you weren’t really getting excited about server Saturday anymore, mainly because it was every single week and even I felt it was getting a bit boring sometimes. So, Tiff (Jeho) and I started thinking of ways we could make it easier on me and make it more interesting for all of you, and we came up with this idea of doing a collection of information from the Staff & Senior meetings and give it all to you in one big post every single month. That way, it’s much more convenient for all our curious readers!

So, I am going to start off with Fallenlight. Heather has informed me that she and the Fallenlight staff have heard all the complaints about the protections still being wonky despite our best efforts to fix them, therefore, this... Read More...
This was originally posted to the blog by JojoRainicorn on April 24, 2016.

Hello and welcome to once again another Server Saturday on Fallen Light! This week Heather has informed me there’s a lot going on with protections, as well as new perks for doing action role plays, which I will get into detail with in a moment. But first off I would like to give a big thank you to Heather for everything that she has been doing for FL lately; I could not come up with any better ideas for the server and we all are looking forward to all of these new perks for the Fallen Light community.

Me failing at fixing the current protections

So, first off, I am going to talk about all of the new protections that are being implemented into Fallen Light. Heather has told me that the protections are finally going to get a permanent fix; this will be happening sometime between May and June, and while staff... Read More...
This was originally posted to the blog by JojoRainicorn on April 17, 2016.

Queen & Jeho insert new items

Welcome back to another Server Saturday! This week Phoenix has been busy with several staff members including Jeho, Queen, Sammy, Heather, and Jimmy fixing bugs at the premium and main marketplaces. This bug fixing, according to Jeho, took 10+ hours of work for everyone who helped and was just recently finished. However, not all the work has been completed yet as the Community Managers Jeho and Queen are planning on adding brand new items into both markets, now that all of the glitches have been resolved. This means more expanding & moving things around will be taking place in both markets in the near future, so look out for all these new improvements!

an aerial view of the market

Also, Jeho has told me that the Phoenix...
This was originally posted to the blog by JojoRainicorn on April 10, 2016.


Ever since JimmyG_2053 became the new Senior In-Game Manager for Mercury, he’s been improving it significantly by adding new games, new arenas, new plugins, and more! Today I’m going to give you all the details on these improvements that Jimmy has brought to Mercury.


First of all, new plugins! For SkyWars, a minigame in which players compete against each other to see who can advance the most in a sykblock environment. Jimmy has added a plugin with features such as a scoreboard, Kist system, spectator option, and even a save inventory option so if you do die, you will still have your stuff; just remember to save it! Secondly, for Quakecraft, the minigame where players use railguns to kill eachother and whoever gets 25 kills first wins, Jimmy implemented a... Read More...
This was originally posted to the blog by JojoRainicorn on April 3, 2016.


Hello again MyFallenites! Today Kris had the wonderful idea of me interviewing him about what’s been going on on our lobby server. He has informed me he has worked very hard lately to improve it and I’m hoping everyone is as excited as I am for the new and improved lobby.

So, Kris states that he got the idea to improve the lobby because he wanted players to be able to connect to all their favorite servers more efficiently, as it was a compliant he got from several players, as well as he wanted to make a single hub for all five of the servers. For example, if all the servers crash due to an error, everybody is transported to the lobby instead of being kicked off the server, so if you were in the middle of a conversation with someone when the servers crashed you can continue to communicate with them on the lobby until the servers... Read More...
This was originally posted to the blog by JojoRainicorn on March 20, 2016.

So lately dolphin1234, one of our awesome Forum Moderators, has been on Corvus creating a brand new faction that has gained a lot of popularity. Today I was able to interview her and find out some info behind this royal new faction.

First off, we discussed the name. As you can see from the title, it is called the Royal Corvus Mountain Faction (or RCMF as she calls it).

some members of the Royal Corvus Mountain Faction gather

The title was a pun based off of the Royal Canadian Mountain Police. Another reason dolphin named her faction this was because she wanted the faction to be mainly just in their actions. Meaning, she didn’t want the faction to raid a lot and be morally correct. Unfortunately, she informed me this plan of being “just in their actions” did not work out very well, and soon after she... Read More...
This was originally posted to the blog by JojoRainicorn on March 6, 2016.

Pack of White Fire by Gracie

A lot has happened on fallenlight recently, including the fact that we now have new ranks! So, there weren’t any real improvements to the ranks [Tribe], [Cat] and [Newb] but all others are new and improved! The first thing we changed is that [Kitten], the oldest donor rank, has been changed to [Warrior] in a very pretty light blue color. The Warrior rank is able to set three different homes, get a kit with golden armor, as well as Nickname permissions. Then, you have the [Elder] rank in light gray which is gained not by pavement but simply by posting at least 50 times on the forums. Elders are able to set two homes and use colored signs to make their dens pretty. Then, we have the [Pack Member] rank. The pack members are able to join any rogue pack they want with a leaders permission. Above... Read More...
This was originally posted to our blog by JojoRainicorn on February 28, 2016.

front view of the survival castle

side view of castle

So lately, our wonderful Community Managers Jehosophat_MFGC and Queen_of_Scots have been working on a very special project; An all survival build of a giant castle with barriers of stone. As you can see in the pictures to the side, it takes a lot of mining, smelting, and building, so they are only doing this when they have time in between working on other server projects. Eventually there will be a bridge connecting it to a town across the river. Expect more preview pictures as the build progresses over the next few months. When it is finished, it will be released as a server build, which means that everyone can come and see it in all of its glory.

Also, as you may have...
This was originally posted to the old blog by Jehosophat on February 21, 2016.

Welcome to Server Saturday. This week we are focusing on new developments on Mercury, our mini-game server. Last time we visited Mercury, LucyCookie was working on a complete update of the server with a new spawn and layout, and some work had been completed. Unfortunately, Lucy has retired from MyFallen Gaming Community (MFGC) to pursue other passions. If you see her, thank her for her time with us. We miss her and wish her the best in her future endeavors.


With Lucy retiring, we had an opening for a Senior InGame Manager (SIGM) for Mercury. We are pleased to announce that JimmyG_2053 has been promoted to this position! Jimmy was one of our original members when we opened MFGC over 4 years ago. He worked as an InGame Moderator for Phoenix before having to retire to focus on school. We were thrilled when he came back to... Read More...
Please join me in congratulating @Reeselizz on being names the September SMotM. She is both an InGame and Forum mod. I want to focus on all she does on the forums. She is our most active Forum Mod. And she has been helping train new mods as well. She is very willing to learn new things and always helpful. CONGRATS, REESE!!!!!!

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