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Please join us in welcoming @Charaah to our forum moderation team. She will be modding Freezone. Congrats, Charaah! Read More...
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That's right! We are celebrating Cyber Monday all this week! Check out the store for all our packages! Read More...

It's the "Get Your Purple On!" Weekend Sale event! You thought Black Friday had some good deals, but it's got nothing on our Purple Weekend event! Everything in our store is 25% off today and tomorrow!



That's right, MyFallenites. For today only you can get 20% of any package in the MyFallen Store!


The villagers are already flooding the market on Phoenix to do their shopping. Beat the crowds and do all your holiday shopping at the MyFallen Store! Hurry! This is a one day event! Read More...
I am sorry this is late. I honestly thought I had posted about it. Please welcome @Triscodian as our new Senior Forum Manager! He is already busy getting things sorted such as training etc. Be on the look out for new changes coming soon!

Also, we wish to thank @JustKrispy for her time as the SFM. She has chosen to focus her energy ingame on Toxic. Thank you Krispy for all you have done for our forums! We are excited to have you be able to be more active ingame now too! Read More...
Please join me in congratulating @Birmanista on being named the Staff Member of the Month for October!!!!!!! Read More...
This page was originally created on the blog by NoMansLand on November 6, 2011. We still <3 donations!

Do you love MyFallen? Did you know it costs nearly $500AUD a year to run our servers?

With us looking after more & more games, comes more costs.

Even the smallest amount can help, So please consider donating.


Thank you for donating to MyFallen Gaming Community. All donations are final and are greatly appreciated by MyFallen’s staff. Donations may not give you in-game items or other items.

Reasons for a Paypal Refund:

  • Hacked Paypal account
  • Un-Authorised account access
  • Incorrect Payment*
* Wanted to buy shirts (CafePress: or Buycraft (

If you wanted to dispute a Paypal transaction please utilise:

All Donations are final.

[​IMG]...
This page was originally created on the blog by Jehosophat on November 27, 2011. We had a lot of fun putting all these packages together and I tried to sneak 1 cooked chicken into as many as they would let me. :p


Welcome to the MyFallen Minecraft Server Store. We have developed several packages for purchase to enhance your Minecraft experience on our server. All proceeds will be used to pay for server costs and other expenses.

Below are descriptions of each package. Click here to access the store itself.

Tree Puncher: $2.50 AUD
This package includes all of the following items:

– 2x chests
– 1x wooden shovel
– 1x wooden axe
– 1x wooden pickaxe
– 3x stacks of planks
– 1x crafting table
– 3x signs
– 32x torches
– 1x wooden Door

Miner: $3.50 AUD
This package includes all of the following...
This page was originally created on the blog by Jehosophat on March 5, 2012. We're all still here!



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