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  1. Anju
    Lately I have been posting things about the servers, but it doesn't count as posts towards elder rank on FL?
  2. Anju
    Late Congratulations to Lilu/Alder for becoming EclipseClan's new leader!
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  3. Anju
    Help Needed! I need help/inspiration on what to build. Lately I've been running out of ideas on Corvus.
  4. Anju
    Come join Yazhou Mura (The Asian Village) on Corvus! In Yazhou Mura you can have a home in Mura, Tokyo, and Seoul!
  5. Anju
    Does anyone play Nations anymore? I feel like it's slowly dying.. well it's been less popular ever since whitelisting.
  6. robotwarriorp
    ..........I reallllllyyyyyyyy need to get on the real server and not the forms....
  7. James Dailey
    James Dailey
    Got the 50 message trophy!!!
  8. robotwarriorp
    Waiting for steam sales stink!!!!
  9. James Dailey
  10. Coco_The_One_And_Only
  11. Trem
    Trem finandjake47
    Have a happy birthday!
  12. Trem
    Trem AmberTheTato
    Happy birthday, Amber!
  13. James Dailey
  14. James Dailey
    James Dailey
    Coco is stalking me xD
    1. Coco_The_One_And_Only
      lmbo clEaRlY I am not
      Jun 21, 2017
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  15. James Dailey
    James Dailey
    33 messages ;p
  16. Coco_The_One_And_Only
    50 messages :D ye
    1. Reeselizz
      Nice! Now you can get Elder on Fallenlight and another cool rank on Phoenix!
      Jun 22, 2017 at 12:38 AM
  17. robotwarriorp
    I just noticed I spend more time on the forms then on the real server
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  18. Patchcloudy
    male pronouns, love y'all. Yet, thank you again, Kady. For your undying support
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  19. Patchcloudy
    Despite that, I have came to myself, and I know who I am now. Please attempt to refer to me by-
  20. Patchcloudy
    Hey, guys. Sorry for not being on lately I've been going through some stuff, thank you so much, Kady for supporting me