Eagle's Game Reviews: Overwatch

Eagle's Game Reviews: Overwatch

Eaglefrost_ by Eaglefrost_ on Feb 26, 2020
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In which Eagle tries to figure out a game he knows nothing about.


Overwatch, hey?


Overwatch is a third person arcade shooter, where the player chooses from a variety of characters and gamemodes to play, and jumps into battle with their team.


As someone who’s never played Overwatch, all of my knowledge of the game has come from watching other members of MyFallen play it. It seems to be a fun game, with a colourful aesthetic, and interesting mechanics.


First, you start by picking a gamemode. There are many gamemodes in Overwatch, including competitive frogger, a train escort mode, and your good old brawler. After you choose a gamemode, and get into a game, you select your character. There are many characters, but most people specialise in five at most. Each character has different abilities, for example Widowmaker, who is a sniper and can deploy a shield thing she and her teammates can shoot through, and there’s a big dude with armour who has a hammer, and a tank-looking thing with a cannon. Players work with their teammates to achieve whichever goal. For example, in the brawl mode they try and get as many kills as possible, while in the escort mode, they try and get the train thing safely to the destination without it getting destroyed, or alternatively try and get past the defense and destroy it, depending on the side.


Overwatch is a fun game. Many players play it, and enjoy it, and there are different ‘levels’ for casual players, and more competitive players. There’s even an esports league, with teams all across the United States, and even in places like China and London. 


Overwatch seems to be a fun game, filled with action and also strategy. It seems to get a bit confusing at times, and may not be the most welcoming for beginners. 7/10.

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