A Look Back - June/Early July Server Saturday

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    This was originally posted to our old blog by JojoRainicorn on July 10, 2016. This was the very last post on our blog. We decided shortly after this to change our forum software and in doing so it created an opportunity for us to blend what used to go on the blog right here under the same roof.


    Hello MyFallenites! Today we will be searching through the depths of the servers to find information to give you about what’s been happening lately. First off, I’ll start with FallenLight since Heather who is our Senior In-Game Manager for FL is helping me get back on track with server saturday. She has informed us that the regions will be finished next weekend since she was taking a short break from the servers but is back and better than ever now. Also, she has told me that more prophecies will be fulfilled in the next coming weeks so they will be getting much more attention. Also, there will be something new coming to the map and a couple things being removed so get hyped for that, since heather is choosing to be very secretive about it…

    Now, moving on to Phoenix. As you may have known from one of my previous server Saturdays, Tiff and Queen, two of our wonderful Community Managers, have been working on a staff castle. And, I am proud to announce that the staff castle has been completed! Tiff and Queen did such a great job on building it and has a gorgeous silhouette and beautiful purple accents representing the MFGC community. As you can see in the screenshots Tiff and Queen worked so hard on this and really payed attention to detail, and if you want to see the inside completely finished you can go visit it yourself on phoenix, and while you’re there, please thank them for all their effort.

    Also, speaking of staff, we recently got a lot of new staff changes recently, both good and bad. And on the good note first I’d just like to thank all the new staff for being such a great part of our community and expanding greatly whether you think you’re only a small part of it. To start off, Ash and Kat are our new co-SIGMs and are sharing the responsibility of being a Senior In-Game manager equally using team work. Also, Krispy has joined the Toxic Mod Team AND has become our new Senior Forum Moderator! I can personally say that so far Krispy has done a great job and I am so proud of her so if you see Krispy on toxic go tell her she’s amazing. Finally for In-Game we would like to welcome AmberCandy to the FallenLight staff!

    Relating to non-In-Game staff, sapphire has joined our forums administration so please give her a warm welcome on the forums if you see her online or in the shoutbox. However, unfortunately when we have good news there is always bad news as well. To start off, wynter will no longer be part of our forums staff and she has resigned. We wish her the best in life and we hope she does great things. Also, Jimmy is currently on sabbatical leave and we wish luck as he continues on with his career.


Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jehosophat_MFGC, Oct 16, 2016.

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