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  1. Peyton c:

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    Some people like to have simple descriptions for their characters while other like complex and detailed qualities in the appearance of their characters. With simple characterizations, it's easy to remember all of it and takes little time to type it out. On the contrary, very descriptive and detailed descriptions bring a lot of uniqueness to a character. Complicated personalities are another gear in the machine that can be taken into consideration, too.

    Some of my characters have simple appearances while others have lonnggg descriptions. I also like for my characters to have somewhat complex personalities that make them more relatable. :p

    What sorts of descriptions do you like your characters to have?
  2. Owlie

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    I love when a character has a shade of dark green, in their bright green eyes. Or when a character has strong yellow eyes with a tint of brown making them look gold. I also love feathery tails which makes a character seem gentle. And splotches along backs. Also when you describe the sizes of some parts of your character, like maybe small eyes or hefty legs :D
  3. Birmanista

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    I love having a complicated description, both physical and personality-wise, and have it all varied among all the characters. For example, there's Juniperpaw, the funny, egotistical, and 90s catchphrase-using kid of Cedar, and then there's Larkkit, the cynical, egotistical and borderline narcissistic, pessimistic kit whose parents died (his personality may or may not be based on my favorite character from Scrubs cOugh)

    And sometimes I ""accidentally"" put in personality traits of myself in some of the characters too, so that it makes it easier to see what they would do in situations. This basically started out early in my MFGC member days where all of my characters had blue eyes and were introverted. Luckily I grew out of that stage and actually branched out to have different characters with different lives, backstories, and other shenanigans, but there's still a part of me that does that. As previously seen, both Juniper and Lark are egotistical (oops again).

    And then, sometimes I like spicing it up by putting in a mental disorder, or some sort of scarring event in their life. Shimmeringdew had Schizophrenia, Oceanblossom was bipolar, and Cherryblossom (may she rest and rule in peace with the almighty meme gods) witnessed her parents die right in front of her, leading her to be e m o.

    I also love having varied physical descriptions, and I seriously love playing around with genetics to see what a kit would end up with. There's just all those cool patterns and colors that cats have, as well as fur length and just I seriously love making physical descriptions. (Surprise! That's why it takes forever for me to make a description, I just love making it and I want it to be perfect)
  4. Peyton c:

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    Most of my characters have aspects of me in them as well! Smoggyskies was a character I based off of my personality traits, actually. :D Green's my favorite color, also, so I love seeing cats have green eyes :p
  5. Coco_The_One_And_Only

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    Recently, I realized that every single EclipseClan cat that I've ever made has been gray or black. So I guess I like those colors? Idk. I really like white cats with tabby splotches, though. To me, solid colored cats are a little bland, no offense to those who like them. Mixes and different colors just seem to display more personality for me.
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  6. Slushy

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    Most of my characters have long descriptions, I like to add a lot of traits, and relationships, likes and dislikes! So I'd say mine would be pretty complex! I've always liked nest with a bunch of room so I could fit all my signs! XD.

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