Do you prefer Apple or Android?

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  1. Trem

    Trem Forum & In-Game Moderator Staff Member In-Game Moderator

    With the iPhone X out, I've been hearing this question much more recently.

    Apples are very expensive but they have iconic emojis, which I think is cool, even if I don't have a clue on how to use them.
    Androids are very stable and less inexpensive and have cool backgrounds.

    I honestly prefer Androids because they're much more reliable than an Apple phone. I believe Apple products are just a display of wealth and I don't really care much for that. I like Androids because they're cheap and okay.

    Now, what about you? Which is your favorite?
  2. Reeselizz

    Reeselizz Forum Moderator Staff Member Forum Moderator

    I prefer Apple just because idk uhhHhhh I mean, my phone is good for what I use it for and I've never had an android so I wouldn't be able to tell you the difference ???? x3
  3. Cockatoo123

    Cockatoo123 FallenLight Senior InGame Manager Staff Member Senior In-Game Manager

    Android is a better system but I use apple cause the design is nicer and more user friendly, and I'm also too used to it.

    iphones are fragile without protection though
  4. Trem

    Trem Forum & In-Game Moderator Staff Member In-Game Moderator

    I agree, they are pretty fragile.

    I guess you're right! As long as it works, it's fine.
  5. flamingsalmon

    flamingsalmon Community News Forum Moderator Staff Member Forum Moderator

    Personally I'm a apple guy, I just find the system much easier to understand than android.
  6. UnMuteYaBoy

    UnMuteYaBoy Retired Retired

    I prefer apple, as Ive been growing up with it for quite some time, and I recently got an iPhone 7. :D

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