Does anyone like horror movies?

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  1. Hannahmudkip28

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    I personally love horror movies. I guess that the chill from something scary that isn't real give me a sense of comfort in a way. It takes away from the way you feel in real life and takes you to another world, and i love that feeling. Being swept into a world of unimaginable terror that makes your problems seem meek kinda makes me feel better somehow. Tell me if you feel the same way or feel completely different.
  2. flamingsalmon

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    No, personally I dislike horror movies. I'm just really not a fan of being scared in the slightest, having anxiety makes it bad enough to stress over things, and I don't want to add anything on.
  3. Trem

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    I thoroughly enjoy horror movies, especially ones with a lot of gore. It feels so surreal to see people get scared in the movies because in everyday life, that's not normally something someone would see out of the blue.
    The editing is also superb in horror movies and thrillers. The saturation is low, the contrast is high, and there are almost always strong light sources. As an art student, it is interesting to see such intriguing patterns in films.
  4. Birmanista

    Birmanista Retired Retired

    Even though I've actually never seen a horror movie (and probably never will), I still strongly dislike horror movies. I'm that one person where if I'm told a really spooky ghost story, I get nightmares for weeks. Even hearing the plot summary of a horror movie gives me nightmares and hesitance to go anywhere near anything associated with that movie.
  5. Reeselizz

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    I've never really seen a horror movie, but if you count 47 Meters Down a horror film, then I have. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of them just because I don't really like being scared, or jump scares. But, 47 Meters Down was pretty good so I guess it just depends on how scary the movie is!

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