Dragons of Siegfjel

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    Welcome to the mystical lands where dragons roam!

    This is in an alternate land, where the time and technology is about at a medieval period. That means, no modern electricity, no modern technology, older medical practices and all of that fun stuff (note: there is no plague or rampant diseases as of now).

    Basic Information:

    In this land, there are humans and there are dragons. The humans will mostly be NPCs, and only a few (I'm thinking about 5 maximum) will be rp'd. The humans have a general hatred or bias against the dragons, as they have ruined crops in the past, burned down villages, slaughtered entire towns, stolen, kidnapped, just about every crime you can name a dragon did it. Nevertheless, these dragons are rather valuable. A hunted and killed dragon can bring in thousands of silver and gold pieces (the currency), as it is seen as the hardest hunt to preform. The hide and scales are believed to have magic properties that if the hide is turned into armor, the wearer will gain magic powers like fire resistance, strength, speed. The bones are believed to be a cure-all for medical problems, the teeth are seen as a good luck charm. The eyes are believed to give a person the ability to answer any question or to see in to the future. However, most of this may or may not be true. No one knows for sure if all of the above is true, as it is passed down by word of mouth or published in a the equivalent of a paper of town news. Any dragon that attacks a village can expect to be hunted down until the day he or she dies. All of the humans live in a small town near a castle that is south of the dragon mountain.

    The dragons live in a large mountain, north of the town. The dragons do not necessarily live together, but rather separately in different caves or groves located on the mountain. The dragons do not have a particular God or Goddess, but several that they pray to for things like luck, more wealth, healing, strength, or things of that sort. More to come on them later! There is no 'religion' however, as it is seen as more of a traditional thing passed down.

    There are a multitude of different types of dragons possible. Some have two wings and two legs, some have four legs and two wings, some have no wings at all and just two four legs, some are serpent like and have no legs or wings, some have no legs but two wings, some dragons even have more than two wings, or some have more than four legs! I will be loose on types of dragons, but please, do not have more than 10 legs and more than 10 wings! I'm setting a rule for no more than 14 limbs. That means that a dragon can't have more than a total of 14 legs and limbs in all. For example, a dragon can have 6 legs and 8 wings, 6 + 8 = 14 limbs. The dragon has the max amount of limbs possible, but it is allowed. A dragon with 10 wings and 10 legs is not allowed, because 10 + 10 = 20 limbs. If anyone needs more explanation, don't hesitate to ask! I tried to be not confusing.

    The dragons can come in all sorts of colors, designs, patterns, and sizes! Be creative! However, I will not allow a dragon such as "neon yellow with green polka dots and purple stripes". I ask that you please be semi-realistic with colors, which means that don't have 13,000 colors or patterns the shape of something man made (axe, skull and cross bones, sword, ect.). If in doubt, just put it and ask! And don't hesitate to have a smaller dragon!

    As well as having a dragon form, these dragons can do something unique. Shape shift! What can they shape shift in to? Only people. Dragons can only shape shift in to people for a short amount of time, two days, before they have to shift back into dragon form for at least three hours. If a dragon does not return to dragon form, he or she will be stuck as a person forever. Dragons tend to do this in order to go into the town, but beware, if they are found out, they will be quickly captured, and forced to turn back into a dragon, before being killed. There is a way to tell if someone is secretly a dragon, By looking at their back is one way. Where they have wings is usually where large, deep scars are. They also have slightly more pointed teeth, and are usually faster and stronger than normal people.

    Dragons also all have one power! More on that further down.

    The dragons are rather intelligent and have a few "advanced" technologies, such as more complex bandages, bowls, "beds" (which are more like nests), books (they write in rune like letters), gardening, and things like that. And yes, that means that most dragons can grab things and have some sort of dexterity. If you are not sure if something is invented yet or allowed, please do ask!


    All dragon names have two parts, their actual name and their full on "title". The title is what a human or a lower/younger dragon will address them with as a show of respect. You will see an example later. The title usually has to do with their appearance or something they have done. The title can be earned in a battle or slowly acquired. Most names are accepted, they don't have to come from any language! However, I will not accept a dragon named something like Deskface. No deskfaces, please

    Territory and dens/caves:

    All of the dragons live on a large mountain, named Siegfjel. The mountain is many stories and towers over the rest of the land. The very top is mainly covered in snow, and has various ice caves and glacial points. Here is where the more cold faring dragons ten to live. The top third of the mountain is harsh and stony, with sharp peaks, steep sides, and few caves with ledges. It can get very windy and cold, only the strongest dragons will live here. Towards the upper part of the middle section of the mountain is a large plateau. The plateau has a large spring in the middle, full of crystal clear water. The water gets rather deep, and the spring floor is covered with gems and sparkling stones. Here is where dragons tend to bathe or get water from. A waterfall runs into one end from a high peak, providing fresh water. A few small creeks are at the other end, and trickle down to a lower part of the mountain. The plateau is rather large, and has a few large sunning stones. Towards the end where the water fall is located, there is a grove of large trees on the left, and a sandy shore on the right of the water fall. The trees are towering and have large oak-like leaves that provide adequate shade. A few dens are towards the outside of the plateau, in the mountain side. More average dragons live here. A large, jutting rock is at the other side of the forest in a large clearing. This is where the dragons come for meetings to discuss events, actions, or to debate. All the dragons meet here once a month to update and discuss. In the middle of the forest the trees get closer together, and start to grow in to each other. Eventually, they bend and grow all together, creating a mostly solid shelter. Here is where the main Mender is. This mender is not the best one, but is the one to go to for minor to average problems. There are soft nests out of plants scattered all over. It slowly dips down further and further into the ground, until it is a large main cavern. Here is where small dens like rock outcrops hold most of the dragons. In the center of the cavern, there is a glittering pool. A cave is straight behind it. Here is where the mender lives, and stores his herbs. This mender usually has two novices at most with them.

    The middle half of the mountain has more gentle slopes, and has trees dotting the sides with large roots. Dens are usually under trees or are in outcrops here. Most dragons live in this area. There are a few ledges with soft soil and fresh springs. The lower half of the mountain has more of a soft slope with many more trees and shaded spots. Here is where most earth dragons or young dragons might live if they can. Towards the eastern half of the mountain lies a large lake that connects to the base of the mountain with a large, sandy beach. The beach serves as a spot for sun bathing as well as fishing. A waterfall runs into the lake, and here is where the water or more aquatic dragons live. There are a few caves along the part where stone meets the water. A mender has a den along here, being mostly submerged in water with a deep shore that holds the various plants as well as having a nest in case the mender does not wish to sleep in the water or can't. The base of the mountain has a few deep caves and caverns, which is where most of the snake-like dragons will live.

    At the south base of the mountain and beyond is a dense, dark, thick forest. This has a small path that leads to the town. Bandits, mercenaries, and thieves roam here, it is rather dangerous. The town itself is small towards the edges. Farms and poorer house holds are located on the outskirts. The town has more houses the further in. Eventually, there is a large, stacked stone and timber wall. This wall has a large draw bridge with an iron gate behind it. Inside, there is the royal castle (No, you can't be a royal family person as of right now) as well as more upper class households and a market.

    At the western side of Siegfjel is the hunting grounds. It is a blend of a forest and a large field, with a large running river at the far end. The river has various fish, small to large, and is always plentiful. The large field is for more of hunting deer, elk, or other wild prey animals, including small ones like rabbits, hares, and mice. The forest part holds animals like bears, wolves, mountain lions, and birds which are more of a challenge to hunt, but are a good food source. There are also plenty of plants for the herbivore dragons, and a few fruit trees and bushes

    The various dens or caves are what the dragons live in. A den usually has at least one nest, an area for eating and storing plants or water, and an area for a hoard or for storing goods. There can be variations on this, although. Some tend to have a nursery or an area for eggs. A dragon can have a maximum of five eggs at a time.


    There are not many ranks, as the dragons tend to be solitary or only slightly social. They also debate and like their independence, and so they do not have a true leader, but rather an elder or a speaker who starts meetings and does not really rule over any one dragon. However, there are dragons who are 'lower' than a certain dragon. In the dragon world, no dragon is 'equal' to another dragon, but they maybe be close in where they sit on the hierarchy. A dragon is rated by other dragons based on their hoard, intelligence, strength, and other factors. Usually who is above who is determined in fights, intellectual or physical. A dragon who is higher up will get more respect from lower dragons, and will have more of a voice in meetings. A higher up dragon also has more hunting rights and can get better dens or caves. Other than that, there isn't much of an advantage. The list of ranks from seen in general as highest on the hierarchy on a basic level to lowest is as follows: Archon, Luminary Mender, Aquatic Mender or Main Mender, Mender Novices, Elders, Average Dragons, Novices, Hatchlings, Eggs, Broken Scales

    The Archon : This dragon is who leads the meetings each month. Usually he or she is a respected dragon, and is seen as wise or diplomatic. The archon is elected once every 10 years, which is not much for a dragon. It is a demanding position, as The Archon has to gather all information from the Siegfjel over the course of a month and has to do the best to help settle quarrels between dragons or to find a way to solve issues between dragons and humans. The Archon usually has to be slightly strong, as well as having a calm temperament. Taken by Nicole with Aima

    Menders : These dragons are the medics of the dragons. There is eight at most. This seems like a large number, but the dragons are not a communal society most times and live at various places. They are all highly respected and trusted. One mender, known as the AM or aquatic mender, lives at the mender cave at the lake, he or she heals those who live in water. He or she has two novices at most, and trains them to heal. Another mender, known as the MM, or Main mender, is the one who lives on the plateau. He or she sees a lot of the dragons and heals more of the minor to medium wounds just like the AM. The MM has two novices at most as well. This leaves two menders left. One is known as the Luminary mender or LM. He or she is the most advanced mender, and takes on the most serious cases. He or she also checks on the other menders, and brings new advancements and innovations to the medical field. The last mender is the LM's novice, there is only one at a time. The LM lives where he or she pleases, and travels around to track down the other menders or patients. He or she might bring said dragon to their own den for healing or recovery. (please ask me if you can be it! I will ask, however, that we not do have mender apprentices within the first few days/weeks) Aquatic mender is taken by Birm with Aerahueca, Luminary mender is taken by Smokey (me) with Sigurd

    Note: the LM is the one who makes the advancements and takes the more serious cases, while the AM and MM are more average. Think of head surgeon vs doctor at urgent care/a hospital

    Average Dragons : This is what most dragons are, and they sort themselves out through fights in order to gain hunting rights or to gain better caves. Just because they are average doesn't mean they aren't special! It just is a way to describe them since they do not have a specific role to play due to the lack of a community structure. (Don't have to ask! Everyone can have one) There is a wide age range, and include elder dragons who tend to be wiser.

    Elders: These dragons are the oldest, and will tend to live on the plateau. A dragon is classified as this when they cannot care for themselves any more. The elders move to the plateau if possible, or a medium cave in the aquatic side. Elders have prime choice for the dens along there. Elders are usually taken care of by novices in exchange for wisdom, or taken care of by menders or mender apprentices. They are given food, water, or other things by lower dragons in order to show gratitude. (Everyone can be one!)

    Novices: These dragons are usually the equivalent of apprentices. They are kicked out of their cave by their parents more often than not, and have to learn how to hunt from their parents or other dragons. They have to learn how to fight and have to find their own cave and food. They often go to Elders for advice or wisdom. (Can sign up for! 10 of these at a maximum)

    Hatchlings: These are the babies. Dragon young are usually born strong, but need to learn and grow. They often play with one another, and learn from an early age. All hatchlings have a small egg tooth they use to break out of the egg, it falls out within a month of them being born. (Can have! I ask we don't have more than 6 please!)

    Eggs: The first stage of a dragon's life. Various dragons have various ways to hatch eggs, and it take a various amount of time. The mother and the father often switch off between taking care of the eggs. They are often protected due to being valuable, because if a human gets an egg they can have their own dragon. (no, you can't rp a person doing that. A lot of eggs are fine! But please don't have them all hatch at once because there is a limit of 6 hatchlings. A clutch laid by a dragon is 5 eggs at max)

    Broken Scales: This is the name for the dragons stuck in human form. They are regarded at the lowest level, and are looked down upon. They get little respect for what they have done, even if it was an accident, and are usually chased away and outcasts. However, they can still live on Siegfjel due to other dragons not wanting them to give away information about them. (I ask there only be two at max! Ask me before signing up)


    Dragons usually live to be about 2000 years old. However, they start to deteriorate and grow older and slower at 1800 years and beyond
    Archon: 200-1800 years old
    Menders: 180-1800 years old
    Mender Novice: 20-180 years old
    Average Dragon: 180-1800 years old
    Elders: 1800-2000 years old
    Novice: 20-180 years old
    Hatchling: 0-20 years old
    Egg: Unhatched, can be from days to months before they hatch

    Dragons all have one power at most. Some dragons are born without the power at all. It is unknown what exactly causes the powers in the first place. The powers are nothing extreme. A power is something other than what is expected ( expected things are like fire breath for a fire or lava dragon with fire resistance, ice breath for an ice dragon and cold resistance, ect.) A power is more something like being able to cause minor earthquakes in the area for an earth dragon, extreme strength beyond normal, being able to cause brief blindness in others, releasing a strong smoke, ect. However, these powers all have a draw back and are usually only brief. All powers have a negative side effect which balance out having them, these will be called drawbacks. Usually it is weakness or fatigue, loss of energy, and being vulnerable for a bit. That being said, I ask that we don't have any dragons with "all awesome magic powers expected", that's not cool y'all. A dragon can be at most two breeds (such as night, sky, fire, snow, ice, lava, ect. get creative!)

    Rules/Restated rules
    1. You cannot have more than 6 charatcers, please!
    2. No mary sues/gary stus, this does not mean no unique dragons! Some properties like magic powers will seem a bit unrealistic or a bit mary-sueish, but usually it is not, because dragons are strong and magical themselves!
    3. You may not have anything like "is the smartest dragon" or "the best dragon", have semi-realistic descriptions
    4. You cannot have more than 14 limbs. "Limbs" are the addition of legs/arm plus wings.
    5. Dragons can only have one type of power! It has to be semi-realistic and not like "can pause all time", powers are brief and taxing on a dragon
    6. Dragons can only shapeshift to a human for two days at most
    7. Dragons have to live on Siegfjel, unless they are banished or exiled
    8. Dragons cannot burn down or destroy the village without asking, no natural storms or anything like that also.
    9. Keep human interaction very minimum!
    10. Please ask before starting a fight between dragons with someone elses character. Ask their perms for a fight, that includes kill perms. And keep the fights non-gory and within MFGC community standards!
    11. You can have a maximum of 6 characters!
    12. Have fun!

    My character/Example
    Name: Sigurd
    Full Title and Explanation: Royal Bringer of the Iolite Tempest. The "royal" part was a reference to his slight vanity, and his regal appearance of his wings. The royal is also from his ties to his dad, the celestial dragon. Iolite is a shimmering blue-violet or deep blue gem, which refers to the color of his body and the shimmer of his scales as well as his ability to cause the aurora which can appear to be the iolite color. Tempest refers to his slight anger and aggression to others who he doesn't like, and his the stormy properties of his power. He earned his name in a fight with a higher up dragon, where he first learned the power.
    Age: 200 years
    Rank: Luminary mender
    Where they live on the mountain: A large icy cavern on the top of the mountain which can actually be a bit warm on the inside
    Breed of dragon: Norse Ice dragon and Celestial dragon cross
    Gender: (actual, then physical, then mental, pronouns): Male, male, male, He/him
    Sexuality: Straight
    Personality: Sigurd is a very cold yet very mysterious dragon. He is intelligent, fast learning, and cold. He doesn't speak all that often, and when he does, it sharp and snarky. He can be described as bit arrogant and pushy. He might seem a bit rude but is well mannered and well meaning. He can be a bit vain sometimes, as he knows how good he is or how he seems. Internally, he is rather distressed at the passing of his brother from human hands, and the death of his mentor. He works hard to forget what happened. He takes his job seriously, and never smiles.
    Dragon appearance: He is a rather large yet slim dragon. His scales are a dull but dark and enchanting blue. He is well built and muscled. He has four legs, and two large wings. The scales on the bone part of his wings are a darker blue by a slight amount, and the skin is more leathery for the actual wing part, but it is a midnight black and blue flecked with small white spots, like a night sky. There are pale pale pale blue claws on the tops of the wings to aid with climbing. He has two horns jutting from his head, right on the top of his head. They mostly go straight back, but curve up slightly. The horns have a slight spiral pattern to them, and are a pitch black in color. His eyes are a dull cobalt like blue, and have a slight shine of lighter purples in them. His snout is narrow and curves slightly. His teeth are clean and are curved very slightly, they are rather sharp. His legs are neat and slightly thick boned, but he remains elegant. He has a row of sharp, dark ice-like spikes running from the base of his skull to his tail tip. His tail has a few sharp hooks on it that curve outwards and away, like a fishing hook. The hooks are the same color as his spikes. His tail itself is strong. He has four toes on each foot, the ones furthest on the inside of his front legs are more like thumbs and help him with his job.
    Human appearance: Sigurd has a very pale complexion. His skin is almost sheet white and looks unnatural slightly. His hair is a soft golden blond that is also very pale. His eyes are almost the same as his dragon form, just have slightly more blue. He is still well muscled, and an average height. He is about 5'8". He has long fingers with clean nails. He is often stoic, and appears serious or deep in thought. He has very white and straight teeth that have a slight point, more noticeable with his canines. He has two deep scars on his back, slightly under his shoulder blades. He often wears a blue tunic and gray or black pants, and leather boots.

    Power (if any) and inherent powers from breed: Sigurd has the power to call an aurora briefly. The aurora is lower than normal, usually around where he is and can cause a slight blindness or confusion to cause him to get away. The drawback is he gets dizzy and fatigued right after and has to recover for a few hours.
    From the celestial dragon part, he gets the ability of increased night vision, as well as a slight speed of healing, which just means increased mending rate in others by a slight amount, such as half a day at most or a few hours. The celestial dragon is known and valued for its mystic and rare appearances and properties. From the Norse Ice Dragon, he gets resistance to cold and ice breath, as well as an affinity for fishing and liking fish. Weird, I know. The ice breath can usually cause small ice spikes to form and can freeze or stun things.
    Extra: He did have a brother who passed away due to humans. He has a bitter hatred for humans because of this. He is also rather proud of himself, but will help others as fast as he can. He is currently researching new advancements for medicines. He loves fish and is an omnivore, but more on the carnivorous side

    (all of this might change later, he is more of a rough character)
    Full Title and Explanation:
    Where they live on the mountain:
    Breed of dragon:
    Gender: (actual, then physical, then mental, pronouns)
    Dragon appearance:
    Human appearance:
    Power (if any):

    (Feel free to ask me any questions you have!)
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    first desc is the longest desc ive ever made but!! proud anyways of both of them

    First Character:
    Aerahueca (is like a mix between greek and aztec, sorta based it off of the aztec word for "ocean wind" (maybe, i could be wrong it is a pretty ancient language that i don't know) and added a little greek in there as well because i absolutely can)

    Full Title and Explanation: Swimmer of the Unified Sky and Sea: Because of her being mainly a water dragon, she "swims" a lot, and because of her being a mix between a sky dragon from her mom and a water dragon from her dad, she's literally a dragon that resembles the union of the sky and sea. Also, because her name, Aerahueca, is heavily based off of the Aztec word "Aehueca", which roughly translates (i think) into "Ocean Wind".

    Age: 193 years

    Rank: Aquatic Mender

    Where they live on the mountain: Near the waterfall, close to the water.

    Breed of dragon: A mix between an aquatic dragon and a sky dragon.

    Gender: (actual, then physical, then mental, pronouns) Female, female, feminine, she/her

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Personality: Aerahueca, while being a mender, isn't exactly the most outgoing and social dragon. She likes keeping to herself and enjoys taking swims of her own in the lake, as well as sunbathing. Since her snake-like body isn't exactly fit to stay on land, she usually stays in the water, or at least near it. However, she takes her job as a mender seriously, and if another dragon is hurt she will make sure that the dragon can heal correctly. She's also extremely proud of being a dragon, and only shapeshifts into her human form when it is absolutely necessary, and not to go gallivanting in the town and taunting the humans there. In fact, she isn't one to take to contact with humans and would like to keep it that way. Instead of trying to catch the biggest fish, her meal normally consists of a lot of smaller fish, such as minnows, and also likes to eat lake flora and herbs, such as cress and the leaves of water lilies. She hates eating the flowers of the lilies, as it would be such a waste of beauty, and keeps a little collection of lily flowers in her cave.

    Dragon appearance: Aerahueca is a light blue, narrow, small, and snake-like aquatic dragon, with 8 limbs in total. Her scales shimmer, especially when in the water, and she has the occasional white or navy blue scale in between all the light blue scales. Her scales are all smooth, allowing for easy travel in the water. She has 6 legs, and all of her legs have a thin, yet tough, membrane in between each claw, making her feet "webbed", in some sort. This allows for her to easily turn, move, and basically maneuver around in the water. Her snout is long and tapers down into what looks like a beak, but isn't fully a beak. She has 2 horns are long, and curve behind her head, and has 2 other horns on the sides of her head, that are smaller but do the exact same thing. They're an off-white color, with purple scales near the base of the horns. She has fins on the sides of her head as well, that look like the webbed feet she has but smaller and wider. Her eyes are a bright and shimmering grey with aqua blue highlights in the eyes, sort of like a hazel. On her back is a large, wave-shaped sail fin, where the crest of the "wave" is facing towards her tail, and it looks similar to, you guessed it, the webbed feet and face fins. Her tail tapers to a narrow point, and 6 webbed fins sprout from the end of the tail in a fan-fashion. She has 2 wings attached on either side of the wave sail fin thing that, on the bone part of the wings, fade from a light blue to the white scales that are so interspersed on her body. The wings themselves, as in the other part of the wings that isn't the bony part, are a really faded, light blue. She can't actually fly with these wings, as they're actually smaller than what can carry her into the sky for prolonged periods of time, but she's able to glide, boost herself up the mountain, assist with swimming speed, etc.

    Human appearance: Aerahueca's human form has a pretty tan complexion, because of all her sunbathing, with 3 large scars on her back, and 2 smaller scars on her cheeks. Therefore, she typically wears a white bonnet and positions her long dark brown hair down and around the scars, and likes wearing long dresses that cover a majority of her back, such as her all time "favorite", if you could call it that: A blue wool dress with a surprisingly bright white, cotton apron tied around her back. This dress goes down to her feet, where she wears cotton stockings and leather shoes. And, because her name is super odd, in her human form she's come up with the name Holly. Sometimes she slips up though.

    Power (if any): Mist. Because of her mix of water and sky dragon, she can conjure up a mist that can briefly limit someone else's vision. It's sort of like breathing fire, but mist instead. The main drawback is that, in order to keep this up, she continuously has to keep breathing, or else the mist will dissipate into the air. She also gets pretty winded when attempting this for a long time.

    Extra: aerahueca is probably one of my favorite characters that i've ever made

    Second Character:
    Lykoforos (Goes by Lyko by his friends)

    Full Title and Explanation: Bringer of Flowers and the Night: Because of his mostly forest breed, and also that he enjoys picking and finding flowers, he gets the "Bringer of the Flowers" part, and the "and the Night" part is because of his dusk dragon part and his tendency to take walks and flights around the mountain at night.

    Age: 183 years

    Rank: Average dragon

    Where they live on the mountain: Lives on the middle half of the mountain, under an old oak tree with a small spring nearby.

    Breed of dragon: Mainly forest, but is also (slightly) part dusk dragon.

    Gender: (actual, then physical, then mental, pronouns) Male, male, masculine, he/him.

    Sexuality: Straight

    Personality: Even though he is a somewhat dusk dragon, he's actually pretty happy-go-lucky is considerably excitable and energetic. At night. His dusk dragon-ness shines through with him being most active at night, and he likes taking little flights and walks around the mountain to look at all the dark forests, plateaus, and meadows under the moonlight. However, because of his nocturnal schedule, his mornings are quite the opposite. He wakes up late, tired, and drained of any and all energy he may have had the night before.

    Dragon appearance: Lykoforos is a dark green scaled European dragon, with 6 limbs in total. His frame is average but quite sturdy in strength. His eyes are a bright leaf green, and his horns are black and curved around the side of his head, ram style. His snout is slightly hooked, with one tooth sticking out on the left towards the front. His legs are long, with 4-hooked. dark grey claws at his feet, 3 claws at the front of his feet and 1 claw on the back. His slightly long tail tapers down and has a little jet black, arrowhead-shaped spike at the tip of the tail. His spine has the same small arrowhead-shaped spikes running down it, up until the top of his head. His two broad, dark black wings fold on the side of his body like bird wings but look like regular dragon wings. The skin that connects one finger to another is a dark green, similar to the scales, with black spots dotting the wings, varying in sizes. The breastplates typically seen on the underside of a European dragon are a dark grey, similar to the claws, and runs down to the underside of his tail.

    Human appearance: Lykoforos, as a human, has a paleish-tanish complexion, and short, yet messy, black hair. His eyes are the same bright green, has the same tooth sticking out of his mouth, and he typically wears a white wool undershirt with a leather tunic, and cotton pants with leather shoes, clogs, whatever. He usually carries a pitchfork, for some reason, even though his human form isn't even a farmer. He just likes carrying a pitchfork.

    Power (if any): He can quickly grow flowers of his choice from suitable ground, and, if in a sticky situation, is able to summon vines, plants, tree roots, etc. to help him fight. However, his main drawback is that the bigger the plant is, such as a huge tree, the more exhausting it is for him to control. Plus, the little trick he has can only work on the ground, and grass/dirt ground no less, so if he's fighting on a rocky part of the mountain or in the sky, he's on his own.

    Extra: nope
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    Both accepted! Aerahueca accepted as aquatic mender!
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    Name: Aima
    Full Title and Explanation: Harbinger of Order. As Archon, she is tasked with keeping the rather scattered society of dragons safe and orderly, and aims to make sure all is peaceful with the others, even smaller scuffles. She wants to make sure human relations don't worsen, and even hopes that one day, dragonkind and mankind can form a better relationship. Basically, her ideals are to create a better system for dragons, or even humans. A harbinger is an omen, so she is the foretelling of upcoming order. Aima was given this title upon becoming Archon, her previous title was thought to be rather unfitting for the dragon she had grown into.
    Age: 300
    Rank: The Archon
    Where they live on the mountain: Somewhat between the higher third of the mountain and the plateau.
    Breed of dragon: Kinesis-type dragon
    Gender: (actual, then physical, then mental, pronouns) Female, Female, Female, She/her
    Sexuality: Bi
    Personality: Fletcher is rather young for an Archon, and this is her first time acting as one. Coming from a rather wayward hatchhood, Aima has defied her upbringing and become her own dragon. More of a quiet time, she has a strong sense of justice and believes completely in truth, honour, and order. She is logical, and takes all sides into consideration, but she does not do well with challenge to her decision when she makes one. Aima can be a little too invested in her duty as Archon, but she might be able to learn how to balance obligation with freedom. As far as she's come, she still has room to grow, and is constantly looking for ways to better herself. While she seems strict, both with others and herself, she does try to be more compassionate.
    Dragon appearance: Aima is a large black dragon, with heterochromatic eyes (one is a dark red, the other is a pale grey-blue). She appears like a cross between a wyvern and a European dragon, though more of the latter, with her having two hind legs, two front arms, and two wings with hands. The front arms are used more for dexterous tasks, such as writing, while the hands on her wings, which are more claw-like, she uses to hold extra things. She has a thick crown of large dark spikes on her head, with smaller spikes on her jawline. On her back and down her spine are barbed spikes, which lead down to her tail, 4 large barbed spikes, sort of like axe blades, rest. Her underbelly is lines with thick, silver scales. Along her body are randomly dispersed flecks of white scales, specifically near her cheeks, directly under her eyes. Her wings have dark-grey flaps of skin. She is well-muscled, and is sturdily built. She has two large spiralled horns on top of her head (like a ram's).
    Human appearance: As a human, Aima appears as a young olive-skinned woman in her twenties, around 5'5, with shoulder-length black hair. She wears a simple hood and robe, and a bag. She has the same eyes, though she wears a white eyepatch over her red eye.
    Power (if any): Force manipulation. Aima has the ability to manipulate the amount of force being put on something, whether it be increasing, decreasing or flat-out stopping it. With this, she could lessen the attacks of two fighting dragons in order to stop the conflict, or increase the power in her own blows. She does have limits to this, as she cannot manipulate a large amount of objects at once, she only has control over things within her sight or 50m within her/in contact with her, and she cannot amplify or stop/decrease a force that is past her natural strength limit. So while she could perhaps lessen the blows of a dragon somewhat weaker than her, she could not stop someone who is much stronger than her. Drawbacks include fatigue, dizzyness after excess use
    Extra: I'm going to sign up a 2nd character later, just wanted to finish this one today
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  5. Superstitious-MM-Smokey

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    Accepted as archon!
  6. AwesomePuppy

    AwesomePuppy Well-Known Member

    Name: Vreugde (can be more simply called Vreu)

    Full Title and Explanation:
    The Little White Rose without Thorns: 'Little' for her size and 'White' for her color. The 'Rose' part comes from her slightly regal frame and white roses also represent purity, which she gets from being a pure Wind dragon. 'Without Thorns' is because, even though rose thorns can be painful, she in no way has thorns to be pricked on. She's all bubbly happiness and kindness, not having the regal attitude her parents had, proud to be purebreds of their kind. (I hope that the title is okay because it doesn't have a noun -er)

    Age: 267 years

    Average Dragon

    Where they live on the mountain:
    The middle half of the mountain on a good-sized ledge.

    Breed of dragon:
    Wind dragon

    Gender: (actual, then physical, then mental, pronouns)
    Female, Female, Feminine, She/her


    She's always smiling happily and loves being around people. She's as friendly and sweet as possible and tries to cheer people up when times are hard. She has trouble getting angry at people even when they are rude to her, but understands when she's not wanted. If someone is mad at her or treating her rudely, she'll most likely just leave, this being because she doesn't like responding to anyone in a non-happy way. At most times, she's just a little explosion of joy, always wanting to move and do stuff. Though, she isn't very graceful except when she's in the air so she's at her most joyous when the wind is below her wings.

    Dragon appearance:
    She's very small, only about the size of a pony or about 58 inches tall, though she's much longer with a whip-like tail that measures over her own body size. Her body is pretty thin and sleek, which is important for a wind dragon to fly smoothly. Her scales are fish-like and all a white that almost seems unhealthy, even though she spends plenty of time in the sun. Her legs, of which she has four (two front, two hind) are long and on the thinner side, making her fast moving but not necessarily very graceful. In all, she has 8 limbs, 4 legs and 2 sets of wings. Her wings are feathered instead of scaled, golden in color, though the bone part of her wing runs with the same white scales as the rest of her body. A line of the same golden feathers also run down her chest, the covering for her underbelly. Her first set of wings connect to the muscles in her front arms and her second pair is right behind them, slightly smaller as to fit properly. Though, each single wing, when spread out completely, is larger then Vreu herself, in surface area, giving her power and speed in flight. This means that whenever she's on the ground her wings can make her slow and not very coordinated, as they fold up to two sets of large areas of feathers that fall out to her sides. She has a long, graceful neck and crocodile-like snout, though the whole length is smooth and no teeth stick from her mouth. A crown of straight, even spikes sprout from the back of her skull, the very top one beginning a descending pattern of the same spikes (though only one row) but shorter down her back. Each spike leans slightly back, pointing towards her tail as to minimize air resistance. It tampers off before it reaches her tail, though a small, flat fluff of golden feathers appears at the very tip of her tail, as well. Her hind feet have four claws, all sticking forward, and her front feet have four claws, as well, but only three of them point forward and the fourth one acts as a thumb. Her eyes are emerald green, which her parents have always seen as her only flaw of the type of dragon she was, thinking her eyes should have been a bright gold.

    Human appearance:
    A short, young adult female with light skin. Her hair is long and dark brown, flowing down her shoulders in ragged clumps. Her eyes are a bright emerald, framed with soft, smooth cheeks use to smiling and a slight freckle-dusted face that makes her look younger then she is. She wears old brown leather garments that clash with her bright personality and usually no shoes.

    Power (if any) and inherent powers from breed
    (I hope it's okay that I added that last part back): Can slightly direct the wind, so can change it's direction for short amounts of time or have it give little gusts her way. This helps her fly or push other flying dragons off course. This power could be either something from her breed or just that one special power, but it does have side effects. One problem with it is that she can't do it for long and it's not very strong. The other is that, after she uses this power, she starts throwing up anything she might have in her stomach at the time. An inherited power she has is that she has large wings which give her power and speed in flight and she is graceful in the air.

    Both of her parents were purebred wind dragons and extremely proud of it, thinking every other dragon wasn't as good if they weren't purebred. Vreu viewed everyone the same and didn't want to be like her parents, so, as soon as she could, she left her family's den and never saw them again, if she could.

    Might do another character
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  7. Superstitious-MM-Smokey

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    Don't worry! All of this is great and alright! Accepted and approved!
  8. Cockatoo123

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    signing up a second character

    Full Title and Explanation: Uncertain Chaos - Fletcher comes from a lineage that is not exactly the most law-abiding or reputable, and the words chaotic or chaos are common within the titles of her family. The uncertainty comes from Fletcher having no solid idea of her future, or what she wants to be. Will she one day calm and settle, much like her sister, or will she spiral out of control? No one's sure.
    Age: 193 Years
    Rank: Average Dragon
    Where they live on the mountain: Between the plateau and the higher part of the mountain, lives with Aima.
    Breed of dragon: Kinesis-type dragon
    Gender: (actual, then physical, then mental, pronouns) Female, Female, Female, She/her
    Sexuality: She's not too sure yet.
    Personality: Fletcher is the younger sister of Aima, and seems to be a stark contrast to her sister. Fletcher has a sour attitude and biting personality to boot, and she's not the easiest to be friends with. Behind her sharp words, she values her relationships and becomes very defensive of her companions. She's more sweet when she's comfortable. While she acts snarky and all-mighty, she's insecure and is very uncertain about herself in general. Fletcher is very emotional, and easily slips into anger. She values her freedom, and thinks dragons should be let to do what they please, the exact opposite of what her sister strives for. Despite this, she still lives with her sister, and is proud of her, even if they argue constantly. Fletcher has troubles controlling her power, which is a common struggle for younger Kinesis-type dragons, as their abilities require great mental strength, and this frustrates her endlessly. She picks fights with other dragons often, in an attempt to learn first-hand how to control herself better.
    Dragon appearance: Fletcher is a crimson-red dragon with reddish-brown eyes. She is of average size, though has the potential to grow more, as dragons often do as they age. Like her sister, she has two hind legs, two arms, and two wings with hands, and she uses them the same way as her sister. Fletcher has a deeper red crown of spikes on her head, back, neck, and tail. Her tail has three barbed spikes on the end. She has smaller spikes protruding from her chin. The skin of her wings are a paler red, and her underbelly scales are of the same colour. Her claws and horns are of a golden colour. Her horns are less developed, and are still slightly-bent large spikes, which will eventually curl as she ages. She has a large scar running down from her snout. Her body has a few noticeable scars from own accidental self-inflicted wounds from her power.
    Human appearance: Fletcher appears as a young woman, around 18 and 5'3. She dresses in armour, and appears like a regular adventurer or mercenary. At her side are a sword and shield, which she took from a mercenary sent to kill her a while ago. Her hair is a crimson-red and very long, and she retains the same eye-colour. She wears a black and white checkered bandana around her neck. She sometimes takes actual mercenary jobs as a human in order to keep with the disguise, though she makes sure they're quick tasks that can be done within a day. Her nose has the same scar across it.
    Power (if any): She has the ability to generate explosions within her field of vision, or within 30 m of her. These explosions can range from relatively huge, to tiny poofs of magic, and she rarely has strict control over the size of them. Her ability works like a temper tantrum, the angrier she is, the larger and more uncontrollable the explosion is. While calm, she can create mid-sized ones in the general area she wants to, but if aggravated, she begins to lose control. Fletcher and her allies can even be accidentally harmed by poorly-aimed explosions too, and many of her scars originate from her losing her cool. Drawbacks include fatigue, potential injury to herself, and it's hard to control
    Extra: no not really
  9. AwesomePuppy

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    Just wanted to point out that I drew a picture of her and put it on Media, if someone wanted to more clearly see what she looks like.
  10. Superstitious-MM-Smokey

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    Accepted and approved! Although when she uses her powers, make sure she doesn' destroy anything of value! ;)
  11. Hilow Peoples!

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    Name: Sekoitus

    Full Title and Explanation: Blender of the Night and the Earth - Sekoitus got his name from his ability to be unnoticed at any given moment. Having blood of both a Night dragon and an Earth dragon makes it exceptionally easy for him to hide in the shadows and avoid others. He's also simply antisocial, helping him to earn his name as a down-to-earth but elusive dragon.

    Age: 186 years

    Rank: Average Dragon

    Where they live on the mountain: The middle part of the mountain under an averaged sized outcrop.

    Breed of dragon: A mix of Night and Earth dragon

    Gender: (actual, then physical, then mental, pronouns) Male, Male, Male, He/Him

    Sexuality: Ace

    Personality: Sekoitus is a rather shy, avoidant dragon who prefers the company of himself over others. He acts tough and cool around others, and always keeps others at arm's length as he fears they will soon leave him. He's very attuned to the world around him and tends to follow his head over his heart. However, he can be very stubborn if challenged and would much rather die then flee from a fight.

    Dragon appearance: Sekoitus is slightly smaller than average, which only helps him to avoid other dragons. The scales along his back are shiny and sleek, and at his tail four spikes stick out from the end. He has 4 legs, and at the end of each of them are large, scooping claws, which he uses to tunnel with when in the mood. He is very triangular altogether, except for when it comes to his wings. His wings are large and feathery, fanning out to make a U shape when he's flying. Sekoitus's color scheme is that of dark browns, greens, and yellows, and his wings are a very dark grey. The only contrasting thing about him is his blue eyes, but even those are rather dark and dull. There are many scars littered around his eyes, muzzle, and neck from his lack of cautiousness with his claws.

    Human appearance: Despite Sekoitus's smaller size as a dragon, he is tall as a human, standing at 6'3". His skin is a neutral tone, not really light or dark. His hair is a jet black and long enough that he ties it back in a ponytail to keep it from his eyes. Sekoitus as a human is lanky and awkward, but he still manages to slip away from most searching eyes. His eyes, however, are very bright and hopeful, and despite all of the scars that remain on his face and neck, most assume him to be around 16. He wears a long, black trench coat over a plain linen shirt and dark grey pants. As a human, he is asthmatic. He avoids disguising himself as a human, only doing so if he needs to make quick money through the power of shady jobs.

    Power (if any): Sekoitus has the power to create quicksand under a still target he can see. It's not very useful if he is fighting with someone very fast or someone in the air, but it can be helpful to free blocked entrances or quickly get rid of stunned enemies. The areas are usually just large enough to engulf the one target and just deep enough to keep them trapped within. Sekoitus can only make one area of quicksand a day, as it is very taxing. It's more of a last resort in a deadly situation, as afterwards it leaves him panting and wheezing as long as he stays awake.

    Extra: Sekoitus likes to steal stuffed animals from the human villages and snuggle with them in his nest when he sleeps.
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    Accepted and approved! But his human clothes may need to be from an older period, as jeans and turtlenecks were invented in the 1860's and 1870's, and this takes place around more of a medieval time.

    The rp will be starting soon! You can always join or add more characters later! We also still need a main mender!
  13. Hilow Peoples!

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    Whoops gg me I completely forgot that part! I went up and edited the clothes, I hope that it's all good now!
  14. Superstitious-MM-Smokey

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    Yes! It's perfect! Thank you for making the change :)
  15. Anju

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    Name: Mimikara (You can call her Mimi)

    Full Title and Explanation: Bringer of Broken Dreams - Mimikara got her name from her ability to create nightmares due to her dark dragon blood. The broken dreams part comes from Mimikara's hate for the word nightmare and that she doesn't believe they exist and constantly calls them "Broken Dreams" instead.

    Age: 15 years.

    Rank: Hatchling

    Where they live on the mountain: In a small cavern in the mountain, covered in snow. The cavern is in front of a small river that still flows in the cold weather.

    Breed of dragon: Dark Dragon.

    Gender: (actual, then physical, then mental, pronouns): Female, Female, Masculine (70%) Feminine (30%), She/Her/They/Them

    Sexuality: Pansexual

    Personality: Mimikara is a very quiet, and patient dragon. She loves to play with rocks and create piles of them in her free time because it gives her a reason to tell other annoying hatchlings to not play with them (since she's introverted) because she's "cleaning up the pebbles." At times when she does play or talk to others, she's sometimes awkward. Mimi is more comfortable talking to adults than people her age or younger. She is very creative and likes to make up stories to tell to her mother. Her stories are usually very gruesome due to her dark mind and abilities.

    Dragon appearance: Mimikara is a small dark azure blue dragon with smokey-purple eyes. Her scales are rough and like the ones of a rattle-snake (but much bigger), and she has three very long tails with black feather-like spikes at the tips of each of them. She has four wings total that have the same feather-like spikes as the tails. The wings are pretty big for her body and when folded, they make her seem bigger than she actually is (Her description isn't the best, but I'll attach a reference when I can).

    Human appearance: Mimikara as a human is a very short female with a short black bob. She comes from asian-decent and looks very similar my character from the Origin role-play, Xheris. She often wears long dresses in a royal-blue color similar to her dragon form, even though she doesn't like dresses that much. Her eyes are the same as in her human form, and her skin is very pale (I'll make a reference for her human form as well).

    Power (if any): She has dark powers due to her being a dark dragon, but her powers aren't every single one that comes with a dark dragon. She usually can only create nightmares, which she calls "broken dreams," and use shadows to trick others. When Mimi creates nightmares, she cannot only give them to someone else, because she must give it to herself as well. And Mimi never really uses shadow-like powers because she practically doesn't even know how to use them.

    Extra: Mimi broke one of her hind claws by trying to stab a rock.
  16. Superstitious-MM-Smokey

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    Accepted and approved! But in her human form she will have to be careful because different colored eyes give the dragons away to normal people!
  17. Anju

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    Alright, I might later on change it to a dark blue or something instead of a purple, but it also gives her a reason to be more aware as a human :)

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