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  1. BryIsDank

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    Heyo! It's Bryent, and for once I'm creating a roleplay

    So this is based off of a series I really liked: Avatar the Last Airbender. Legend or Korra is also a continuation of this series for those of you that don't know. For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about the show is about people that can "bend" four different elements: Water, Fire, Air, and Earth. Not all people have these special abilities, but a lot of people do have the power to control these elements. Let me point out that those who are benders can only bend ONE element. This is where the Avatar comes in. The Avatar is able to master all four elements and basically keeps the world at peace, stepping in and stopping any major conflicts that occur. Once one avatar dies, a new one is born, continuing the lifeline of avatars. They are also the link between the physical world of humans and the spirit world, where all the spirits dwell. The current avatar can even call on advice from other avatars, or his/her previous lives. So there you go... a basic overview.

    This roleplay would take place after the events of both Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend or Korra. For those of you who have watched both, yes, this takes place after the time of avatar Korra and harmonic convergence, which lead to a resurrection of the Airbenders. There will be special events throughout the duration of these roleplays. These events could be wars, diabolical enemies, and more. As for the avatar, the process for choosing who will be the avatar is as follows:

    1. The names of all participants are put into a random generator
    2. Whoever is chosen from the generator will be the avatar for a certain amount of time (probably 4-6 months)

    In addition, here are some rules for the roleplay:

    1. Each person can have a maximum of 2 characters (If one of your characters dies or something you can make a new one)
    2. Only the avatar can bend more than 1 element (this bodes true for the shows)
    3. No Mary/Gary Sues
    4. Do not insult other people for their characters
    5. Pretty much the rules you see on the MyFallen Servers

    There are also special types of bending that each kind of bender has, but these take years of practice to perfect:

    Earthbending: Metalbending, Sandbending, Lava Bending, Seismic sense (can "see" via vibrations in the earth)
    Firebending: Lightningbending, Combustionbending (can create explosions/firebend with mind)
    Waterbending: Bloodbending, Healing, Spiritbending (Almost impossible to do)
    Airbending: Unaided flight, Spiritual Projection ("Ghost" teleportation in physical world)

    Here's a guide for the character registration, I will use mine as an example:

    Name: Kion
    Nickname?: None

    Bender (if yes, which kind): Waterbender
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male

    Looks: He has medium length, dirty blond hair and bright blue eyes. He is rather tall (around 6 feet) and has slightly tan skin. he also has a scar near his right eye from a fight when he was a child.
    Personality: He is generally calm but can sometimes be a little hotheaded, which occurred from the fight that left him with his scar. He has a strong desire to learn and is quick to pick sides.
    Dress: Traditional water tribe dress

    Hobbies/Specialties: He has been learning to use waterbending to heal people from a young age and has almost mastered the art. he has also had some basic training in hand to hand combat as well. He is really in to the pro-bending league and loves travelling to Republic City every now and then.

    Other: N/A

    So there ya go.. that's the whole thing. I'm really hoping to see lots of you join in on this roleplay. It should be a lot of run. Cheers! :)
  2. Cockatoo123

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    Name: Ryoto
    Nickname?: Ryo or whatever floats your boat.

    Bender (if yes, which kind?): Firebender
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male

    Looks: Ryoto is a tall (192 cm/6'3), well-built man with slightly unkempt rusty-coloured hair, a stubble and sea-green eyes.
    Personality: Generally calm, can be charming but he usually keeps to himself. He enjoys collecting books and reading them in his spare time. Tends to follow logic more than emotions. Not exactly the most morally good person, he will take jobs from less than reputable people
    Dress: Regular Republic City clothing.

    Hobbies/Specialties: His main hobby is book collecting, which he stores a majority of in his apartment in Republic City, though he keeps a few handbooks with him. He has a one-eyed pet Raven-Eagle named Tanken who travels with him. He has mastered Firebending, and is learning Lightningbending, though it's still in progress and his lightning blasts are rather out of control.

    Other: He's a former pro-bender, having joined the league soon after he mastered Firebending, but quit pretty early after losing interest in the sport. Currently he is a mercenary/bounty hunter for hire and often travels around taking various jobs. Lives in Republic City when he's off-duty. Ryo's father was a Firebender and his mother was an Earthbender, and through his mother, he has a younger half-sister.

    (Question: Do animals count as a second character? And also, how many people need to join the rp for it to start? Thanks)
  3. BryIsDank

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    Added! As for your questions I was thinking animals would be more like an accessory to the characters, like pets and such. As for how many people, I was hoping to get at least 4-5 people before we begin. Spread the word!
  4. UnMuteYaBoy

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    Name: Jaxyu
    Nickname: Jay

    Bender: Fire bender, in training
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male

    Looks: Usually wears a robe like thingy similar to the school uniforms, having a custom hood in the back, using silver outlines on the seams of the whole thing on the weekends. Wears usual Fire Nation school uniform during, well, school. Has brown hair with black high lights dyed on. Emerald green eyes, and almost always wears the bandana that Aang wore when he collected info form the Fire Nation school.

    Hobbies/Specialists: Likes to practice sword fighting in his room against a dummy, hopes to over-throw the Fire Lord to become the title himself, power hungry but strongly over estimates his abilities. This is his last semester at school, and once it ends, he will start traveling around the nations.

    Other: If he can have a pet, can it be a Flutter Bat please?
  5. BryIsDank

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    Added, and for the pet that's totally fine!

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