Favorite Book Characters?

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  1. LeKay

    LeKay New Member

    Okay so I was like: I wonder who everyone's favorite characters are (From the books) ! So..

    Here you go. Have fun. (Joking. It's like, hardly any work.)

    Favorite Character:

    Why is he/she/it your favorite character:

    Now seriously

    Go fill this out

    This 2 second thing

    While I'm off to do stuff.
  2. LeCookieLucy

    LeCookieLucy Retired Staff Member Retired

    Favorites: Whitestorm, Lionheart, Brambleberry, & Crookedstar.

    Reason: They're all awesome. ;D.
  3. AmberTheTato

    AmberTheTato Retired Retired

    Favorites: Bluestar and/or Squirrelflight

    I loved their attitudes since they were kits. Also, their lives were really hard, so I kinda got attached to them as I was reading :3

    Anyways, I just like them.
  4. sammydog132

    sammydog132 Retired Retired

    Favorites: Russetfur, Ivypool, Ashfur, and Hollyleaf


    Russetfur: I liked her personality, and I could relate to her. (CURSE YOU LIONBLAZE FOR KILLING HER!) 

    Ivypool: I like how she was sassy at times, and I liked it when she was insulting/fighting with Dovewing. (I really don't like Dovewing)

    Ashfur: First off, Ashfur would have made a better mate to Squirrelflight then Brambleclaw/Star. Because, I think Squirrelflight would have a much better life with Ashfur, and if Leafpool DID give Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze to her, and when she admitted, Ashfur may have stayed with her, and we would have completely avoided drama. I just think Brambleclaw/Star is a jerk, AshfurxSquirrelflight all the way.

    Hollyleaf: I would have much enjoyed if Hollyleaf was in the three, and NOT Dovewing. Because, she is much more smarter then Dovewing ever will be, and was a well-written character. Everything that she did made sense, (Besides when she survived life in a cave with a ghost)  and I'm not mad at her for killing Ashfur, her reasons out-matched mine.
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  5. HomestuckiePixel

    HomestuckiePixel Well-Known Member

    Chars: Crookedstar, Bluestar, Ivypool and Bumblestripe

    Crookedstar: okay, is it just me or is it terrible that his MOTHER rejected him(I think) just because he injured his jaw and because of that his parents got divorced. Then his mate, all his kits and brother ALL DIED. That's depressing.

    Bluestar: okay. First of all she watched her mother die once she became an apprentice, she watched her sister get run over by a car, had Thistleclaw blame her for 'murdering' snowfur, and overall it's just depressing.

    Ivypool: now, I totally get how ivypool feels. She feels as if nobody even notices she's there, and that Dovewing is all everyone ever wants to talk about. That's why she joined the dark forest. But once she realized that they wanted them to fight their clanmates, she felt terrible.

    Bumblestripe: now, how do you think Bumblestripe felt, loving dovewing so much, but knowing that she loved tiger heart? Yeah, I know that they end up being mates in the end, but still!

    Anyways, that's all
  6. Cockatoo123

    Cockatoo123 FallenLight Senior InGame Manager Staff Member Senior In-Game Manager

    Favourite character: GOOSEFEATHER

    Reason: Hmmm, let's see. He's a crazy medicine cat who acts randomly. When I read Bluestar's Prophecy I was all "Goosefeather is weird". He is. In a good way. Like in this video:

  7. ilovepicklestoo

    ilovepicklestoo Retired Retired

    Favorite Characters: Ashfur and Crookedstar. 


    Ashfur- I've loved Ashfur before I even got to him in the books. I would search for videos about him on Youtube for hours. The way his romance ended up was unique for the series and drama filled which caught my absolute attention. I would wait on the edge of my seat for the moments he spoke to Squirrelflight. xD In the end, Ashfur is awesome! 

    Crookedstar- Out of all the warrior series books I have read, Crookedstar's Promise was my favorite (also made me cry the most). After reading his story I gained a huge respect for him and he instantly became one of my favorite characters. 
  8. LeCookieLucy

    LeCookieLucy Retired Staff Member Retired

    Okay I'll give my reasons. xD

    Whitestorm - He was one of the most loyal cats in my opinion. He wasn't a snob to Firepaw/heart when he joined the Clan unlike 50% of ThunderClan, he was a good deputy, AND he was nice to both Bluestar and Fireheart. 

    Lionheart - He was just awesome. He was an awesome deputy but I feel like he died so soon.. ;~; Also again, he was loyal, plus his mane, majesticcc.

    Crookedstar- After all the dung he went through, being tricked by Mapleshade, his kin dying, Rainflower leaving him since he wasn't a pretteh-kitteh..He pulled through and stopped whining about it, and got himself a better life with Willow, they had Silver.. Beautiful. Also then he was a good leader x3

    Brambleberry - She was like a mother to Storm/Crookedkit, when Rainflower neglected him. Plus she was a good Medicine cat and friend to her Clan, loyalll. Also, her name and desc.. just sounds awesome xD And finally, the fact that she didn't judge Mudfur when he wanted to become a Medicine cat.
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  9. JollyHolly

    JollyHolly New Member

    My favorite is Hollyleaf. Hands down. No competition. Easy choice.

    Hollyleaf is amazing because of her loyalty to the warrior code. She gave her life to save Ivypool from Hawkfrost. It's a shame she wasn't in the three, she really deserved it. I could go on and on but I'm on my phone so I won't. Idk. I might edit it later. Anyway, that's mostly the reason Hollyleaf is the most amazing, awesome, coolest character evar.
  10. TheLlamaQueen

    TheLlamaQueen Retired Staff Member Retired

    Favourite Charries: Ivypool, Hollyleaf, Feathertail and Crowfeather

    Ivypool: Idk, i think she deserved more attention and she's so neat because she spent her nights spying and fighting in the dark forest so the three/four would know when the battle would be on. I just really i like her owo

    Hollyleaf: She was only doing what she thought was right, which i think more cat should have done, then she survived in a cave with Fallen Leaves, trying to get away from her clan. But she still went back to watch them, which showed she was still sort of loyal. Then she died to save Ivypool <3

    Feathertail: Idk, she was so cool. I liked her because she gave her life up to not even her own clan. She saved the tribe because she could.

    Crowfeather: He hasnt had much luck with girlfriends, so i feel sorry for him. First it was Feathertail, she died. Then Leafpool, but she was a medicine cat. Then that little piece of dung Nightwhatever, who turned his own son against him. I liked how he saved Lionblaze from Breezepelt in the final battle.

    There are my terrible reasons xD
  11. LeCookieLucy

    LeCookieLucy Retired Staff Member Retired

  12. Castiel Winchester

    Castiel Winchester New Member

    Favorite Chars:




    Jayfeather ( Aware I said that twice xD )

    Jayfeather: In my opinion, Jayfeather is the most mature out of the Three/Four. Even though he's blind he's an awesome cat. 

    Lionblaze: Lionblaze, on the other hand, is the strongest ( DUER ). He's also kinda dramatic *glances at Cinder and Lion*

    Firestar: He's the main character of the first series, like, seriously. XD

    Ivypool: I can relate to her so much. Mainly the "feeling left out by siblings" part.

    Oh woww, 

    I have Three out of the Four.

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  13. Parkerbot

    Parkerbot Member

    Favorite characters: Hollyleaf, Scourge, Firestar

    Hollyleaf: Misunderstood by some people, and felt guilty for killing a cat that tried to kill her, and

    I personally like her because she is awesome = D

    Scourge:Also Misunderstood, was bullied by his siblings, and well, He one hit one of the cats I hated a lot! {Tigerstar}

    Firestar: Mainly since I got to get his personality un like most of the other cats he was the main one,

    well one of the main ones, He was there for the whole series except for side books like Bramblestars storm
  14. LeFoxy

    LeFoxy New Member

    Hmm, I would probably have to say that my favorite characters are Jayfeather and Snowfur.

    Here is my reasoning:

    Jayfeather: Despite being rather cold towards his siblings and his mentor when he was a young cat, unable to be a warrior, he ends up being a skilled medicine cat, and I believe that he was a great asset to ThunderClan during the story. 

    Snowfur: Even after her tragic death, Snowfur was an amazing sister to  Bluefur, helping to take care of Mosskit in StarClan, and just being there for Bluefur when she was needed. Her death was really sad in my eyes, and I wish she didn't have to die. 
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  15. nikkiwikki234

    nikkiwikki234 Retired Retired

    Whitestorm: He was super awesome and nice to Firepaw, even though he was a kittypet. I'm not sure why I like him, it's just I do. When he died I was pretty sad.

    Scourge: Scourge is my favorite villain in the books. Ever. Mostly because he was always bullied for being small, but then he showed everyone that no matter what your size, you can still really pack a punch/murder your enemies. His overall personality just makes me be like 'snap crackle stop being so awesome m8'.

    Firestar: This one is explainable. Yes, he can be a bit Mary Sue-ish at times. Yes, he is the main character. But that doesn't mean he wasn't an overall good cat person. He gave everything he had for his Clan, even his life.

    Tallstar: He went through a lot, whether it was when losing his father to leaving his best friend Jake. I just really like him.

    Crookedstar: Like Tallstar, he went through a lot, especially his mother, Mapleshade, and almost everyone he loved having died.

    Blackstar: Blackstar was amazing. I don't know why I liked him at all, it's just I do. No real reasoning.
  16. Wynter

    Wynter Retired Staff Member Retired

    Mine would be Bluestar.


    I really loved her role as a leader, every time she was mention in the books after she died I would cry. Her death was just to emotional ;-; She went through so much and she is super awesome. I even attempted to draw her in my profile picture, but then it just turned out to be a random OC.
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  17. FlowyGlowy

    FlowyGlowy New Member

    Totally. Hollyleaf is my #1 favorite character. (I actually had an account on another game named Hollyleaf100.)
  18. robotwarriorp

    robotwarriorp Well-Known Member

    ...piekit?.........no.........toothpaste?........ No.......MOSSKIT......na.........MOLEKIT......HECK YA......
  19. theflyingocelot

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  20. robotwarriorp

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