Glittering Frost During Moonhigh - Chapter 3

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    About 2 moons later, the night before Glitter and Shimmer's Guardian ceremony...

    Glitter was outside of the Trainee's den, the full moon painting the camp with streaks of silver, while she sat tall and strong against the occasional leaf-bare breeze that would rush through the pack camp. Or at least as tall as a small cat like her could. But regardless of that, she stared out into the distance, lost in her own thoughts. She was excited about tomorrow, as she would get her name, but she was also worried that she wouldn't be a good Guardian. She did have an amazing mentor to help her become an excellent fighter, but what if she forgot everything? She did pass the hunting assessment, but what if she hesitated for the slightest bit, letting prey get away? She shook off the harrowing thoughts, and stood up, turning herself around towards the Trainee's den. She needed to clear her mind, and she knew how.

    Glitter padded to her sister, gently nudging her with her nose. Shimmer muttered, and turned over towards Glitter with a frown and barely opened eyes. "Hey, Shimmer." Glitter greeted softly, with a smile on her face. Anxiety emanated from it.

    "Glitter, what's wrong?" Shimmer meekly asked, worried for her sister.

    "I-I need your help." Glitter stuttered. "I need to catch up on my thoughts, and it helps if you're around to help me straighten them out. Do you mind joining me on a little hunting trip?" Shimmer shifted, considering. In a couple heartbeats, she eventually nodded, slowly standing up, and stretching. They both quietly padded towards the entrance of the camp, making sure not to wake any nearby sleeping cats, guardians or not.

    During the hunting trip, they caught a couple snow hares and a mouse or two. They buried them for later, and continued on, a bit farther than Glitter intended. They ended up near a thunder path, and Shimmer sighed, looking towards her sister. "Y'know, maybe we should head back. We are a bit far, plus it'll be dawn soon. The Commander and Lieutenant will be worried."

    "Nah," Glitter dismissed tiredly. "We're still in the territory, they won't mind. Plus we're bringing them fresh kill, they'll be proud."

    "But what if we're late to the cer-" Shimmer was cut off.

    "Nah." Glitter waved her paw, trotting towards the thunder path, the disgusting scent of it stinging her nose. Shimmer silently sighed, following a little ways behind. "C'mon, let's see what's on the other side, Shimmer."

    Glitter stepped foot onto the thunder path, internally hissing at the sharpness of the weird rocks underneath her paws. She stepped lightly, slowly crossing. Shimmer continued to follow, hesitantly, and she continuously looked around her surroundings. Shimmer stopped in the middle of the thunder path, hesitating to go further. "Glitter?" she called out towards her sister, causing her to turn around. Glitter had reached the end of the path already, and her whiskers twitched in anticipation of what was ahead of her. "Do you really think this is a good idea? I mean, what if like, we encounter clan cats, or, even worse, rogues?"

    "Clan cats and rogues wouldn't be this close to our territory. Don't worry." Glitter reassured her sister. Her ear flicked, hearing a distant rumble. Shimmer heard it too, and her hackles raised, her nerves taking control of her voice.

    "W-what was that noise?" Shimmer stammered, looking around. She couldn't see anything, as many tree branches and bushes around her obscured her vision of what was on the thunder path.

    "It's just a nearby thunderstorm." Glitter said simply, flicking her tail. "C'mon!" However, a loose tree branch fell behind Shimmer, making her turn around and jump up into the air, quite high. And at this moment, a monster sped by, hitting Shimmer mid-air. Glitter was about to laugh at Shimmer's reaction, but she stopped, her gaze turning from amusement to absolute horror. She froze, looking as Shimmer screeched in pain at the hit, and tumbled over the car and onto the road. A loud honk rang out from the driver as they sped by the two cats, the rumble disappearing into the distance.

    "Shimmer!" Glitter screamed, rushing to her sister's side in the middle of the road. Shimmer was crumpled up into a ball, bleeding out from her side, legs, and mouth. 2 of her legs were broken, and several ribs were shattered by the impact. "Oh- oh my gosh.." Glitter trailed off, nudging her sister. Shimmer coughed weakly, barely hanging onto her life.

    "G-glitter..." Shimmer whispered, her voice raspy, coughing up more blood. "Glitter I'm-" Shimmer paused, blinking slowly. "I'm so sorry."

    "No! No, no." Glitter rushed through her sentence, tears brimming in her eyes. "It's my fault, I dragged you out here. I, I shouldn't have- I should've listened to you. You were always right, Shimmer."

    "But-" Shimmer paused. "You were the one who always got me to do things I would've never imagined." Shimmer mustered a brief smile. "Thank you for making my life interesting." However, Shimmer's eyes turned dull, her body became still, her breathing slowing rapidly.

    "No, Shimmer, please, just hang on, your life isn't over yet, a patrol will be out soon and, and they'll take you back to the Medic." Glitter choked out through sobs, shaking Shimmer to try and get her to stay awake. She could feel her heart beating quickly, her tears rolling down her face and onto Shimmer's fur. "Just, stay with me. You'll-we'll be guardians soon, today even." Glitter could feel Shimmer's fur becoming colder, and realized that her pleas were in vain. Glitter let out a huge wail of grief and sorrow, her sister gone from her forever.

    A distant patrol from the pack, led by the Commander himself, heard this scream and rushed to where the sound came from.

    On arrival, they saw the battered body of Shimmer, moved from the middle of the thunder path to the side of the road, with Glitter sleeping right next to her, dried tears staining her light grey cheeks.

    The Commander nudged the sleeping Trainee awake, startling her. She gazed up at him, sadness wallowing in her eyes. Glitter told him later that she needed an extra day before her ceremony to mourn the loss of her sister, and that she wanted to be with her sister from right then and there until Shimmer was buried.

    He agreed.
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