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  1. itswheatyall

    itswheatyall Well-Known Member

    05E608DE-8EA6-4358-8A99-9DE6482AC30A.jpeg I promised I would make one so here it is!

    Glitteringstar of SleetClan ©️ Birm

    this one is on a larger canvas so the quality is so much better like holy cannoli
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  2. Birmanista

    Birmanista Retired Retired

    !!! the hype was real, ive been so excited to see how this would turn out since last week and!!! very pleased!!! I love it!!!!! so many exclamation points!!!! :D
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  3. Mythic Gaming

    Mythic Gaming Recruit Staff Member Forum Moderator

    Aw man, how come I don't get my own propaganda?

    Edit: I do have my own propaganda
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