Nina's Update (In life at least xD) Also an idea for FL

Discussion in 'Forest of FallenLight' started by Shkyrka, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. Shkyrka

    Shkyrka Well-Known Member

    Remember that day when I said I was very upset and was 'cursed' for a week?
    Well Ha ha, I'm okay now.

    However I still feel that way, for my brother seems to want to torture me more and more everyday.

    I'll give you a few examples:
    1) Steals my Ipod >:I

    2) Gets me in trouble for NO apparent reason

    3) Makes my mom make new rules

    4) I can't play tennis anymore because he is such a sore loser


    >:I #BrothersAreHorrible

    I also wanted to say I had an idea for FL

    Maybe there could be a creative server for the most senior members on FL. The mods can specifically decide how long you have to have been a member, and then add permission to go on this new server! I don't know, it was just an idea. 

    Just something x3

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  2. NoMansLand

    NoMansLand Community Manager: Technical Services Staff Member Community Manager

    Ok? but lets look at it this way:

    1. Servers Cost Money.

    2. Servers Cost Money.

    3. Servers Cost Money.

    So what do we need? That's Right: Money.

    So we could give only Kitten's Creative, but then that breaks the heart of hundreds of people... who can't afford it.

    So then why not just open a creative server? Then that will take away the fun things about Premium (on Phoenix, it has a creative zone)

    So why create a free to play server (Creative) that will cost us more money and not make us any? (Granted we don't really want to make money we just want to be self sufficient...)

    See our issues?
  3. Shkyrka

    Shkyrka Well-Known Member

    Yeah I do.

    It was just an idea I thought about
  4. sammydog132

    sammydog132 Retired Retired

    Sounds good but.... I don't want to ever find Kris on the streets asking for money.

    Plus, it may end up like the -Removed- Creative Zone that was on the lobby.
  5. Cockatoo123

    Cockatoo123 FallenLight Senior InGame Manager Staff Member Senior In-Game Manager

    *imagines Kris in a hobo suit begging for money*


    Also I see why new creative zone would be a bad idea, like Kris said, MONEY. Kris, all of a sudden you sound like Mr.Krabs.
  6. LeAshleigh

    LeAshleigh Retired Retired

    Hah. I can't picture Kris as a hobo... I just can't. I like the idea, but Money is a problem
  7. chatterbox888

    chatterbox888 Retired

    Great Idea! But, Kris is right xD. Money Money, and more Money. x3 But, if you could ever do it, that would be great! <3 :D

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