Discussion in 'Nostalgia' started by Slushy, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. Slushy

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    Ahhhh! This game was made in 2006, it's pretty old, but tons of people still love it such as me! It's been out for 11 years! But it's still a fun game to me!

    Please note: I know it still has many members, but it's an old game, just because it has members doesn't mean it's not old, it's been out for 11 years, that's a long time for a game to be out.
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  2. Reeselizz

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    I've actually never played Roblox, but I have used the phrase, "oof" many times! :p
  3. Hannahmudkip28

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    I remember playing roblox when i was really little, it was my favorite thing!

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