Saddest Anime Character Deaths

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    Animes bring people to tears, and that's not uncommon for a show that you're so dearly attached to to do. Sometimes it's the situation a character or group of characters is in while other times it's even the music or the art that just moves you completely. Of course, being sad doesn't mean you'll always cry, but the two definitely go hand in hand.

    This thread is about the saddest anime character deaths you've every seen. Personally, the saddest deaths I've ever watched in an anime were from Clannad; After Story and Assassination Classroom. (SPOILERS!) When Nagisa (from Clannad) died, I was so sad for a pretty long time. Clannad was the first anime I ever watched, so I was in love with the characters, soundtrack, and art for a while. Many months later, I was sobbing when Koro-Sensei died at the end of Assassination Classroom. He was such a funny and lovable character that helped set the anime apart from anything else out there. Now, the two animes are both some of my favorites of all time.

    What do you think were the saddest anime character deaths you've ever seen? Leave a comment below :p If it's a spoiler, it would be greatly appreciated if you marked it! Thanks :D

    * Just as a forewarning! If you describe the deaths of the character(s), keep any over-the-top gory details to yourself. It's against the forum rules, and it can be disturbing to some audiences. If you're unsure whether something it too gory or not, it quite possibly could be. It's better to be on the safe side and not include it in your comment. Thanks! *
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    Usually I'm pretty immune to the feels when it comes to anime death, but there has been a few times when I felt pretty down. (spoilers probably)

    First time was probably when I watched Corpse Party and Seiko died. Technically I watched the gameplay before the anime so I dont know if this counts, but I felt the pain cause Seiko was my favourite character and was really lively.

    If you consider RWBY an anime, then Penny and Pyrrha's deaths hurt too, especially seeing how it affected the other characters.

    I also don't know if this counts, it's not on screen and technically isn't even mentioned in the anime/manga/game, but Nico from Love Live mentions that her dad died when she was young in an extra written thing and he was her inspiration so I???? I'm really attached to her character despite all the Nico jokes I'll make so I guess that hurt a lot, even if it was a brief mention.
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    Definitely agreed with. Those two deaths made me cry, especially Pyrrha. She was my favorite character, smh. (also you could say Penny wasn't combat ready for that match)

    Anyways, the saddest death I ever watched in an anime was [Big ol spoilers for the end of season 1] the inner senshi in Sailor Moon. Like yes, I know, they all came back to life, but still. They all died in such a meaningful, sacrificial, and sad way. I think around the time when Jupiter died I went full on sobbing, and I couldn't be consoled for the next 2 hours. I'm literally not kidding. This happened. And I don't usually cry because of books or tv shows (haha exception @ scrubs that made me cry like 650 times).
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    if weiss is confirmed to have died from her puncture wound (there's only like a 0.01% chance they'd pull that) then that's the one death that will haunt me until i die
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    Out of all the ones I've ever seen, I've never actually seen a character die for longer than two minutes. So like, there's that

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