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    The RP thread has been pretty inactive so far, so I'm going to try to restart it with a new rp! (Note: The below is basically just worldbuilding for the rp and you don't necessarily have to read it all, you can skip straight to the rules and sign-up)

    This rp will take place in a world called Solnaire, a post-apocalyptic land completely covered in sand, practically being a giant desert. In this world, there are only a few bodies of water and farm-able land, which are highly sought out. As well as those, under the desert, there is a high amount of metals, minerals and other materials, so these mineable areas are desired too. Because the limited resources, humans fight with each other over these materials and have split into two distinct factions, the Sygnum and Stark factions. Humans and animals alike have both adapted to this world. Animals do not require much water to function and have adapted the ability to burrow under the ground, many going down in order to find small areas of water hidden underground. Humans have adapted a higher tolerance to heat, more physical resistance and superior strength. As well as these, 0.1% of humans have been able to use some sort of special ability, such as breathing fire or manipulating the air (This percentage does not mean there's a limit on how many people can rp characters with abilities, it's purely for scale). These powers are useful in both fighting humans and the few monsters that live in the desert. The desert does contain some "monsters", that are basically just large animals that prey on humans.

    There's basically 4 "rings" that seperates the land, A-Ring, B-Ring, C-Ring and D-Ring. A-Ring is the center of the world, B-Ring surrounds A-Ring, C-Ring surrounds the B-Ring and the D-Ring is anywhere outside of C-Ring. The characteristics of the land of the rings is as follows:

    A-Ring: The center of the ring has the largest known lake, and the surrounding land is all farmable and rich. There's no wild animals however, except for a few fish in the lake. Temperatures are very modest and cooling in comparison to the rest of the desert. The Sygnum have full control of this ring, controlling it's only city, Callux City.

    B-Ring: The area surrounding A-Ring, there's a good mixture of farmable land and mineable area, though most of it is still desert. A few animals live here, and occasional monster attacks happen. Because the area has a good mixture of resources, the Sygnum and Stark fight over control of the ring. There are smaller towns dotted around the various small patches of water, but the ring also has two major cities, Belarius and Astorthia. Belarius is under Sygnum control and Astorthia is under Stark control. Temperatures here are pretty hot, with the exception of Belarius, which is strangely cold.

    C-Ring: The ring surrounding the B-Ring, while it has practically no farming land, underground, it is rich with material. Small towns surrounding mines dot around the ring, though many are pretty rundown. The one large lake in the C-Ring is the base for it's one major city, Snapwolf City. The Stark have full control of this area. Wild animals are very common here, so they end up being a huge part of people's diets. Monsters also appear once in a while, more frequent than in the B-Ring.

    The D-Ring is outside the rings and is barren and scorching hot, also being home to many monsters. People who try to venture out of the D-Ring usually end up dying within a few days or weeks, no matter their strength. Sandstorms appear frequently and there is no known spots for water.

    The Sygnum

    The Sygnum are a strict faction who believe in complete order. Their goal is to seize control of all the rings and carefully guide advancements in civilization. However, they tend to be too extreme in their methods and would probably exile people to the D-Ring for littering in a lake. The Sygnum usually divide themselves into patrols, which are just groups of members with one assigned leader. Members tend to reflect their groups' ideals and act proper and polite, with the occasional exceptions. Their associated colour is blue and their symbol is a raven. The Sygnum have a hierarchy for it's members, which is as follows:

    Chief - The head of the Sygnum, they have the final say on all decisions. Limited to one person.

    Lieutenant - Second to the chief, they sometimes command their own patrols. No specific limit but not everyone can be a lieutenant. If the Chief retires, the Chief will elect their replacement from the Lieutenants. If the Chief dies however, the lieutenants have to elect one of their own to position.

    Officer - Regular trained members of the Sygnum. No limit on numbers.

    The Sygnum have a school for training new recruits, starting typically from age 12 to 15.

    Sygnum members are required to have their emblem somewhere on their clothing (most just wear a pin), but other than that, there's no official uniform.

    The Stark

    The Stark are a looser sort of faction who think everything should just be left as is. They just want to get rid of the Sygnum and have all resources available for all without control. A lot of them however, will raid towns and take their supplies (officially, the leader opposes this). Their associated colour is red and their symbol is a vulture. Like the Sygnum, they also form patrols. Hierarchy with the Stark is less strict and more equal, but they do have a unique way of presenting how they think they rank. All Stark members have masks, which depict a certain animal, and they wear they during raids or battles. Originally used to protect their identities, they are now usually just worn as a tradition. The more detailed the mask design is, the stronger the wearer claims they are. The only proper position of power the Stark have is the High Commander (usually just referred to as commander), who will always have a vulture mask. Members who are a part of the high commander's personal patrol are also considered higher than their peers.
    Other than the masks, there is no official uniform. Regular members are just called Starks, though the term vultures are commonly used. The High Commander position is either earned by being assigned the successor to the position or challenging the High Commander to a fight to the death, or until one person gives up. If one person gives up, they are exiled to the D-Ring (basically a death sentence), or if they are lucky, will just be kicked out of the faction. New recruits go through a week of introduction before being put straight in a patrol, with the mentality that they will learn as they go.


    Technology in this world exists, though some things are different. For example, while they do have televisions and radios, they're very basic and can usually only tune into music or news. Cars do exist but the most common method of transportation is by sandmobile (a snow mobile basically but for sand), as they are more convenient. The most advanced technology in this rp will be the weapons. They can basically be whatever you want them to be, but please keep them from being overpowered (do not make them able to form a permanent force field or anything that would be way too unfair).


    1. All forum rules apply.
    2. Do not make your characters too OP (Please make sure they have some sort of flaw)
    3. You cannot kill another person's character without their permission
    4. Please keep the rp fair and don't do things like "Your sandmobile breaks down, flinging you 100 feet in the air"
    5. You cannot overthrow the high commander or chief without their permission.
    6. For simplicity, all Stark members will be in the same patrol as each other and all Sygnum members will be in the same patrol as each other
    7. You cannot start rping until I reply to your sign-up post and say you were approved.
    8. Please try to keep rps relatively long and try to avoid filler posts, it's good to keep the plot moving, or everything grows stale fast.
    Character Sign-Up Sheet:

    Please fill in the following information if you want to join:

    Character Name:





    Character Description:

    Character Power (if any) (please include at least one flaw about it):

    Backstory (Optional):

    Any other information:

    An example would be my character:

    Character Name: Lucilline Sterling (Asks to be referred by last name)




    High Commander

    Character Description:
    Sterling is a bit taller than average, standing at 5'8. She has long hair dyed pink, though her natural hair colour is blonde, and she wears them in two low twin tails tied with red ribbons. Occasionally she'll let her hair loose or wear her hair in a ponytail. Her eyes are noticeably ruby red. She has a small scar on her cheek. Physically, she has a strong build and is in shape, as she does fight often, as expected from someone in her position. Her normal outfit is a long tan tailcoat, with the red Stark symbol on the back. She wears black combat boots and pants. She wears a belt around her waist, with her mask dangling securely from her waist, her pistol and sword. Her mask is of a bearded vulture, but with black feathers instead of white. Like her faction, she's pretty carefree, and tends to make friends with people easily, as long as they're not Sygnum. She is a fierce fighter, however, and will usually not rely on her special abilities, instead using her own physical strength to fight. She will only use her summons if she happens to be fighting someone else with their own special abilities.

    Character Power (if any) (please include at least one flaw about it): Summoning. She is able to summon anything alive that she has defeated and control them. She cannot summon humans however. This power cannot enhance herself physically, and she has to rely on her own summons for protection. Depending on the strength of her summon, she may be unable to summon the same summon for a period of time (the least being a minute and the most being a week).

    Besides her summons, she utilizes a pistol and a sword.

    Backstory (Optional):
    Grew up in Callux City to a wealthy family and enlisted in the Sygnum recruitment program. Because of her special ability, she was valued highly, but in secret she grew to hate how formal and uniform the system was. Once she graduated, she insisted on being put on a patrol in the B-Ring, and escaped then. She then joined Stark, rising through the ranks until she was assigned the new High Commander heir. Recently, the former High Commander was killed, so she took his position.

    Any other information: No


    If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

    The position for Sygnum Chief is open, so whoever puts that as their rank first gets it.
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    I've come to aid in reviving the rp section of the forums!!!
    As well as make many references!!!
    Because I can do that!!!

    Character Name: Kourouna Mavros Skoteinos (Usually goes by Kouro, for short)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 29

    Faction: Sygnum

    Rank: Chief

    Character Description: Being a bit tall for a kid who grew up in family who averaged around 5'5, Kourouna is 6'0 and has dark black, somewhat long hair. Silvery-grey eyes, medium tan, and even though he looks like a twig he's pretty capable athletically. Even though he's the Chief, he dresses extremely casually. Wears worn down, navy blue jeans, leather sandals, and a long black overcoat with a raven symbol on the back in blue. Has a monster tooth necklace, with a large scar that traces across his chest from a monster attack when he was a little kid.
    Incredibly arrogant, hates having to hear/say something twice or more, and prefers to get things done quickly. Very ambitious and headstrong, and this ambition and stubbornness probably explains all of the rumors about him assassinating the previous Chief. Spends a lot of his free time listening to music on the radio, no matter the genre, and hates watching the news, since he experiences 90% of the news that's shown. Pretty good in fighting, and despite his upbringing in the strict militant program Sygnum has, he's incredibly carefree and disregards a majority of the rules in the program while he's fighting, and prefers to fight his own way.

    Character Power (if any) (please include at least one flaw about it): Mirages. He's able to create illusions, or what he calls "mirages". Small objects, such as weapons, are easier to create "mirages" for, as well as mist and fog, but for people or bigger it's harder for him to make, and takes a lot of his brainpower and concentration to do so, eventually giving him a major headache later in the day. He usually doesn't use this "mirage" ability in battle, but when he does he only uses it for smaller objects, or to give an illusion of a fake attack, such as the illusion of throwing one of his knives when in reality he isn't, or to conceal his location by the fake fog. He uses this a lot outside of fights too, for party tricks and such to impress others.

    Mainly throwing knifes, if in a rough fight or close quarters he has a spear that can be used instead that can separate into 2 smaller spears.

    Backstory (Optional): Kourouna was born in Belarius and lived there for a good amount of his life in the cold, up until he joined the recruitment program and moved to Callux City, working diligently to do as well as he could in the school. After he graduated, he worked as an officer for several years, until he was 26, and was promoted to Lieutenant. He set his eyes on gaining as much power as he could, thus he eventually made his way up to Chief, through allegedly less than respectable means, but he assures the public that he worked hard to get to this point, despite of what the media says about him.

    Any other information: Nope, other than references have been made. A lot. Oops.
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    accepted woo you may start
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    (heck im late but)
    Kourouna sat at his desk, doing paperwork. He was almost done, thankfully, and he wanted to finish all of the paperwork before going off on a patrol of the Sygnum controlled areas of the rings. He hated paperwork though, so the sooner he got it done the less he could get aggravated over it. The instant he finished he threw his pen down in triumph and strolled right out of the room, grabbing his throwing knives and spear.
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    Sterling strolled down the run-down gravel path marking the main street of a small town, mask hidden by her coat. This town was designated as neutral, so she didn't feel any immediate danger, but it did border Sygnum territory. She had gone out for a small trip away from her regular patrol for a bit, and hopefully no one would recognize her while she was there.
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    Character Name: Yoshika Kitahani

    Gender: Female

    Age: 20

    Faction: Stark

    Rank: Just your normal everyday Stark.

    Character Description: Yoshika is quite short, with a stocky build thats good for hand-to-hand combat. Reaching up to about 5'1, she takes any insults about her height personally. Her jet black hair is shorter up in the front and highlighted with navy while behind its raggedy and ends unevenly at about the bottom of her back with purple highlights. A stark contrast to her dark hair, Yoshika's eyes are a light grayish-white. From the pupil, a dark blue spreads out in a almost umbre/tie-dye effect. (This is because of her power.) She is decently tan, with a sharp, defined jawline. Usually found wearing baggy clothes with a lot of pockets to store or hide things. Tall, stiff leather boots that come up to about the knee to keep out sand.
    Pretty care-free and joking, but sly and serious when fight monsters or others. She has no visible scars, and has a sort of intimidating aura. Though this quickly vanishes in the presence of close friends. Snappy and prefers to face fears head-on and will rush into battle without hesitation. Yoshika doesn't strive to be in a higher position than others, just staying in the shadows and protecting.

    Character Power (if any): Sort of like an Eye-of-Horus type thing. This is the cause of her strangely colored eyes. It allows her to anticipate her opponent's next move, making her an exceptional fighter. But, sadly, with humans being so developed, Yoshika's power is hazy and doesn't work against them. Though using her power in battle is tiring and she usually has to rest after, even it was just fighting the easiest of monsters. Yoshika can't really control what she wants to see. Very rarely will she get glimpses of the near future (ranging from within the next few minutes to the next day). This gives her a throbbing headache and causes her a lot of pain. She can't fight for a few hours after these events. With so many consequences, she usually only calls on this power during a fight, or when she really needs it.

    Weapons: Mainly two long, curved swords. These are her choosen weapons in battle, as Yoshika prfers hand-to-hand combat. As a last resort, strapped across her back is a gray, straight bow and quiver.

    Backstory (optional): Eh, not much. She probably grew up among the Stark, used to their ways and the hardships of this barren world.

    Any other information: None. But, at this point, she's practically an Egyptian what the hec k.
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    accepted you can start rping
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    Yoshika was leaning against the wall of an old, crumbling building, sipping gritty water out of a small tin cup. She slid down to the uncomfortable, uneven ground and set her curved knives down beside her. Looking out toward the busy street area, she felt a pang of sadness. She wanted to belong, join everyone else of her faction. Being extremely self depriving, she always reminded herself of her lowly status. Yoshika tilted her head back onto the wall, half closing her eyes to rest. She lay the now empty cup next the her knives, and, against her wishes, slid off into a light, disturbed sleep.

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