What is your most favorite item?

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  1. Trem

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    This item can be of sentimental value or you could just like the way it looks/functions. It can be clothing, a card, money, or even your computer. Hey, for all I know, it could be your hairspray!

    My favorite item is my sculpting clay bucket. It holds all of my clay when I don't need it. It just all goes into a pile and sits there with a cover over it until I want to sculpt anything else. It carries a sentimental value; I think it'd be amazing to go into the world of sculpture. I love art.

    Now, what's your favorite item? Feel free to say.
  2. Hannahmudkip28

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    My big cat plush because i don't have a real cat, only a possible lizard.
  3. Peyton c:

    Peyton c: Retired Retired

    I have a stuffed frog named Prince Froggie that I got as a souvenir in Italy many years ago (I was like six or seven?). I know it seems a bit childish, but I like to have him on my bed when I sleep, and I don't take him on vacations for fear of forgetting him (Which I did once at a camp and it was a tragic, at least for me, experience; Fortunately the owners of the camp were able to mail him back to me). If I feel sad while watching anime or reading manga, I hug him for support. Kinda weird since I'm 15, but I don't really mind. He's special to me either way.

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