What is your weirdest talent?

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  1. flamingsalmon

    flamingsalmon Community News Forum Moderator Staff Member Forum Moderator

    What would you say is your weirdest talent? Personally for me, I would have to say making mildly okay stop motions. By no means would I take it on as what I want to do for my life but, it is definitely an odd thing to do.
  2. Birmanista

    Birmanista Forum Moderator Staff Member Forum Moderator

    I'm screaming, I was about to post something like this a couple days ago but scrapped it for some odd reason.

    Anyways, probably the weirdest talent I have is like, I have no idea. When I was younger I was somehow able to tell the difference between 2 different motorcycle brands. I still can kind of do that today too.

    Drawing with a computer mouse probably also works as a talent. And being able to cook anything perfectly 1st try.
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  3. Trem

    Trem Forum & In-Game Moderator Staff Member In-Game Moderator

    Great question, Rai!

    Honestly, I'm not sure if I have any... Might as well give this a shot. If you count me tying a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue, count me out. However, I can take down notes very quickly that it's almost inhuman; I didn't even realize this before, but once when I was finished with four pages of notes, my class was still on the first page. I don't even read ahead, so it's strange. I guess the information just flies out onto the page. All of my notes are in full sentences and I use Cornell notes.

    And hey, if you need anyone to rewrite your notes quickly or if you want any in-depth notes, I'm your guy.
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  4. Coco_The_One_And_Only

    Coco_The_One_And_Only Well-Known Member

    I can sort of move my shoulder blades up and down?? Its a little hard to explain, I can push them up to where the bone is sticking out. I know this sounds gross, but its not that bad :p
  5. Peyton c:

    Peyton c: Retired Retired

    I can pogo-stick really well. I haven't owned a pogo-stick in a few years, but when I did have mine, I was really good at it. I could do like amateur tricks that I thought were pretty cool for a ten year old. I've been on ones at gym class more recently, but I wasn't about to trust those ones enough to do tricks.
  6. Reeselizz

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    I haven't told anybody this except for Winn and Trem, and of course Peyton knows... But I can literally walk, trot, canter, and jump like a horse... We (as in my family and I) always joke around and say I'm actually part horse, but then my brother always gets triggered and yells at me. Anyways, I'm on my hands and feet and I just literally jump over pillows or something... It's seriously so fun though omg xD It's really embarrassing though xD

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