Which Season is the Best?

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Which Season is the best?

  1. Winter

  2. Spring

  3. Summer

  4. Fall

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  1. flamingsalmon

    flamingsalmon Fallen Light Ingame Moderator Staff Member Forum Moderator In-Game Moderator

    Some people like cold weather, some people like it hot. Which season out of the four do you prefer?
  2. Birmanista

    Birmanista Retired Retired

    While summer is nice and all, I prefer spring. It doesn't have the gradual chill that fall has or the constant gross winter weather that RI has. It's always mild temperatures here, and there are flowers. Usually, in peak bloom on a nice day, I just go outside and sit under the cherry blossom tree in my front yard and just kind of spend alone time there. It's very peaceful, and very beautiful too.

    Also, the reason why I prefer spring over summer is that it doesn't have gross humidity that summer always has, also the flowers too. Summer doesn't have too many flowers.
  3. BryIsntHere

    BryIsntHere Toxic Senior InGame Moderator Staff Member Senior In-Game Manager

    Winter is a close second to Summer for me. I love being able to cuddle up by the fire and do all the cliche winter stuff, but summer tkes the cake just because of the fact that for now we get a break from school. I feel like summer is the one season where I can actually be myself and develop myself as a person whereas during the other seasons I'm in school and bogged down with everything possible. Also I don't freaking get sick during the summer xD
  4. Trem

    Trem Forum & In-Game Moderator Staff Member In-Game Moderator

    I like spring and that is for two simple reasons:
    My birthday is in spring and I like the new warmth that comes from being in between what's the coldest season and the hottest season here in Maryland.
  5. Reeselizz

    Reeselizz Corvus Ingame Moderator Staff Member Forum Moderator In-Game Moderator

    I love the fall not just because my birthday, but because it's usually not too hot, or too cold. The leaves begin to fall and the air smells super fresh and nice! I also like the Summer because it's warm, no need for a coat, you can swim, and then there's Summer Break.
  6. Hannahmudkip28

    Hannahmudkip28 Console Games Forum Moderator Staff Member Forum Moderator

    Summer is way too hot, winter makes my skin dry and itchy and it makes me tired a lot for some reason, spring is okay accept for bugs, bugs suck, so thats why fall is the best, plus pretty leaves as a bonus.
  7. Hilow Peoples!

    Hilow Peoples! Well-Known Member

    I like fall just because I don't have to be confused on what is going to happen. In winter you could slip and fall on a random patch of black ice even though it didn't rain or snow recently, in summer half of the time you're just trying to survive from heat stroke, and in spring it's either too cold and wet out, or it's too warm and humid.

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