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Staff Details
Position: Community Manager
Joined Staff: Creation of MyFallen
Server(s): All Servers, All Servers are created Equal!
Age: Old enough to have attitude, young enough to get away with it.... so 28
Location: Perth, Australia, Oceania, Earth, Milky Way, Galaxy
Favourite Quote: #BlameJeho

Kris 'NoMansLand' Clinton or Kris 'The Absolute Perfect Human Being in Existence.', Direct quote from Jehosophat_MFGC and Queen_of_Scots on several occassions, even though they'll deny it.. is 100% true, why would I lie on my Wiki profile?


Kris is the lead developer of MySupport and is head of MyFallen's Technical Services department, which means he fixes things when they break, before they break, or causes them to break... You know it's all in a days work.


Staff Quotes
The MyFallen Staff will always state this about Kris, these are direct quotes.


"Kris is the best boss in the world, I love him. He's funny, kind, polite and an absolute gentleman, 11/10 would recommend" - ItsBree, FallenLight & Phoenix In-Game Moderator


"I cannot believe I know someone as amazing as Kris, He's amazing. Just amazing." - Jehosophat_MFGC, Community Manager


"Who's this 'Kris' you're talking about? I just know Le Legend." - Queen_of_Scots, Community Manager


"Saying something nice about Kris will cause me to burn up in flames. But he is amaz-*bursts into flames.*" - Halliburton5, Ex-Phoenix Senior In-Game Manager.


"Hunny, go away. Leave me alone." - Kris' pregnant wife, at 2:00 in the morning. -- Editors Note: How dare I forget she's not a morning person... Also, I had to clean this up...


"Perfection" - AllanLionChild, Wiki Manager


"Greatest person in the whole world... I cannot believe how great this person is." - SmokeyTheHorse, PC & Console Games Forum Moderator


"this is the best thing I've read today" - Trem / Random Staff Member