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Please join us in welcoming @Reeselizz back to the staff!
Thank you to @JustKrispy for her time on staff. You will be missed. May your future be bright!
Please join me in welcoming @UnMuteYaBoy to the staff!!!! Be kind to him for the first week at least. :p
Please join me in saying farewell to @ThatOneDolphin. She will be missed and we thank her for her service to MFGC.
Please welcome @Mythic Gaming to the MFGC staff as our newest forum mod!!!!
It's Old home Days around here! Please join me in welcoming @Birmanista back to the team!!!!
Hello everybody, we are excited to announce a new 5th clan to our server, SleetClan.

Originally our public pack, The Pack of Falling Sleet, after this month's gathering, the pack has now become a clan.
SleetClan is completely open to the public for roleplaying, like DriftClan, MeadowClan and EclipseClan, so don't hesitate to start exploring. Currently, the clan still resides in their pack camp, but will be moving to a proper clan camp shortly, so stay tuned. More information about clan traits can be found in spawn, but we will be updating the board quite a bit as the clan grows. Special thanks to SmokeyTheHorse, who originally suggested a new clan, as well as everyone who helped build and/or plan our new clan. I hope everyone has a blast roleplaying, and thank you all for your continued support with this server.

Thank you,

TsundereCockatoo (Cockatoo123)
Please join us in welcoming @Sparta (LiluTheCat) aka Alvie back to the team! He is returning as a forum moderator!
We are sad to say we are closing Toxic and Nations for the time being. We want to focus on Phoenix, Forest of Fallen Light, and Corvus. We feel we are spread too thin and want to do a better job of making these servers the best they can be. We may open Toxic, Nations, and/or Mercury sometime in the future, but for now, they are closed. Thank you for understanding and for your continued support of MFGC.
Please join us in welcoming @Superstitious-MM-Smokey back to the MFGC Forum Mod team!