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This was originally posted on the old blog by Owen on April 30, 2012.


Your friendly forum mod/In-game moderator, Owen, also writes on occasion, and he has been nice enough to share it with us! It’s a minecraft story centered around a character named Steve, and how he intends on taking down the Enderdragon. Owen started it and thought that it wasn’t so great and he just wanted to erase it all and start over, but we made a deal with him that if enough people like it he will have to continue writing. So come on guys! Let’s make Owen write some more!

The following is a work of fiction, a parody of Minecraft. I do not own any Minecraft characters, or the names in here, however I do own the writing, and any distribution of it without my (Owen) permission is prohibited.

Chapter 1

As Steve stared at his parent’s netherrack grave he felt sorrow wash over him. Even though... Read More...
This was originally posted to the blog by Jehosophat on April 21, 2012.

MyFallen Minecraft POTD 7


This amazing art was created by pinkpony and her merry band of helpers: smitty, Brandon #1, owen, and Kassie. Come see it for yourself. Once on the server type /warp MF_Eagle.


Here is the proud designer on the viewing platform in front of her latest creation. Read More...
This was originally posted to the old blog by Jehosophat on April 20, 2012. This was soooo much work and sooo much fun!


Minecraft Egg Hunt

MFGC is sponsoring its first ever Minecraft Egg Hunt. Your dedicated staff has been busy setting out hundreds of chests. We have placed one spawn egg in almost every chest. There are a few empty ones just for kicks. On Friday, April 20, at 7 PM EST (-5 GMT) we will begin the egg hunt.

This is HUGE! So be sure you read carefully.

This is a very special egg hunt. Inside one of the chests is a very special spawn egg, the golden egg: a blaze egg. There is only one of these in all the chests. The member who finds this golden egg will win ONE WEEK OF PREMIUM!!!!!! Told you it was very special!


Also, there will be some special secret prizes, so no one... Read More...
This was originally posted on the blog by NoMansLand on April 10, 2012.


Hello our lovely Community Members:

We are looking at changing some things in XtremeWorld to make it a bit more fun, and we want your vote.

What we are looking at doing is a complete re-work.

Whats on the Table?

-> City’s (Faction Built)

-> No PVP in City’s

-> Capture City’s via Capture The Flag

——> If you win and the person does not comply, you can destroy the city (If they comply to your policies, then you can’t, Please use the forum for your policies) E.G:

TCBA and MLPA fight in the CTF Arena, TCBA win. MLPA Will follow the policy of TCBA, be this Protection Money, Full Allegiance or Boot everyone out and take over the whole city.

-> You can always decline a battle.

-> One Ingame Mod / SIGM / CM per Alliance to ensure No issues.

-> Each Town / City can specialize in one thing e.g:

Mining,...
This was originally posted on the old blog by Jeohosophat on April 8, 2012. I miss her and her pixel art. I wish more people did pixel art as our gallery needs some more awesome builds in it.

Happy Easter from MFGC!

One of our members, pinkpony aka Dusk, made this lovely chick coming out of an Easter egg. It only took her about 30 minutes. She was helped by Owen, who collected most of the wool for her while she worked. Impressive work!

Do you have skills? Let me know and we will show them off.



Dusk with her pixel art.

[​IMG]
This was originally posted on the old blog by NoMansLand on April 2, 2012.


Have you heard of CaptainSparkles? No? Then what are you doing!!

CaptainSparkles & TryHardNinja are awesome!

Check out more of their videos!


Kris.
This was originally posted to our blog by Queen of Scots on April 2, 2012. We love it when we see members showing their love for MFGC!


Now that’s dedication to the server!!!
This was originally posted to the blog by Jehosophat on April 1, 2012. Yes, Phoenix originally started out as a whitelist server that people could rent. I bet most of you didn't know that.


Have you ever wanted to have your own Minecraft server? Are there times when you have wished for creative. Want to soar through the sky like an eagle? Ever wanted to smite someone?

Now you can! MFGC is proud to present our newest Minecraft server, Phoenix. Phoenix can be rented for $10 US per month. It has 15 slots. If you rent it, you are made an admin for Phoenix, just like Kris, Queen, and Jeho! You decide who gets to play as well. Phoenix is a whitelist server, so you can have a semi-private place for you and your friends to play without a ton of noobs around.

Phoenix Minecraft Server Details:
  • $10 US per month
  • All the same plugins as MyFallen Minecraft server
  • Whitelist
  • You are...
This was originally posted on the blog by NoMansLand on April 1, 2012.


That is right. The Dynamic Map is back! Kris has worked hard on it and now has it working again.

Check it out here. We have also added a new plugin that will allow you to see your homes & other people’s homes! Even our warps!

If you find out that the embedded Dynmap is too small, there is also a link to make it bigger.

Also we are on Tapatalk as well! Thanks to mbbGun for recommending it to us! Read More...
This was originally posted on our blog by NoMansLand on March 31, 2012. We ultimately decided this game didn't fit with our mission statement and discontinued hosting it.


That’s right! Here at MyFallen we love games! Especially Post Apocalyptic Horror’s! Even though this isn’t Post Apocalyptic.. it’s still awesome!

Server Details:

Killing Floor

Address: killingfloor.myfallen.net


Port: 7707

Available Slots: 6 (Max.)

Mumble Server

Address: mumble.killingfloor.myfallen.net


Port: 64768

Available Slots: 10

Location of both servers are in Georgia, USA. This is a 3 Month Trial, if the server is not used by 31/06/2012 it will be discontinued.

You can also talk to us about it on our forums! Read More...