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This was originally posted on the blog by NoMansLand on January 29, 2012. Xtreme was really fun for a while but it lost its magic. :( RIP Xtreme.


Please read below about a new plugin for XtremeWorld

We have installed a new plugin called Factions.

This plugin effects all worlds but will only be setup for XtremeWorld, so permissions will only be setup for this world.



Factions: /f create (faction name)

Joining Factions: /f join (faction name)

More Commands: /f help

Important Information:

Factions have been limited down to 8 members per Faction! Currently The Care Bears Alliance is over this limit. It will be discussed on who will be removed.

Stay Tuned for more updates!
This was originally posted the our blog by NoMansLand on January 19, 2012. Thankfully these bills were defeated.

Hello MyFallen Gamers,

As many of you know, the end of the internet is on the way. It’s called SOPA & PIPA; this is wanted not by users of the internet, but recording companies. They find the internet to be a big dark, evil thing. They are making money from iTunes, Amazon, Windows Market Place, but because the internet is free they have no control.

Thus SOPA & PIPA are wanted by these companies.

Did you know most the congressmen who want SOPA & PIPA passed don’t understand how the internet works!

Did you know MyFallen could be taken down too, because of something a member posted. Our server’s are hosted in America, one in Chicago and one in Texas.

But it won’t just be MyFallen. If you use Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google or even Flickr, they (The American Government) can remove this website from the web. What’s to stop an innocent site... Read More...
Originally posted on the blog by Jehosophat on January 17, 2012. JimmyG made is epic!

[​IMG]
This was originally posted on the blog by Jehosophat on January 16, 2012. Our Premium membership on Phoenix no longer contains either of these features, but it does have a ton of other cool perks! Let us know what you would like to see included in our premium packages.

If you are a premium member on MyFallen Minecraft, or if you have been thinking about joining the Premium Membership, then keep reading. We have some sweet new features for Premium members!

First we have a new plugin that is only available to Premium members.

For full details on the commands you can use and other useful info, click here.

We mods have been playing around….errrr, testing it out….and it is a ton of fun and gives you a new way to move around the map and not have to set as many homes.

Second, and this is the big one, we have... Read More...
This was originally posted on our blog by Jehosophat on January 7, 2012.

Please join us in welcoming LadyNyx42 to the MyFallen Team! She was hired today as our new forum moderator. Be sure to drop her a message on the forum congratulating her.

Lady has a great deal of experience working on other forums and chats. She loves MyFallen and is active in our community. She has all of the qualities we were looking for in a new team member and we are excited to have her.

Welcome to the team. LadyNyx42!
This was originally posted to the blog by NoMansLand on January 7, 2012. We still use McMMO on Phoenix. We no longer use DeathTPPlus as it is no longer maintained by the developer. Let us know what new plugins you would like to see on our servers.


Kris has been naughty again and has been playing with plugins, So what are these changes?

Are they going to be good for us?

Simply Read More:

Plugin #1 – McMMO:

What Does it do?

McMMO allows minecraft to have a Role Playing Game feel to it by giving people Skill points, You can get points in:

* Mining
* Wood Cutting
* Herbalism (Farming)
* Excavation (Digging)

* Unarmed
* Archery
* Swords
* Axes
* Taming


* Repair
* Acrobatics

When you get to a certain level you can perform skills, You are also able to Create Party’s and join them to have private chats *WARNING: Admins can still see what you type through the... Read More...
This was originally posted on the blog by Jehosophat on January 3, 2012. We no longer handle applications this way. If you are interested in joining our staff please go here.

MyFallen Gaming Community is growing! As we grow, we will need to add staff to keep things running successfully. We have just opened up the Staff Application section of the forum and are currently looking for one forum mod. The details on how to apply to be a forum mod can be found here. Please read through it carefully and only apply if you qualify.

Best of luck to you.
Please join us in welcoming @Artemis to the MFGC Forum Staff!!!! Read More...
This was originally posted to our blog by Jehosophat on December 30, 2011. We had so much fun doing this contest!


On December 23, 2011, we had out first ever building contest on our Minecraft server. We had 5 people sign up for the contest, but only two showed up to participate. We know this time of year is hectic for everyone, and we hope to see more people participate future contests. It was good news for the two participants though, as it guaranteed both would walk away with prizes. We were pleased that both Inces_Velus and msohns were not happy with mere winning, but both gave a full effort on the competition.

The rules were simple. Build an igloo in 45 minutes using only the materials we provided. Those materials were one large chest... Read More...
This was originally posted on our blog by Jehosophat on December 26, 2011. This was the beginning of the annual tradition of Naked Santa! You better be good little members this year!


Top Secret: MyFallen Minecraft Files

Release date: December 25, 2011

Subject: Shocking Santa Sighting

Reason: Hidden camera exposes Santa!

Proof: Screenshots of Santa's visit to MyFallen
After enjoying the festivities of this blessed Christmas day, I returned to check on Myfallen and view the tapes from various hidden camera around MyFallen City. I knew that all the good little boys and girls of MyFallen would be visited by Santa and I was hoping to catch a glimpse of the jolly old man on camera.

I was utterly shocked at what I discovered. I think it best to let the images speak for themselves.

Is that coal in his hand?

After getting my bearings I...