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This was originally posted to the blog by NoMansLand on March 4, 2012. Though we will miss the blog, we know it is much better having all of the content right here in one place.


With a massive change to our forums, we have changed the theme for our blog too. What do you think? I’m not going to go into every detail; this is just a little update saying, “You’re not going crazy. We did update a few things!”


Kris.
This was originally posted to our old blog by NoMansLand on February 22, 2012. We offer a wide variety of packages and perks in our store.


Always wanted to try Premium? Well for only $1 AUD you can get Premium for a Day, Try it out, Play in PremiaPlay, Teleport to users, Change the time, Fix Water and Dozens More commands, That are Exclusive to Premium Members!

Remember there are cheaper option’s available like 15 Days for $5 AUD. You will save over $10 every 15 Days or get a Full 30 Days for just $10! Please Buy before prices rise!



Community Manager
Please join us in welcoming @Le Amazing Ocelot to the team as our newest Forum Moderator!! Read More...
This was originally posted to our blog by Jehosophat on February 21, 2012. These were really fun times!


Top Secret: MyFallen Minecraft Files

Release date: February 20, 2012

Subject: Kris's Antics

Reason: Even CMs can have some fun.

Proof: Screenshots of Silliness & Witness Testimony
When you think of the term “Community Manager” what comes to mind?


As you know MFGC has three Community Managers (CM): NoMansLand_MFGC aka Kris, Queen_of_Scots aka Queen, and me, Jehosophat_MFGC aka Jeho. We three do a ton of things behind the scenes to run MFGC and we are constantly working to make it better for you.


The past week or so things have not been as smooth as usual. We determined we needed to switch the plugin we use for the backend of our Minecraft server and there have been... Read More...
This was originally posted on the blog by Jehosophat on February 19, 2012. They still do these bundles and I recommend them as a great way to get some games and support important causes.

Mojang and friends are creating three new games in the span of one weekend (60 hours) and are streaming it LIVE! But even better? They are doing it for charity and you can help!

From the site:

Watch live, as Mojang and friends create games from scratch in the span of a weekend! Pay what you want to get the games, and all proceeds go to your choice of four excellent charities!

The four charities are:





Click on any of the logos to be directed to the official site... Read More...
This was originally posted on our blog by NoMansLand on February 13, 2012. We are so thankful to have Kris looking after all our technical details!


This has been completed. on 16/02/2012 at 7:35pm


Please know that we have planned down time for about 2 – 3 hours on Saturday 18/02/2012, We will try to do it when you are all asleep, but we are changing from our current back end software, that has been causing too many issues.

Our current back end software is meant to be able to run our server but it has started to fail, we are moving to something a little less resource intensive.

No Map data should be lost and everything we can do to ensure it doesn’t happen will be done. Just for your peace of mind we are:

1.) Saving & Backing up the map.

2.) Transferring off the current server.

3.) Transferring to another Server to ensure more than one backup is taken.

4.) Plugins &...
This was originally posted on our blog by NoMansLand on February 6, 2012.


Hello Gamers,

Please Read below for important changes.

Important Changes that effect XtremeWorld:

1.) As of 13/02/2012 Factions will no longer be deemed as Peaceful. As this is unfair to o

ther factions who have not declared peace. for example one alliance has attacked & destroyed one factions area, whilst the attacker was in a tribe of peace, the atackee was unable to retaliate.

2.) Dynmap Factions plugin has now been disabled. It was showing incorrect area’s claimed. Please use: /f map for an ASCII map.

3.) New Spawn house & City, this includes a Trading area for tribes to trade. it is a safe area.

4.) Accusing staff of cheating in XtremeWorld will only be tolerated via support ticket, if you believe a staff member is cheating please submit a ticket at http://support.myfallen.net we have 3... Read More...
This was originally posted on the blog by NoMansLand on January 29, 2012. Xtreme was really fun for a while but it lost its magic. :( RIP Xtreme.


Please read below about a new plugin for XtremeWorld

We have installed a new plugin called Factions.

This plugin effects all worlds but will only be setup for XtremeWorld, so permissions will only be setup for this world.



Factions: /f create (faction name)

Joining Factions: /f join (faction name)

More Commands: /f help

Important Information:

Factions have been limited down to 8 members per Faction! Currently The Care Bears Alliance is over this limit. It will be discussed on who will be removed.

Stay Tuned for more updates!
This was originally posted the our blog by NoMansLand on January 19, 2012. Thankfully these bills were defeated.

Hello MyFallen Gamers,

As many of you know, the end of the internet is on the way. It’s called SOPA & PIPA; this is wanted not by users of the internet, but recording companies. They find the internet to be a big dark, evil thing. They are making money from iTunes, Amazon, Windows Market Place, but because the internet is free they have no control.

Thus SOPA & PIPA are wanted by these companies.

Did you know most the congressmen who want SOPA & PIPA passed don’t understand how the internet works!

Did you know MyFallen could be taken down too, because of something a member posted. Our server’s are hosted in America, one in Chicago and one in Texas.

But it won’t just be MyFallen. If you use Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google or even Flickr, they (The American Government) can remove this website from the web. What’s to stop an innocent site... Read More...
Originally posted on the blog by Jehosophat on January 17, 2012. JimmyG made is epic!

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