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This was originally posted on our blog by NoMansLand on December 25, 2011. Our first Christmas!!!


On behalf of the MyFallen Staff we would like to wish all of our gamers a safe and Merry Christmas. Please also have a safe and happy New Years as we want to see you all come back to us in the new year!


So on behalf of NoMansLand_MFGC, Jehosophat_MFGC, Queen_of_Scots, xAlwaysxBoredx, smitty_wits, JimmyG_2053, Ampatriot, Jurasu, and Nervonius, we would like you all to have a fun Christmas, because it’s the happy season; why not share some stories?

Merry Christmas!

Kris ‘NoMansLand_MFGC’
Please join us in congratulating Bry on being promoted to Senior InGame Manager of Toxic! If you have any suggestions to improve Toxic, send @BryIsDank a PM.

[​IMG]
Originally posted on our blog by Jehosophat on December 13, 2011. The day we finally left Beta behind!


That’s right kids. Bukkit is finally ready and we have updated to Minecraft 1.0! WOO HOO!!!! So if you have been unable to get on because you updated early, now is your chance to reconnect with us and all your MyFallen peeps!

If you are new to our server, WELCOME to MyFallen! We are glad to have you and hope you spread the word.

Get Blocky!

~ Jeho
This was originally posted on the blog by Jehosophat on December 13, 2011.


Top Secret: MyFallen Minecraft Files

Release date: December 12, 2011

Subject: Moderator Mistaken Identity

Reason: Rumors are dangerous and the truth is out there.

Proof: Screenshots dispelling the myth.
Mythical Monster is a myth!

You have heard the rumors I am sure: whisperings of Sasquatch in Canada and the Western United States, unbelievable stories of Yeti roaming the Himalayas, watery tales of Nessie in Scotland, and even rumblings of Herobrine in Minecraft. We here in MyFallen have heard tales of a shadowy creature in the waters around our newest city, Blackwolf, so I decided to investigate. I was shocked at what I found, and I have evidence to dispel any rumors of this mythical monster once and for all!


I moved in for a closer look and this being seems... Read More...
This was originally posted on our blog by NoMansLand on December 12, 2011. I am so glad we now have plugins that allow us to keep builds safe from griefers yet allow members to use these items.


Due to recent amounts of griefing (Gates & Houses) The following items have been black listed. You will now need to contact an admin or a Senior In-Game Moderator.

* Lava buckets
* Water buckets
* Water (Item)
* Lava (Item)

These will remain banned until the person responsible comes forward.


Kris.
This was originally posted on our blog by Jehosophat on December 10, 2011. I am so glad that we didn't have any major issues with the latest forum move we made!

MyFallen recently converted our forum to new software. Unfortunately during the migration, we lost 75% of our old forum data, including member registrations. Therefore, we are asking that you please re-register on the forum.

As an added incentive we are giving every user who re-registers 10 days of free premium on our Minecraft server. The premium package is sold in our Server Store for $10 AUD for 30 days. The package includes the following commands:

– /time command
– /warp command
– /tp command
– /spawner
– /jump
– /fixwater command
– /fixlava command

To claim your 10-day free premium, please submit a support ticket once you have re-registered on the forum.... Read More...
This was originally posted on the blog by Jehosophat on December 5, 2011. We still use this plugin on our servers!


Just a quick note to all of our Minecraft server users that we have disabled Blocklock, which was previously used for locking chests and furnaces. We are now solely using Lockette for this purpose. We did allow about a month of overlap to give everyone time to convert to Lockette.

If you still are unfamiliar with how Lockette works, please check out the tutorial here or speak to one of our ever helpful mods; they are more than willing to help!

Get Blocky!

~ Jeho
This was originally posted to the blog by Jehosophat on December 3, 2011. I really miss these two mods! Nerv is still here as one of our Marketing Managers but he is so busy he doesn't get on the servers like he used to. He is a great builder too. He built the Roman Sector and Nervonia on Phoenix and designed the floor pattern for the Cathedral in MyFallen City on Phoenix as well. Jurasu helped us build the original MyFallen City way back on our first server.


Top Secret: MyFallen Minecraft Files

Release Date: December 2, 2011

Subject: Moderator Antics

Reason: Everyone should know what the Minecraft mods really get up to
when no one else is on the server.

Proof: Screenshots of mod mischief.

WARNING: The following behavior is not condoned and may lead to serious consequences if Kris aka NoMansLand_MFGC catches you. Due to the photographic proof provided below, both... Read More...
Hi All,

Once again a procedure has been changed, Please don't flip out.. just read more:

Member+, Elite, Expert & Ultimate Members are NO LONGER here.

They will be marked as Trophies Now.

So as of now, the levels mean something.

Types of Badges Possible and how to get them:

+Skype: 5 points for editing your profile page and adding in Skype
+Yahoo! Messenger: 5 points for editing your profile page and adding in Yahoo! Messenger
+Steam: 5 Points for editing your profile page and adding in Steam

Member+: 50 points for reaching 50 Posts
Expert Member: 500 Points for reaching 500 Posts
Ultimate Member: 1,000 Points for reaching 1,000 Posts
Elite Member: 5,000 Points for reaching 5,000 Posts

Please stay tuned we will continue to add in more trophies for your enjoyment!
Hi Members,

Due to the recent influx of Spam bots, We have changed how our system works. Registered members are now limited in what they can do.

Registered Members:

1. All posts must be approved by a moderator (Until 5 posts are done)
2. Cannot Upload Media to our Media
3. Cannot send Private Messages


This is the new Registered member group, after the 5 posts you will be automatically moved to this group, Once this is done you will be able to play on our forums happily. If you were previously under "Registered" and have posted more than 5 times you will be moved over on next login.

Please Expect More changes!! We're working hard to ensure our forums is a happy and safe place for all of our community. Stay tuned.