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This was originally posted by Jehosophat on November 25, 2011. The MyFallen Minecraft Files was a short-lived but very fun series on the antics mods got up to on the server when no one was around. I am hoping to revive it in the coming months. Check out that skin Jimmy was rocking! :p


Top Secret: MyFallen Minecraft Files

Release date: November 24, 2011

Subject: Moderator Antics

Reason: Everyone should know what the Minecraft mods really get up to
when no one else is on the server.

Proof: Screenshot of mod mischief.
Two Jimmies


JimmyG_2053 aka Jimmy was making us see double due to a glitch with the vanish plugin for moderators. The actual Jimmy is on the right. The one on the left is a “shadow” of where he was when he vanished.

More to follow...
This was originally posted to the blog by NoMansLand on November 19, 2011. WOW! Minecraft has come a loooong way since it came out of beta!


Minecraft is finally out of beta! Awesome!

How does MyFallen Stand?

Please: Read more….

With the recent release of Minecraft 1.0 MyFallen will not be updating the server until bukkit is ready, we also we need confirmation our members will not be losing their hard work.

If It comes to us requiring a new map & bukkit is ready, we will copy over as much as we can.

Our friendly staff will be more than happy to replace lost items (With in reason) and even help you build your house.


Kris.
This was originally posted on the blog by NoMansLand on November 17, 2011. As you can see from the results posted at the bottom, people did want a Team Speak server and we did try it again, but again it was rarely used and we again shut in down.


Would you like a Team Speak 3 Server for Minecraft? Vote here!

Would you use a Teamspeak 3 server?

  • Yes
  • No
We have had a Teamspeak 3 server before and was not used much, but again the idea of it has been proposed to us again, as we listen to our users we want your opinion.

Please Vote Yes or No for a Teamspeak 3 server!



These were the results of the poll:

This was originally posted to the blog by NoMansLand on November 14, 2011. We still use this plugin on our servers. Unfortunately most of the staff listed below is no longer with us. Whole we miss them, we absolutely love the staff we work with now!


Please read for an important Plugin change!

We have now moved from BlockLock to a plugin called Lockette.

The below image is how you lock your doors / chests!


The plugin will be moved right over to Lockette by 30/11/2011! if any chest is not locked over with this new

plugin, then it will be unlocked and can still be griefed.

If you have any inquiries please send us a support ticket at Support Center. Ff you want to talk to an admin in game the following admins are available to help:

owen106...
This was originally posted by NoMansLand on November 10, 2011. This was our fourth game we hosted. We have hosted many over the years, but Minecraft is the only one that has stayed with us throughout.


Quickly Read some more Details about our server for Call of Duty!!


[UK] – Call of Duty MW3
Location: London, UK
Available Slots: 18

Voice Server:
URL: Not available yet.
Location: London, UK
Available Slots: 20
Program: Mumble

Coming Shortly, Please note the details for this are correct as of writing Read More...
Hi All,

Please help us welcome back Mercury. Game Information is available with how many people are required to play:

  • Zombie vs Player - Requires: 2 Players
  • Survival Games - Requires: 2 Players
  • Team Fortress 2 - Unsure.... To Confirm with JimmyG_2053
  • Spleef - Unsure... To Confirm with JimmyG_2053
So please check it out and play with some friends.

Here's a lovely video done by our lovely JimmyG_2053

This was originally posted to the blog by NoMansLand on November 2, 2011. This brings back so many memories of the first MyFallen City (MFC). I miss so many things about it. Especially the bumper boats. Maybe we should bring them back...


Want to know who won? and got the $3,000? Or did they just only get $2,000

Simply Read More!!

The Winner WAS: ludo0777
With the Guess of: 50 / 51

The Locations Were:

The Gardens Near Spawn: 33
The Hotel Top Floor: 1
City Hall: 1
Jail: 1
Gardens: 1
Minesweeper Arena: 1
MobArena Sign: 1
Bumperboats: 2
Maze: 1
Gardens Behind Maze: 1
Archery: 1
Tower: 1
Stadium: 1
Plot D1: 1
Nether Portal House: 1
NoMansLand’s House: 2

Congratulations to ludo!

Please stay tuned for another comp!
It is with sadness that I write this post, as @JojoRainicorn has resigned from MFGC. Real life has become extremely demanding and she has decided it is for the best to retire at this time. We thank her for all her hard work to help make MFGC as awesome as it is. She will be greatly missed. Read More...
This was originally posted by NoMansLand on October 31, 2011. We have done this competition a few times and players really seem to like it. What sort of competitions would you like to see next on Phoenix?


Want $2,000 In your ingame Minecraft Account?

Simply Read More!!

For Halloween we have put a lot of jack-o-lanterns in the City of MyFallen.

Count them, and be the first to comment on this post, and you will get $2,000 in your minecraft account!

Simple Rules:

1.) Staff Cannotjoin.
2.) Prize will be delivered on correct answer.
3.) The Jack-o-Lanterns are ALL AROUND the City of MyFallen (In the Walls)
4.) You have 24 hours from this post to find them all.
5.) You can ask a friend or get a team to help you, just ensure they all get a bit of money.
6.) If you are in the comp, please post your Ingame name as your Nickname, or there will be a delay of your money.
7.) Your money will...
This was originally posted to our blog by Jehosophat on October 28, 2011. Back then this seemed like a lot of money; oh how times have changed. :p


You read right! Your friends = money! Introduce your friends to MyFallen and get money added to your in-server account! How does it work? Glad you asked. Details below:

  • $50 for getting a friend on the server
  • Another $50 if your friend registers on
  • And another $200 if they stay and play regularly for a month
To get your money, you will need to send in a support ticket requesting your funds be added to your in-server account. Once we process the ticket and confirm you have met the requirements, we will reply that the money has been added.

It’s that simple!

So go out there and round up your friends. You know you want to. This is the best server out... Read More...