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We are sad to say we are closing Toxic and Nations for the time being. We want to focus on Phoenix, Forest of Fallen Light, and Corvus. We feel we are spread too thin and want to do a better job of making these servers the best they can be. We may open Toxic, Nations, and/or Mercury sometime in the future, but for now, they are closed. Thank you for understanding and for your continued support of MFGC.
Please join us in welcoming @Superstitious-MM-Smokey back to the MFGC Forum Mod team!
Thank you @AllanLionChild for your time on our staff. May your studies go well!
We are very sad to see @Reeselizz resign as Senior Forum Manager. She has been an invaluable member of our team for a long time. We wish her well in all she does going forward. She will be missed.
We are sad to say farewell to @Birmanista. She has been a huge part of our family here and a great Corvus Senior Manager. Unfortunately, real life is pulling her away from us. Please join us in wishing her the best and thanking her for all she has done for MFGC. Read More...
Hi All,

Hope you're all doing fantastically tonight.

We have come across a MAJOR issue with MySupport.

How ever this isn't bad enough for the code to be fixed.

The issue is that it will spit out an error when ever a new ticket is created saying "Mail.php Not Found" All this means is that it will not submit an email to us letting us know that there is a new ticket.

How ever as I said it's not worthy to be fixed I am working on the next version which is better, It has Jeho's Seal of Approval 2017 (Which is pretty hard to come by, as is she)

I am actively writing the new code but I have to get the staff side as it's more involved then the user side. Lets put it this way:

User side: 12 files + 13 system files

Staff side: 123 files + 2,319 System files

Why so many? Each file holds functions that then hold the data of what I want it to do, and then Jeho comes along and says "I dont like this, Change this" which requires a new file to be created and re-written,...
Hi All,

The primary servers, Phoenix, FallenLight, Toxic, Nations etc are going through a planned upgrade. You may see a small disconnection between the servers and the proxy.

The proxy is located somewhere else and not on the dedicated server. What we expect to see is some minor disconnects and no major issues arising from it.

How ever what we do majorly expect to see is a performance increase.

If any major issues happen please use MySupport.


Hello MyFallenites! The forums have been losing a bit of activity and we want to bring it back! So, we were wondering if there was anything we could do to make the Forums more fun? Yes, I know the forums are already pretty amazing, but there's always room for improvement. Therefore, if you would please tell us what you'd like to see added into the forums that's be awesome! Thanks!!

I have an exciting announcement to make. Toxic is currently undergoing some remodeling in order to make it a bigger and better server! Although my team and I have started the project, we can't do it all ourselves. That's why we're looking to you, the players, to help us with our project and make our goals a reality. If you are interested in applying for a spot on the project's build team here is a set of questions that you must answer and submit to me via forums pm at BryIsDank or on skype at Bry the Volleyball Fanatic.

Here are the questions;

1. Please provide your username (IGN) and what time zone you live in.

2. Are there any places that showcase your builds so we could view some?

3. Why do you want to work on the project with us with this project?

4. Have you ever been punished on a server?

5. Have any ideas for Toxic? Please mention them at the link below!


If you are interested in helping us please don't...
Hey MyFallenites,

We thought it was time to clarify an important rule here at MFGC. NO. REAL. LIFE. DRAMA. MFGC is a family-friendly place. So what exactly do we mean by this rule? Well, I am glad you asked.

This means that we don't want to see anything on our servers or forums that cause drama. MFGC is designed to be a place where we can all get away from real life for a bit and just have some fun. Below is a list of the types of things we will not tolerate. Please note this list is not all inclusive and our mods will use their best discretion in enforcing this rule.

1. No talk about sex, explicit or implied.
2. No body talk...for example my [insert body part here] is/are too big. too small, too green, whatever.
3. No politics or religion. These are just really big hot button issues. Stay away!
4. No drug talk.
5. No talk about killing...yourself or anyone else. No KMS /KYS allowed.

People violating this rule will be punished. Starting with a mute and jail and ending in a... Read More...