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Hi All,

It has been too long, Mercury has been under construction for some time, It's hard for us to say, this has been too long since it was last blessed with members. This is coming to a close. Mercury will be re-opened very shortly.

Our current time for Mercury re-opening is Tuesday, 30th of August, 2016. Mercury has a new spawn, new games, new arena's the works.

We will give you more information as it comes to light as to what game's can be played and what arena's are available. In the comments @jimmyG_2053 - Senior In-Game Manager, of Mercury, will be posting game rules and further information in the comments below.

Currently Available Games:

  • Zombie vs Player
  • Survival Games
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Spleef
Please Note: Whilst we are preparing for the opening, There will be alert's coming soon to help the team test Mercury and to get it working properly for our members to enjoy.

Please stay tuned and we will also release more...
This was originally posted to the blog by Jehosophat on October 13, 2011. This was our first Minecraft contest. I've been thinking we should do another amusement park contest for Phoenix...


Do you love Minecraft? Do you love designing new features? Do you want a chance to play in creative mode and create a masterpiece? Now is your chance! I am honored to announce to you the first ever MyFallen Gaming Community Minecraft Contest.

We have an area of town that has been set aside for an amusement park. This space is located behind admin housing and the football stadium. We have marked it with signs, so you know exactly the layout for this contest. We are looking for you to put your creative minds to use and design the best use of that space. Roller coasters. Games. Let your imagination run free.

The Contest Area...
Hi MyFallen!!

Please read below our latest up to date MySupport. This System is amazing. It's fantastic. Trust me. I built it.

New Look

MySupport v5.0 has a new look and better feel, it's even easier to navigate.


Each button is simple, click a button you go to that section.

If you find any bugs please click "Report Bug" and fill out the form. This will be instantly sent to me and I will fix it up.

MySupport is much easier and cleaner to use. Each feature has been tirelessly worked and tested over the MySupport staff side and client side (The side you see).

Enjoy :)

<3 Kris
This was originally posted on our blog by NoMansLand on October 12, 2011. We have certainly seen many good friends come and go over the years as part of our staff, but this was the first loss. :\


It is with great sadness today that I have had to say good bye to our mate & moderator ampatriot

Ampatriot was our forum moderator for all of the C&C Forums & Sub-Forums, sadly he was a good friend of mine and it is extremely sad to see him go.


We do have a new mod position open for forum moderators, please apply in the forums for a position in our console or PC section.
This was originally posted on our blog by NoMansLand on September 12, 2011. We have made a lot of changes since way back then!



In regards to the MyFallen Gaming Community Server, the economy is now re-setup, every user will receive $500 as a opening budget. Once you have registered on the forums & are removed from the Newly Registered Group (5 Approved Posts) you will receive an extra $500, $100 Per Post.

In the shopping mall you are now able to create shops with a sign & a crate, once your item is in the crate you can set a price – Each store will cost you $100 (You can have as many as you can hold crates.

You can only open shops in the Shopping Mall.


Kris.
This is a combination of two posts by NoMansLand from August 17 and 19, 2011. I combined them because the server details changed some in the two days it was up and didn't see the need to post both of them here. The exciting part of this is it marked the day we opened our first Minecraft server! And the rest, as they say, is history...


I told you it was coming, and the great news is that it’s HERE!! Our Minecraft Server!

Please see the new server details below:

IP Address:
Port: 25568
Server Name: Server URL: minecraft.us.myfallen.net
Location: US
Max Players*: 20
Available Mods: – CraftBukkit
Admin: NoMansLand_MFGC
Moderator: MattNFFC16
Module Request: Please see the Forums.

Thanks.
Hello Phoenicians!

We are excited to tell you about two new plugins we have installed on Phoenix.

1. HorseTpWithMe - This plugin now makes it possible to have your horse tp with you, so no more having to leave her behind or having to walk for days back to your home with a new horse! This works automatically with any horse you are riding even without a saddle. There are no commands to worry about. Now you and your faithful companion can travel to all those far off places you have dreamed about! This is available to all players with the rank of Member+ or above.

2. Minepacks - Do you get frustrated with having to stop your mining to go back and empty your inventory? Do you wish you could carry more supplies with you while building an epic creation? Us too! Minepacks is a virtual backpack that increases your inventory. Member+ gets a... Read More...
Originally posted on the blog by NoMansLand on August 16, 2011. Just over 5 years ago we started talking about opening our first Minecraft server.



MyFallen Gaming Community will be opening a Minecraft Server shortly.

We are currently looking into suitable locations, but due to server constraints / issues, it will be in America.

We are currently in progress at looking at suitable hosts, to be able to get the most out of this server.

Please stay tuned for further updates into this.


Community Manager
This was originally posted on the blog by NoMansLand on August 15, 2011.

Important Notice: Crysis 2 (ausc2.myfallen.net)


We have had a slight server issue where a corrupt file (DLC Map) has crashed the server, The issue should be rectified but will not be known until we face this issue again.

The map pack was the map that was like the Crysis City Hall map, we believe we have removed the corrupted pack.

If you find that the server still crashes please post under the forums here

The MyFallen Gaming Community will always endeavour to ensure your gaming experience is 110% But we are unable to do this with out your input, your input is extremely important to us. So please don’t forget to register to our forums: http://forums.myfallen.net


Crysis 2 Server Admin