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Hello Phoenicians!

We are excited to tell you about two new plugins we have installed on Phoenix.

1. HorseTpWithMe - This plugin now makes it possible to have your horse tp with you, so no more having to leave her behind or having to walk for days back to your home with a new horse! This works automatically with any horse you are riding even without a saddle. There are no commands to worry about. Now you and your faithful companion can travel to all those far off places you have dreamed about! This is available to all players with the rank of Member+ or above.

2. Minepacks - Do you get frustrated with having to stop your mining to go back and empty your inventory? Do you wish you could carry more supplies with you while building an epic creation? Us too! Minepacks is a virtual backpack that increases your inventory. Member+ gets a... Read More...
Originally posted on the blog by NoMansLand on August 16, 2011. Just over 5 years ago we started talking about opening our first Minecraft server.



MyFallen Gaming Community will be opening a Minecraft Server shortly.

We are currently looking into suitable locations, but due to server constraints / issues, it will be in America.

We are currently in progress at looking at suitable hosts, to be able to get the most out of this server.

Please stay tuned for further updates into this.


Community Manager
This was originally posted on the blog by NoMansLand on August 15, 2011.

Important Notice: Crysis 2 (


We have had a slight server issue where a corrupt file (DLC Map) has crashed the server, The issue should be rectified but will not be known until we face this issue again.

The map pack was the map that was like the Crysis City Hall map, we believe we have removed the corrupted pack.

If you find that the server still crashes please post under the forums here

The MyFallen Gaming Community will always endeavour to ensure your gaming experience is 110% But we are unable to do this with out your input, your input is extremely important to us. So please don’t forget to register to our forums:


Crysis 2 Server Admin
Hi All,

For some reason our Hub is down. I am working on resolving it with our host. I will be making a new hub as a backup.

What Could go wrong?

Your UUID (Unique User Identifcations) will be different per each server. It's not something I can fix as Mojang's UUID system Goes off:

* Your IP
* Our IP
* Your Username.

So this could backfire on us by making you Member's or Newbs depending on your server. It will be resolved when our normal operations begin again.

2. I could blow up the whole world by accident. I'll try not to... I promise....
Originally posted to our blog by NoMansLand on August 11, 2011.

Yes that's right, We will be getting a Battlefield 3 Server with the MAX amount of players, Currently we believe it is 32 Players. So Register for the forums and be the first to know when a MyFallen Battlefield 3 Server is released!


If you haven't noticed yet, we have made a lot of changes around MFGC lately. The forums got a complete overhaul, we have added some features, and we have decided to shut down our blog we started 5 years ago and merge that content into the forums. We did this for two reasons.

1. The blog didn't get enough traffic even when we had good content.
2. This new forum software allows us to do much of the same things right here, so why not move all that good content to a place with more visibility and higher traffic.

Over the next several weeks/months, I will be sharing the old posts from the blog right here. This will act as a way for you to reminisce about the "old" days or learn more about our history before you joined us. This archive will also stand as a permanent reminder of the growth and changes of MFGC. We are proud of our history and look forward to sharing it with you again.

Below is the first ever post on our blog written by NoMansLand aka Kris on August 11,...
Please join us in welcoming Reeselizz to the MFGC staff! She is joining our elite forum moderating team!
The August 2016 winners are:

First place:



Second Place:



Third Place:



Find and explore these builds at /warp MyFallen on Corvus today! Read More...

Today is the day we started out. Jehosophat, NoMansLand, and that lovable Scottish woman Queen_of_Scots came together to form MyFallen. At first it was Crysis 2; then Matt_NFFC_Fan introduced us to Minecraft. Phoenix was born two weeks later.

From humble beginnings of one primary server, that being Phoenix, we expanded again into other games like Left 4 Dead, DayZ, and Team Fortress 2; but still and always, we were MyFallen & Phoenix. MyFallen started out simply enough. One map, one server. Over time our map grew and changed until someone blew it all up. That was me. I got bored of my tree house and blew up the whole map. So we got a new one. Whoops.

At this time we wanted to see what we could do, how we could expand ourselves out, and we introduced Xtreme, a Survival, Faction, PVP battle world that was based off Phoenix. You could join it by typing: /mv tp Xtreme (Thats' a mouthful huh?). The world eventually died out because of one faction. One horrible evil faction,...
Hi Everyone,

I would like to thank you all for being with us for the past 5 years. Tomorrow (4th of August, 2016) is in fact our 5 year anniversary. So we have worked hard to bring you this new forum software. I am here to happily show you some of the new features and answer some burning questions you may have.

Why the Change?

IP.Board's Marketplace has essentially died. There is very little to no new features being implemented and people are leaving it. XenForo has alot more features and will allow us to do more for you.

What happened to my login?

All data was transferred over to XenForo including your username, password, profiles etc.

I have uploaded something to the old forums and it's not here on the new one?

You may of uploaded something whilst the transfer was in progress. Please re-upload here.

My signature is missing.

Sadly yes, some signatures where lost, why? i dont know. Mine was lost as well and I have updated it.