MyFallen Gaming Community

Hi Everyone,

I would like to thank you all for being with us for the past 5 years. Tomorrow (4th of August, 2016) is in fact our 5 year anniversary. So we have worked hard to bring you this new forum software. I am here to happily show you some of the new features and answer some burning questions you may have.

Why the Change?

IP.Board's Marketplace has essentially died. There is very little to no new features being implemented and people are leaving it. XenForo has alot more features and will allow us to do more for you.

What happened to my login?

All data was transferred over to XenForo including your username, password, profiles etc.

I have uploaded something to the old forums and it's not here on the new one?

You may of uploaded something whilst the transfer was in progress. Please re-upload here.

My signature is missing.

Sadly yes, some signatures where lost, why? i dont know. Mine was lost as well and I have updated it.

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all doing well, I would like to announce that for our 5 Year Anniversary is fast approaching, August 4th to be precise. When we first started out we had just a single game called Crysis 3, then a few weeks later we moved to Minecraft.

That's when Phoenix was born, over the years we added in Mercury, FallenLight, Corvus, Toxic. Some servers were launched and sadly failed, Xtreme, Tekky, Feed The Beast where some of them that failed.

But I digress, we wouldn't be where we are today with out people like you, Our darling members. So today, the team are extremely happy to announce that we will be offering

~ 35% OFF ~

All packages on MyFallen, These will not reflect packages recently purchased and will only reflect packages purchased now. So go ahead and buy some packages, For one week only!

Start Time: 08/01/2016 (1st of August 2016)

Finish Time: 08/07/2016 (7th of August 2016)...