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Hi All,

As per our last poll, 14 of you have said Yes and Not a single person said No to us using your artwork for merchandise.

To get the ball rolling, please tell me a few pieces of art work you would love to see on merchandise.
Hi All,

We are working on improving our store, to be precise, our merchandise.

We want to ask if you are OK with us using your artwork on our shirts?

Please note: Credit will be given but any proceeds will goto helping MyFallen, Your artwork will be available to purchase and each artist will be asked if they are OK with their art work being put onto our merchandise.

Artists whom get sales and out perform other sales will get a unique badge for the forums.
Hi All,

Many people confuse the option to Donate & Buy ranks from our store, So here I am to tell you the difference.


Donations happen out of the kindness of your heart, which will mean you don't get anything from it, except a love letter from Jehosophat if we ever find her.


Are paid for via our Store at, You will recieve a rank and no love letter from Jehosophat.

Remember, Buy a Rank if you want a Rank, Do a Donation if you want to see MyFallen Continue on and on and on and maybe you will receive a love Letter from Jehosophat*

For future reference, we will no longer be refunding donations.

On an administrative end a Donation actually costs us $0.18 and a purchase costs us $0.50, So because we're "money hungry" aka, "We're really dirt poor and have to pay for servers out of our own pockets", we will not do refunds anymore.
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