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So you know how there are some people in life that just do their jobs. They don't make a lot of noise about it, but if you know you can count on them to get done what they say they will get done. The thing is we sometimes take those people for granted and don't give them the recognition they deserve. This month's SMotM is one of those people. I looked back at our records and she last got this award in October of 2015. Yet, she has quietly done her job and done it well this entire time. Please join me in congratulating @Cockatoo123 on a job well done! She is January's SMotM! Read More...
We wish to thank @Sparta (LiluTheCat) for her time as a part of our staff. Due to real life, she is retiring from moderating. Thanks for all you did while you were with us, Lilu! Read More...
Hi All,

As you can now see there are advertisements on the forums again.

we didnt want to do this, but our donations have nearly dried up for the month and they come in so randomly. Sadly for us to continue we have to put ads up.

By clicking on an ad that interests you we make a whopping $0.0010. These ads wont inflict on your privacy as one is run by Project Wonderful & one is run by Google Adsense.

If you see any advertisements that violate our rules please let a staff member know and they will be removed.


Hi All,

MySupport has a brand new feature that everyone I know is going to love.

You can now reply to your tickets via email.

When you create a ticket with mysupport [at]/@ myfallen [dot]/. net you will receive a response from [email protected].

You can now reply to this email aslong as it has [MFT-#####] (Ticket ID) in the title it will save your response to your ticket.

This means I'm saving you time, Time that you need to play on our servers. Our staff will always respond to your tickets in the most professional way as always.

Much Love,

Technical Support
MySupport Developer
Community Manager
Hi All,

Guess what!!! It's finally here, The ability to email us directly at MyFallen instead of the long, bothersome, vexatious task of navigating to http://support.myfallen.net, Logging in, Remembering that annoying username & password, then Submitting a ticket to us.

Geez, this is a tonne of work... I have worked extremely hard to ensure this new feature is available and ready for you to use.

All you need to do now is to open your favourite email program/website and send an email to: [email protected] for any issue with our servers that will not compromise your private information.

Your private information is important to us, If you are complaining about a staff member, you wouldn't do that would you? I know you wouldn't... You love the staff.

If you are going to complain about the staff then please submit a ticket directly to us via MySupport's website which has more privacy features.
Hi All,

We've been working hard behind the scenes to bring you an amazing MySupport, This one though, sadly doesnt have many new features, just bug fixes & a new feature.

So as such MySupport has been upgraded to 5.6.2 for all bug repairs and this new feature will make your life easier. PLEASE NOTE: THIS FEATURE IS STILL EXPERIMENTAL AND MAY NOT WORK ALL THE TIME, WE ARE STILL WORKING ON IT EVEN THOUGH WE ARE ANNOUNCING IT!

So soon, you will be able to email [email protected] for all your support requests, but please note: You cannot reply to tickets via email yet, It's a planned feature.

I wouldn't recommend utilizing it until a future announcement, but if for any reason you cannot access our support site, then please use this feature and it will be handled by a community manager.


The reason for this is due to the system not being able to process what category it is...
All servers have been updated to 1.11.2. Get your purple on! Read More...
Please welcome @Charaah to the Mercury InGame Staff!!!!