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  1. X_Eaglefrost_X
    The first part of Sandstream's Journey is up!
  2. X_Eaglefrost_X
    Hello! I'm back people! I disappeared for a while (Almost a year!) but I should be able to get on a bit more this year.
  3. Le Amazing Ocelot
  4. bleuucat
    hhhhngh i got braces! finally but they hurt please save me
    1. Paintfury
      Ahhh good luck! They hurt at first but eventually the pain dulls
      Nov 13, 2018
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  5. bleuucat
    i cant seem to stay on for more than a week before dying oof. hewwo fowums.
  6. Zilvercreeper67
  7. Amelia
  8. Icerunner
    Icerunner Peggy
    oh...hi Peggy! I doubt you remember me, or even get on here, but im ghost_recon_dude
  9. Paintfury
    Paintfury JackiKat
    Happy birthday! Hope you someday return
  10. Doostie
    Timezones s u c k
  11. Doostie
    What do I do when I'm on my own on fallenlight, you may ask? Well, I go to a random place and try look for the clans without a warp :)
  12. James Dailey
    James Dailey
    ugh everyone is dead :(
  13. Cockatoo123
    if anime means animation, does that mean shrek is an anime
  14. Paintfury
    Back! And ready to update the wiki ;)
  15. AwesomePuppy
    Bleh, I'm alive again
  16. bleuucat
    Gingerbranch is dead, RIP you will be missed
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    2. Peyton c:
      Peyton c:
      rip ginger :~:
      Jul 28, 2018
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  17. flamingsalmon
    I was today years old when I realized that the voice actor for Fry from Futurama also voices the red M&M, and he also shares my birthday.
  18. Paintfury
    Will be more or less absent from July 24-August 2
  19. James Dailey
    James Dailey
  20. AwesomePuppy
    My Minecraft forced update and now I can't connect to Myfallen Server *facepalm*
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    2. Peyton c:
      Peyton c:
      Have you gone to "Launch Settings" to try and change the configuration or have deleted Minecraft off your computer and redownloaded it? :((
      Jul 29, 2018
    3. AwesomePuppy
      Oh, wow, that worked. I tried pressing the 'Launch Options' and stuff but I never noticed any difference until now. You are truly goddess *praise*
      Jul 30, 2018
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    4. Peyton c:
      Peyton c:
      omg yay I'm so glad it worked!!!! :DDD
      Jul 30, 2018