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  1. X_Eaglefrost_X
  2. Peyton c:
    Peyton c:
    now i just look silly bc the champion title is back i can't
    1. X_Eaglefrost_X
      Don't worry, you did anyway <3
      Apr 29, 2019
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  3. Peyton c:
  4. Peyton c:
    Peyton c:
    Just kidding... I guess there's no more indicator on my page I'm the Bejeweled Champion aka my proudest title...
  5. Peyton c:
    Peyton c:
    Who!! Dethroned!! Me!! In!! Bejeweled!!
  6. InactivePolly
    What’s been going on since I left?
  7. Winn
  8. X_Eaglefrost_X
    X_Eaglefrost_X InactivePolly
    Welcome to the forums!
    1. InactivePolly
      Hey, Eagle, I think I remember you. Do you remember Polly/Prrt?
      Apr 8, 2019
    2. X_Eaglefrost_X
      Wow I'm late but yeah, I think I remember you. I was around back in late 2017 if that helps.
      Apr 28, 2019
    3. InactivePolly
      I was Mudstar/Muddied, if that helps you remember. I was also Fowlflail, Nettlefire, Duckdew, Deaddream, and a lot others I don’t remember
      May 1, 2019
  9. InactivePolly
    Hello everyone. I used to be frequent here. Some of you guys remember me as Polly, some as Prrt. Just wanted to say hello
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  10. EclipsaPrime
    Okay, I am back. How is everyone doing?
  11. X_Eaglefrost_X
  12. EclipsaPrime
    I'm grounded from my computer for a month so I won't be able to do much at all unless it's changed. Sorry peeps.
  13. StarryPhobos
    would anyone like some stew? would anyone like some stew?
    1. X_Eaglefrost_X
      I would like some stew, I would like some stew! Also, welcome to the forums!
      Mar 10, 2019
  14. EclipsaPrime
    1. X_Eaglefrost_X
      Mar 10, 2019
  15. X_Eaglefrost_X
    I had a plan for that last thing, but I've forgotten what it is :P
  16. X_Eaglefrost_X
  17. X_Eaglefrost_X
    Forums please listen to nicole
  18. Cockatoo123
    forums please become Alive
  19. X_Eaglefrost_X
    My internet just died and now it's really slow, so if I can't log onto the server, that's why (It's taken a few minutes to load the forums)
  20. Cloud
    Hewo it's been a while owo PAUSING in to say hi c0fff
    1. X_Eaglefrost_X
      Hello, welcome back to the community, however briefly!
      Feb 17, 2019