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Redtail's Death by GoldenFox24 ~(Blood Warning)~

Eek please don't kill me for all the blood x3   It is his death so it ain't gonna be sunshine and rainbows   Anyhow, this took me about 3 hours to draw and it's up on my YouTube at AniCaMoo Draws    

Redtail's Death by GoldenFox24 ~(Blood Warning)~
GoldenFox24, Apr 17, 2016
    • Kaat
      Its really good!
    • BryIsntHere
      It's so amazing! I love it!

      Keep up the amazing work!
    • Birmanista
      Pretty amazing work, it's really detailed with the lighting, and I really like that!

      Let's just say that Firepaw's/Fireheart's/Firestar's pursuit of the truth for what happened/what is happening in this picture earns him a spot at a police station for detective skills.
    • Rat_Dog
      My goodness do you do art request this is great!
    • GoldenFox24
      You betcha [​IMG]

      Just leave me the character name, description and scene

      I'm sure you'd love to leave a request x3
    • nyeheheh
      Heeyyyy this is great!

      If you're still taking requests, could I request a drawing of my darling rogue Vriska?

      She's a large and fluffy black and white she-cat with one yellow eye and one deep blue eye, and she's also missing one ear. I don't mind what the scene is, but you could put some blood on her paw or something, cuz she's evil and stuff
    • GoldenFox24
      Your request will be fufilled :3
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    Apr 17, 2016
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