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A request from Rat   (Edit: I really hope I didn't mess up with the design.. I'm so so sorry if I did. >~

AmberTheTato, Apr 20, 2016
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    • Birmanista
      Aghh, it's so cute, good work! I might have to request something from you soon.
    • AmberTheTato
      Ooh, I'd love to take a request Birm! Thanks so much ^^
    • Birmanista
      Do you mind doing Stormingpaw? Stormingpaw's a somewhat short, dark gray, mid-apprenticeship age she with aloof, somewhat dark, green eyes and black and white splotches across her back. She kind of looks like a mix between her mom and dad, Fallenstar and Talonfall, respectfully. Also, if you want, you could have the DC camp as a background, and have her sitting, somewhere, I guess. Probably Hawk Hill.

      Hehe, thanks.
    • AmberTheTato
      Okee, got it ;3
    • Jinnehh
      Good job at the drawing

      I would draw cats and stuff

      but I can only draw Touhou and some anime ;;
    • AmberTheTato
      Pssst, Jin. I wanna see the anime and touhou, you know I love that stuff :3
    • Rat_Dog
      Oh my goodness this is great I really love it fwiend!

      Are you up for another request I just love your art so much!
    • AmberTheTato
      aww, thanks so much! I see your profile picture too, and it makes me really happy [​IMG]

      Sure, I'll do another!
    • Rat_Dog
      Okay can you do my character Tinykit

      She is a light cream brown she cat who is half the size of a normal kit, her back left leg is crooked (twisted) She has icy blue eyes and has huge bushy tail. Her tail tip is a smokey grey, and so are her paws and ear tips. She wears a little flower crown made out of little blue flowers that match her eyes. Make her kinda smerked standing in the EC camp. Thanks fwiend I really enjoy your art!
    • AmberTheTato
      No problem, and thanks again!
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    Apr 20, 2016
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