NoMansLand Reviews: Sonic The Hedgehog Movie

NoMansLand Reviews: Sonic The Hedgehog Movie

NoMansLand by NoMansLand on Apr 07, 2020

Warning: I will try my hardest to not post spoilers, but sadly I may accidently post spoilers, so consider this a spoiler warning.


Sonic the Hedgehog, from the company that brought you awesome games like Sonic the Hedgehog and I'm sure others - have come out with an original Sonic the hedgehog movie. My wife & I were lucky enough to see it before the lockdowns and that we could actually get out of the house. Sonic the Hedgehog is an extraterrestrial (read: Alien) blue hedgehog who can run at supersonic speeds. He finds himself being chased by a tribe of echidnas who want his power for their own gains, neferious? who knows. This is where we get to see baby sonic, seriously look at how cute it is.

So lets continue, Sonic has a guardian called Longclaw the Owl who provides him the power to travel to other worlds, when the echidnas attack she creates a portal for Sonic to Earth and pushes him through to save his life, which was really nice. As known with alot of films the one's with power are always the loneliest. So whilst Sonic is on earth alone he triest to make friends with a local sheriff and his partner.

One night whilst Sonic was playing a game of Baseball with a team consisting of himself, himself, himself & himself. Seriously, himself as the pitcher, himself as the short stop, catcher, fielding etc, etc, etc. He gets upset about how he is lonely and accidently releases an EMP pulse that causes the power for the Pacific Northwest to drop out. This causes the United States Department of Defence to bring in Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey) to investigate the cause of the EMP.


Jim Carrey has come back as the loveable goof that people of all ages would enjoy & some will remember from his earlier movies (The Mask, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective & Ace Ventura: Pet Detective 2: When Nature Calls) When this comes out to DVD I will definitely be watching it again and I believe I could get my kids to watch it, it's bright, colourful and is even a good enjoyable film for people of all ages.



Australia: PG

USA: PG-13




Ben Schwartz as Sonic

 - Benjamin L. Valic as Young Sonic

Jim Carrrey as Dr. Robotnik

James Marsden as The Sheriff

Tika Sumpter as the better half of The Sheriff


NoMansLand Rating: 7/10 - More Jim Carrey would of increased this rating.

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