Update to the Website

Update to the Website

NoMansLand by NoMansLand on Feb 27, 2020

I have worked on a few updates that I believe everyhone should know, while most will never see these some people may.


First one is: Google reCaptcha has been added into the site. This will only take effect if you are attempting to register on the website. If you aren't wanting to register you'll be fine.


If you are trying to register and Google thinks you're a spam bot or not who you say you are - your account will be declined. How can you remedy this? contact any of our friendly team and provide them your username and email you used to register - we will then be able to compare it and match you against what is in the database. If it marries up we can force your registration.


This will be the same for all Recruits, Moderators, Senior Managers and Community Managers. We can all do this.

Stay tuned for future updates!

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