We Want YOU!

We Want YOU!

NoMansLand by NoMansLand on Mar 01, 2020
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Are you interested in helping grow a gaming community?


Have you always wanted to be apart of something bigger? Why not join the MyFallen team? If you're interested - read on.


What we're looking for:


- Someone with a love of Video Games, be that on PC, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, Mobile or Web.

- You can speak & write english

- You can plan upto 3 blog posts a week, even though you wont have to post all 3 in one week it will be good to have some prepared so you can post them, as we are looking to expand our web prescence.

- Are able to assist grow the community into a fun loving, happy community.

- Able to moderate discord and our comments section

- Can contribute atleast 3 hours a week (Mon - Sun) to MyFallen.


If this sounds like you and it's something you are interested in doing then you can apply easily by clicking on "Join us" and then the Join the Team.


What Can we offer you?


 - A pretty red tag

 - Extra features on our Roleplay community

 - Your decisions will help expand and grow our community - so the good feeling of doing good.

 - Able to enter our premium competitions free of charge.

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