SURPISE! Halo Combat Evolved has dropped!

SURPISE! Halo Combat Evolved has dropped!

NoMansLand by NoMansLand on Mar 05, 2020
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Halo: Combat Evolved (Halo One for all of you non Halo normies) was the pinacle of First Person Shooters (FPS) it features Spartan 110, Master Chief or John to his friends as a human super soldier who has just awoken with the dreaded evil covenant attacking the ship he is on, The Pillar of Autumn.


Halo first came to life on November 15, 2001 on the original Xbox, It would slowly come to Windows PC's and Macs giving Apple their first game outside of Photoshop, which in every argument with Jehosophat she argues that Photoshop is a game and I argue it's not. Halo, in my opinion, helped the Xbox and with more games comes more Xboxes. But anyway I digress.


Halo Combat Evolved is available via the Master Chief Collection, you will need to go into the game and tell it to install, Steam would of automatically downloaded it but never installed it. Thats fun, or you can run down the more expensive route of buying each game individually (Who wants that?).


So check out Steam & get your hands on some Halo: Combat Evolved.


See you on the Battlefield Soldier. - Halo: Combat Evolved | Halo: Master Chief Collection


FYI: R.I.P Johnson.. That rifle fire was for the covenant head, not yours. You just got in the way.


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