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24 Hours - Chapter two

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Reeselizz, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. Reeselizz

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    I walked into the High School building heading for my locker, my backpack hanging from my left shoulder. When I got to my locker, I opened it up and a small piece of lined paper fell out. I bent down and picked it up, it was a note. It read,
    Meet me at your locker at 1:30. Don't be late.

    I looked up and turned over my shoulder, only to see the guy in the grey sweatshirt staring at me. I shoved my backpack in my locker and grabbed my English, science, and social studies binder. I then quickly sprinted after the unfamiliar guy. As I began running, he turned and fled.
    "Hey! Wait up!" I called after him. He looked back at me and slowed down enough for me to reach out and grab his arm. "Let go of me!" He yelled as he jerked his arm out of my weak grasp. I stopped and watched him run out of the school building doors. I sighed and looked around, a few people staring.
    The bell rang and I quickly walked to class, I had English first. I walked into Mrs. David's classroom and sat down in my assigned seat.
    "Alright, please take out your homework then give it to uh," Mrs. David looked around the class, "give it to Jack please." She said then looked down and opened up her computer.
    The bell rang three more times before I had Study Center. I went back to Mrs. David's classroom and sat down in the seat I had sat it. It was 11:50, I had twenty minutes till lunch. Lunch ran until 1:00, then I had gym.
    I pulled out my English homework I had gotten earlier and started working on it.

    Okay I'm sorry but this is like, a really bad chapter, I'm so sorry it's almost 11 PM, I'm tired and I had no idea what to write about in this chapter.

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