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A Little Twilightpaw Writing

Discussion in 'Cats' started by Peyton c:, Jul 23, 2019.

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    Hello! This writing is based off of a role-play, but I tried to include details so it makes sense for those who weren't involved. In short, Twilightpaw, Rainpaw, Thymepaw, and Dustpaw were walking around near the Eclipseclan border, and a strange rogue attempted to kidnap Thymepaw. Twilightpaw and Dustpaw ran back to camp, but Rainpaw stayed to fight off the rogue and try to get Thymepaw back. It was to no avail, and later when a warrior, Earthquake, went out to rescue the remaining apprentices, Thymepaw was missing and Rainpaw was hurt. The writing below takes place after Twilightpaw helped treat Rainpaw's injuries. Thanks for reading!

    -|- Twilightpaw's Point of View -|-

    The medicine cat apprentice looked over his sleeping friend's speckled pelt one last time before sweeping away the excess poppy seeds from in front of her nest. As soon as she had fallen asleep and silence settled between him and Darkflutter, his mind whirled and felt wired, leaving him no option other than to ponder over what had happened.

    I’m sorry, Rainpaw… he thought, but didn’t voice it, Maybe if I had suggested a game instead of a walk, Thymepaw would be here and you’d be unscathed.

    Sighing, he carried the seeds back down to the herb storage, guilt pressing heavily between his hackles with every step. The storage den smelled of its familiar, sweet scent, soothing the tom just a tad as he descended down and returned the poppy seeds, but no number of herbs or their scents could ease the sting of shame and guilt. Perhaps only time and an apology did that.

    And that’s what he planned to do: apologize once Rainpaw woke up and Thymepaw returned.

    The tom suddenly stiffened, though, his eyes growing wide. What if Thymepaw never did return to Driftclan? What if he was never to been seen again or worse… Twilightpaw shook his head, refusing to believe his friend had died to the paws of a rogue.

    “Thymepaw will come home,” he mewed softly to himself, but his voice sounded drained to his ears, lacking conviction and confidence. There might be no possible way of him ever knowing what happened to Thymepaw after that rogue knocked his friend unconscious and carried him off, but…

    The rogue seemed oddly gentle with Thymepaw, even if she did knock him out. If she wanted to kill Thymepaw, she would have done it then and there, killing us all with him. We haven't had fighting training, after all, Twilightpaw thought with a creeping sense of optimism, Maybe all is not lost.

    The medicine cat apprentice tilted his eyes upwards, a newfound hope swelling in his chest, and he murmured a pleading prayer to his ancestors above, “Guide Thymepaw’s steps back home, and if he can’t do that, guide our steps out to him… Please!

    Lightclan would help, as the tom figured they always did, and Twilightpaw was comforted by the fact. Though his eyes still held a deep, somber look in them, he rose to his paws and stepped out from the storage den.

    Sleep was starting to nag at the tom, but it had taken him until now to realize it, the day’s spiraling-out-of-control events taking up most of his thoughts. Twilightpaw’s eyes swung over to Rainpaw, who was still peacefully asleep, and he swayed closer to her temporary nest. There was an empty nest beside hers that he lowered himself onto, making sure he kept a respectable distance away from his friend. Even if she had leaned into his side for support earlier as they walked up to his den, he figured it must’ve been because she was in pain, and when she was back to her normal, snippy self, she’d go back to wanting nothing to do with his touch- like usual.

    Part of him was distracted by that thought- which would have made his skin crawl with discomfort and sadness had he been more awake, considering he somewhat liked the feeling he got when their pelts brushed together- but it cut through the shame and guilt he'd been feeling, helping him temporarily forget what happened that day. With his drowsy thoughts filled with Rainpaw, he curled up and slumped into a dreamless slumber.
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  2. Paintfury

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    Ahhh!! This is so cute! I love this piece, Twilightpaw was so adorable and his thoughts are both heart-wrenching and lovable. I can’t wait to roleplay the aftermath of all this— especially with both of their guilt.

    I’m really glad you wrote this because, as always, it’s amazing. Tell me if you continue these little oneshots! :p
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  3. Peyton c:

    Peyton c: Retired Retired

    Aw, thank you so much! I'm really excited to role-play, too!! :D
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