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A Look Back - Important: Server Downtime [Complete]

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By Jehosophat_MFGC on Sep 26, 2016 at 4:36 AM
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    This was originally posted on our blog by NoMansLand on February 13, 2012. We are so thankful to have Kris looking after all our technical details!


    This has been completed. on 16/02/2012 at 7:35pm


    Please know that we have planned down time for about 2 – 3 hours on Saturday 18/02/2012, We will try to do it when you are all asleep, but we are changing from our current back end software, that has been causing too many issues.

    Our current back end software is meant to be able to run our server but it has started to fail, we are moving to something a little less resource intensive.

    No Map data should be lost and everything we can do to ensure it doesn’t happen will be done. Just for your peace of mind we are:

    1.) Saving & Backing up the map.

    2.) Transferring off the current server.

    3.) Transferring to another Server to ensure more than one backup is taken.

    4.) Plugins & their Configuration files will be transferred over too.


    08:50: Do all saves & backups for all important files.

    09:00 am: Safely shut down current server

    09:10 am: Do Several backups

    09:30 am: have breakfast.. maybe some eggs or something.. Who knows.

    10:00 am: Check Backups.

    10:30 am: backups completed.

    10:35 am: Delete old Software

    10:40 am: Download new software.

    10:50 am: Install

    New software

    11:00 am: complain and yell and punch desk that the new software didn’t install correctly.

    11:10am: Get onto google and search why it didn’t do what I wanted it too.

    11:20am: After Finding out why, Fix all errors.

    11:30am: Proceed with Install again.

    12:00pm: See Install Finish, have a party.

    12:30pm: Create the server for new Software

    1:00pm: Proceed with Upload.

    2:00pm: Configure everything to ensure Data is ok.

    2:30pm: Start Server and Post on Facebook that it’s Finally done and you can now come on and play with us.

    3:00pm: Realise the server hasnt started back up.

    3:10 pm: Find out why and fix it.

    3:30 pm: Roll back.

    5:00 pm: Server is running. Cry that the new software isn’t working.

    Just so you know.. Most of that is most likely not going to happen. But if it does we will ensure the server is revived.

    Please remember your donations are helping us making a better software.

    Please Note: all times are Australian:GMT +08:00

    Stay tuned to our facebook page or twitter account for up to date details.


Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jehosophat_MFGC, Sep 26, 2016.

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