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A Pokemon Adventure! Roleplay

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by Ambro, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. Ambro

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    This is how it's going to go down, ya'll. You will be given a situation in which you must react to. You will need to type it out, almost like a story. Be sure to make it descriptive - the better it is, the more likely you will earn a reward. There must be rules, of course. Otherwise this would be mayhem!


     ~ No legendaries or shinies unless stated otherwise. 

     ~ You will be given a level range in which the Pokemon you encounter will be. Please be reasonable in what the Pokemon is - no level 10 Charizards.

    ~ Just use your brain. Don't complain, nothing rude, nothing explicit. The usual.

    If you just found this thread and have not registered, please do so here.

    If you have any questions, just message me! 


    Episode 1 - A Fateful Encounter!

    You smile, looking down at the little Pokemon held in your hands. Professor Myrtle beams with delight. "It seems to have chosen you! What will you name it?" she chirps. Before you can utter a word, something lets out a war cry in the nearby bushes. A Pokemon has jumped out, irritated and ready for battle! What Pokemon is it, and how do you and your starter handle the situation? You may  catch this Pokemon. It is between level 1 and level 10.
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  2. Ambro

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    This is my reply, plus a little example as to how you do it!

    Sarai's eyes widen. A Drifloon, no bigger than an orange, was hastily floating towards her and the now asleep Slowpoke. The leaves under her bare feet crunch as she takes a step back and sets down the Slowpoke, ready to engage in battle. "Let's do this, Slowpoke!" she called. Slowpoke didn't move. The Drifloon suddenly shot forward, a dark violet wind propelling it. It latched into her bag and pulled with all it's might. Being light as air didn't help it. Sarai grabbed one of it's arms and pulled it off as a Pecha berry was revealed in one of the pockets of the bag, ripe and ready to be eaten. "Floon!" it called, snatching the berry up with vigor and consuming it whole. It happily floated around Sarai. "Well, would you look at that!" called Professor Myrtle, who was now nonchalantly emerging from a tree in which she was cowering behind. "It seems to have liked that berry. Do you have another?" Sarai pulled out a Rawst berry. The Drifloon grabbed it and bit into it. "Drif! Loon.." it cooed as it sat on Sarai's shoulder. "Well, it looks like you'll have another comrade on your journey. Will you name it?" Sarai looked at the sky, pondering for a moment. "I'll name him.. Peapo. And Slowpoke's name will be Mola." she decided. But Professor Myrtle had already left, like a fleeting dream.
  3. Wynter

    Wynter Retired Staff Member Retired

    Wynter was frozen in fear, in front of her was an angry looking Poochyena. Her first instinct was to run and her Starly named Rihu, ran with her. Running as fast as she could to the nearest tree, she grabbed the trunk, quickly slithering up the base to the lowest branch that would support her and Rihu. She Stared down at the Poochyena, which was barking angrily up at her. She clung to the branch like a scared cat. She sent Starly down to fight the Poochyena, and after what seemed like ages, thankfully brought the wild Pokemon's health down. She threw down a Pokeball and after Poochyena fought inside the ball for a while, it was caught. She hopped off the branch, her mess of russet hair falling down behind her "I caught it!" She yelled, even though no one was around. She pranced around with the Pokeball. She settled down on naming the Level 9 Poochyena Atlantic.
  4. BryIsntHere

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    Bryent was walking down a silent path, listening to the roar of the river. Suddenly, a Skarmory swooped down, screeching as it tried to attack him. He started to run, realizing that there was no place to hide except for some tiny trees. He stopped at a dead end, realizing there was no way to run, so he turned to face the Skarmory. "Go Kiro!" he yelled, throwing his Trapinch's poke ball. As Krio appeared from the poke ball the Skarmory launched a peck attack at Kiro. "Use sand attack!" he shouted, and Kiro shot a cloud of sand at the Skarmory, blinding it. "Now use bite!" he said, and Kiro jumped up at the Skarmory, biting it's wing. The Skarmory screeched, throwing Krio off and using sand attack and peck. "Bide!" he ordered, and Kiro stood there, absorbing the damage. Please hold on he thought. Before he knew it, Kiro unleashed it's energy stored from bide, striking a critical hit on the Skarmory. He threw a poke ball at the Skarmory while it was stunned. After struggling in the poke ball for a little bit, it finally stopped shaking, Bryent had caught the Skarmory. He cheered along with Kiro, and named his newly caught, level 7 Skarmory Atlas.
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  5. BryIsntHere

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    Anyone wanna bring this back? xD

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