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A Reverse Fairytale, Pt. 2

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Birmanista, Apr 15, 2017.

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    "Wow Birm, revisiting a story from several months ago instead of writing something new? So unoriginal, you should be starting on that dystopian story you've been rigorously planning for the past month!" You must be saying, but trust me, I've wanted to write a sequel to A Reverse Fairytale for a long time. Probably ever since I first wrote the thing. Whatever. Here we go. (By the way, link to the original story here.)

    ~ A month or two after the events in the first story, who really knows. Let's just say at some point in time when the kid is still growing old, but is still considered young for his age... ~

    On a rugged, beaten path in the middle of a forest, there walked a mother, her child, and her husband. The child himself wasn't walking, instead he was seated in one of 2 baskets that his mother brought, gazing with his forest green eyes at the trees around him. Both the wife and the husband were talking to each other, discussing different topics, such as the weather, how the day is going, and how their son is doing. In fact, the family was heading to a hardware store in the Southern part of the forest, to replace the doors that were kicked down by Helga and Olga, the witches of the Northern and Southern Forest, respectively. Also known to the family as the two women who decided it was best to kidnap their child. A very long "also known as", but that's just my opinion.

    Both witches, in fact, were living in the same cottage ever since that day. Olga's house burned down about a week ago, so she moved in with Helga while the construction company would fix the hut. And by "fix", it's basically working for 4 hours a day for about a week, until taking 2 week breaks before restarting work again. The construction companies back then didn't have cranes, so it takes a while for them to get plywood up into the trees of the forest. So, with this technological disadvantage, the estimated time to fix the house was about 20 years. At this, Olga cursed the company, literally, put the house for sale, and told Helga about the situation. Helga agreed to Olga's request to live with her, of course. Like, did you see the way they flew off into the sunset? A match well made if you ask me.

    Anyways, two witches dating aside, the family finally ended up at the hardware store, called "Ye Olde Wood Market". It's supposed to be the Middle Ages, right? Oh well. They walked in, greeted by an overly excited salesperson. Who cares about what he said though, his dialogue would just be filled with advertisements for 50% off sales on teak doors. The wife didn't like that advertisement.

    Anyways, while the family was looking for 2 new mahogany doors, 2 more customers showed up at the hardware store. And, surprise, the 2 customers were Helga and Olga, looking for teak doors because Olga accidentally burned down the front door to Helga's home. I don't even know how that happened, how can you burn down a door, but not the rest of the house? Well, the teak doors were next to the mahogany doors, so the two witches and the family met each other, only after both parties realized who the other was. The wife was the first to speak.

    "Hey, you two," she called out, causing the witches to turn towards the family. "You seem familiar to me, are your names, by any chance, Helga and Olga?"

    The witches turned to each other in confusion, but for only 2 seconds, as they finally realized who the woman who just miraculously knew their names was. "Yeah, hey, aren't you the woman who was complaining about mahogany doors when I tried to steal her firstborn?" Helga asked.

    "Yeah! Hey, nice to meet you two again." The wife replied, holding out her hand. Helga shook it first, and then Olga shook it. "I have a question, did you ever find the firstborn?"

    "No, we decided to give up once we were in the air together." Olga said, smiling. The wife and the husband simultaneously sighed with relief internally. "So, what brings you 3 here?"

    "We decided to finally replace the doors," The husband replied. "We never got to it, because our child was our first priority. So once he grew up a bit more, we headed out to get new mahogany doors." At this, the wife tapped his shoulder, pointing to a pair of mahogany doors that she wanted, and Helga tapped Olga's shoulder, pointing to a teak door. The respective parties grabbed the respective doors. "Well, it was nice seeing you two again."

    "Yeah, and hey," Olga said, holding out her hand. It had a beautiful engagement ring on it. "You two are welcome to come to our wedding in the next spring."

    "We would love to attend." The wife smiled, looking at her husband and her child.
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