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Discussion in 'Website games' started by Lizzy (Breezy!), Sep 12, 2016.

  1. Lizzy (Breezy!)

    Lizzy (Breezy!) Retired Retired

    To be honest, I'm surprised nobody has covered ANY of these by now.

    Artix has a lovely collection of free to play browser based games, most of which can become addicting. Some of my favorites include-

    Dragon Fable- A single player, turn based RPG with 3 generic classes, along with others you can end up switching to, a buddy system, and tons of content!

    Adventure Quest- Similar to Dragon Fable, though much more large, and refined.

    Adventure Quest Worlds (Otherwise known as AQW)- The Adventure Quest universe, though turned into a MMORPG, with tons of customizable capes, pets, classes, armour, hats, weapons, enchantments, and even more!

    Finally, Mech Quest- An alternative reality to Adventure Quest set in the distant future. Take control of one of many different kinds of Mechas, giant mechanical robots, and fight against the evil Shadowscythe!

    Now I know a lot of these sound nerdy, but they're all really fun, and can even be addicting! I myself own a level 34 (or something) character on AQW, which is kind of high for that game. I'd recommend them to anyone who has time to kill!

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