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As the stars fall - Chapter Two

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Slushy, Nov 25, 2017.

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    Ripplerain (Will appear in the next chapter as she trains Silverpaw)
    Bouncesplash (Will appear in the next chapter as they start the hunting patrol)

    Scorchpaw was overjoyed with the thought of her being an apprentice it was long overdue. Silverpaw was happy aswell, but not as happy, considering her ceremony was right on time, but for Scorchpaw it felt like Lightclan had just let her drink from a puddle of their wisdom, or like a kit that's never gone outside before. "Scorchpaw!" Ripplerain called, Scorchpaw almost as quick as a lightning flash was at her mentors paws, "Yes?!" she said eagerly. "We're going hunting, I haven't taught you at all, but you were told to come with me, so you could also explore the territory while hunting, nocat expects you to hunt, but if you'd like to try, go for it, but don't feel bad or upset if you can't catch anything." Ripplerain purred. Scorchpaw nodded "I promise!" Her mentor turned and led her out of camp with the hunting patrol.

    Rainpaw woke up with a yawn and saw Stormfeather walk into the den, it was morning! "Stormfeather! How long did you let me sleep?!" She yelped. Stormfeather let out a loud chuckle "A long time." He purred. Rainpaw did feel a lot better from sleeping that long, "T-Thank you, I appreciate it a lot, I needed it." She meowed and dipped her head in thanks. Stormfeather nodded "Well I know when somecat just needs sleep, and not medicine cat treatment, which is probably what you felt you needed." He said, Rainpaw nodded "I do admit I felt sick, but I feel better." She purred. Stormfeather sighed "At least now you can work without falling asleep with the herbs." He replied. Rainpaw laughed, along with Stormfeather.

    Darktail felt like she could die right now, she screamed at Redstar "YOU LET HER WHAT?!" Redstar sent his ears back, and put his fluffy tail over her mouth "Stop screaming Darktail, there is no use for that!" He replied. Darktail nodded "How could you let her go out on this patrol? She's barely even an apprentice!" She remarked while staring him down. Redstar sighed "Yes, and this patrol is probably like Lightclan for her, she needs to learn our territory, and try to hunt, you know that it's almost the season everycat dreads, she needs to learn quickly." Redstar remarked. Darktail nodded "Yes, I guess so.. In that case, you made a good choice, thank you, Redstar." She turned on her heels and walked to her nest.
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