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Ask My Characters: AwesomePuppyGirl

Discussion in 'Forest of FallenLight' started by AwesomePuppy, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. AwesomePuppy

    AwesomePuppy Well-Known Member

    Some other people were doing this and it seems fun, so...
    Plus, my scarred kittles get lonely.

    • Spiritsong: Past medicine cat of MeadowClan, he joined DriftClan to be with his mate, CilantroLove (Coriandersprig, past medicine cat of EclipseClan). He's a happy, kind little tom whose parents were Dreamcatcher (father) and Brittlebranch (mother/milk-mom), his mentor being Bubbleshine.
    • Ravenshadow: Past warrior of MeadowClan, she left because her life had been quite terrible in MeadowClan (meaning I kept accidentally roleplayed with cats that weren't the nicest to her) and she hoped to find a better home in DriftClan. She also always dreamed of running away. She's a little lonely she-cat with no parents, a strong resolve to keep going, a bit of a sarcastic-side that comes from being mistreated, and a serious stutter.
    • Ripplingwhsiper: Though he lost his parents at a rather young age, Rippling grew up to consider Stormstar (EclipseClan leader) as a father and Foxears (past EclipseClan medicine cat) as a mother. This being because, when Rippling was just a kit, he developed several issues revolving around the death of his unnamed parents and how he envisioned them looking down at him disappointedly from LightClan and was put into the medicine cat den in an attempt to help him. Rippling later found apprentice love, but Rainpaw, as was her name, later disappeared (meaning I haven't seen the person who rped her in a very long time), and Rippling was left heartbroken. As Storm and Fox began to build their own family and eventually to Fox's death, Rippling felt like his old life has been ripped away and became bitter to the world. Ripplingwhisper's many problems include avoiding looking directly at another cats/eye contact, avoiding eating/viewing dead things as much as possible, and killing anything (I went a little wild with his scarring, if you couldn't tell).
    • Wanderkit: A little clumsy tom-kit whose always trying to seem all awesome and the son of Sunstar (mother/DriftClan leader) and Wolfstar (father/MeadowClan leader). Named after Lostheart (past mate of Sunstar) and kinda with the same characteristics. Howlingkit is his sister.
    • Blazeflame: Large menacing warrior she-cat of SleetClan, she hates pretty much all other cats besides kits, due to the fact that her own kits were killed by a predator when she was a loner, also this being the reason she joined SleetClan (to get over the despair/she joined when it was a pack). Ya, I know, SleetClan, but I couldn't do all DriftClan.
    • Lostheart (I believe you can do dead cats...): Past mate of Sunstar and warrior of DriftClan, Lost was first born as a loner (called Smallkit, for his parents had a thing for the Clans) but his parents, seeing him as too weak and clumsy to be worth keeping alive, left him to die and took his sister, who was Whitekit at the time. He miraculously made his way to DriftClan and was renamed to Lostkit, also becoming a warrior and mate to Sun (Sunshower at the time). He died at his sister's paws much later (then named Silenttears and a loner) as she was spurred into anger accidentally. Silent then ran off and killed herself in despair. Lost was/is cocky, clumsy, and egotistical. His two adopted kits with Sun were Smallpaw/kit and Cherrypaw/kit.
    And that's all. Sorry if I went a little overboard with the descriptions and I hope there's still stuff left to ask.
    Thanks for reading or commenting or other things along those lines!
  2. Peyton c:

    Peyton c: Retired Retired

    A question for Sun's beloved Lostheart...

    "Are you still such an Egoheart in Lightclan as you were back in Driftclan? And, by the way, I miss you on the down-low <3"
  3. AwesomePuppy

    AwesomePuppy Well-Known Member

    Lostheart: "I don't get much company in LightClan, but I still think my ego-ness is primed and ready if it ever needs to be called upon. Better to be prepared than sorry that my Egoheart ways could not be displayed before my many adoring fans. Also, I got to keep up the game so when you or Wolfstar or any other future mates of yours enter this realm I can make a good impression. Plus prove that I'm the best of them all."

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